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Subject: More disasters than gem rooms rss

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Dave Wilson
United States
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Carrie mentioned that Jon might be showing up, like within the half hour. We decided to try a short filler game so that when he did arrive, he wouldn't be sitting for long. Rich volunteered his copy of Diamant, and everyone else agreed, so that's what we played.

The first round went quickly. At first we had an explosion. Two gem rooms followed (1,11), and no one decided to leave. So when the second explosion came next, we all lost out on our gems. In the second mine we started with two different hazards, gas and an explosion. Now, if a round ends from a hazard, that hazard room card is removed from play, making it less likely that that hazard will appear again. So we weren't too worried about the explosion, and all stuck around. A 2 gem room followed, and that was enough to tempt Carrie to leave. Next up was a 9 room, a rockfall, and a 5 room. At this point Dave left, taking with him his 3 gems and picking up two leftovers as well, for 5. But he left too early: the next room had 17 gems, which gave Rich, Alice and Jim eight apiece. That was enough for Rich, who left with 10 gems. A scorpion appeared next, and that scared Alice out with her 8 gems. Jim stuck around a little longer, and paid for it, as another explosion ended the round.

Round three had lots of gems coming out. The first five rooms had 11 gems, a scorpion, 17 gems, 5 gems, and a rockfall. The two hazards were enough for Rich, who left with his six gems, and the three leftovers he collected. Another hazard appeared (the snake?), and Dave, Carrie and Alice fled. That left Jim, and he took the chance: 1 gem. He took another chance: 14 gems! Happy with his windfall, Jim left with a total of 23 gems.

The last two rounds were anticlimactic. Round four went snake, 7 gems, 15 gems, explosion, snake. Everyone was holding on, trying to catch up to Jim, so no one earned any gems. And in round 5 we had six cards, and five hazards: snake, 11 gems, gas, rockfall, scorpion, and scorpion. Again, no earnings. So we counted up our gemstones, and on the strength of his round three collection, Jim earned the win with 23 gems.

Well, no Jon yet, so we tried it again. New game, and we started the first round with 17 gems and 11 gems. Good numbers. So when both the rockfall and the gas showed up, Dave decided to cut and run, picking up three leftovers and banking his 8 gems. It was a good move, as another rockfall hit, and everyone else lost their gems. In the second round there were more hazards, but still some gems: 7 gems, scorpion, rocks, gas, 11 gems. At this point Rich, Carrie and Dave all leave, earning themselves four gems in the process. Alice and Jim hung on to boost their earnings, but the gas appeared again, and they lost what they had earned. The third round was similar, with 7 gems, scorpion, explosion, and 14 gems, followed by three folks leaving: Alice, Rich, and Dave. But this time Jim and Carrie made out, as the next rooms were 3 gems, rockfall, and 17 gems. With 13 gems to earn, Jim and Carrie both made the decision to flee, ending the round without a second disaster.

And the last two rounds were disaster fests, with only Carrie getting out in time. Round four went like this: scorpion, rockfall, 2 gems. Those two gems were leftovers, and Carrie left, scooping them up as she went. A smart move, as it turns out, because the next two cards were explosion, explosion, and the round ended with no one else earning anything. And the fifth round went rockfall, 1 gem, explosion, scorpion, snake, 11 gems. Carrie fled again at this point, and she banked four gems in the process. Everyone else knew that she was leading, so stuck around long enough to see the second explosion end the round and the game. We added up our gems at the end, and sure enough, it was Carrie's careful play that earned her 23 total gems, and the win.

This game does what it sets out to do really, really well. It goes quickly, it's very easy to explain and to play, and it can accommodate up to eight players. If you like the push-your-luck game mechanism (also found in Can't Stop, Fill or Bust, etc.), then you'll love this game.

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