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Subject: Noobs in Flames (again) - 26 rss

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Marco semori
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Hi guys here is our report about our global war playing by Vassal.
We are playing with all expansions (except Lif and Fif), all optional rules (except tankers and intelligence) and the 2d10 system.
This is our second Global War!

Hope you enjoy it, sorry for the mistakes, my english is pretty bad.
Recap at the end.

Me - Germany and Italy
Fefe - Japan
Once again the bad guys!

Alle - US, CW, Naz. China.
Matte - URSS, France, Comm. China
Matte is the new good guy :)

N/D ‘43

A strange warm weather appears all over the world.
Wallies win the initiative after an Axis demand of re-roll.
US and CW decide to launch a major offensive in Europe, (before to do that they manage to make some sorcery over the mighty Axis to unlucky their dice), first of all the CW and US launch a major air strike effort over the Spanish cities of Bilbao and Barcellona, both action achieve a complete success and kill 3 German airplanes (2 ftr and a lnd).

The successive assault leaded by their best HQ and strong naval support, conquer both the fortress and killing lot of Spanish units, Bilbao hold for few days and had to be conquered house by house with severe losses for the attacker too (2/2) while Barcellona is easily conquered.
Spain is over.

Then the CW assault Tripoli form land and with strong naval support, the air strike disrupt the Italian art and then the city are conquered despite the strong fort build by the Italian.

To add more injury a fire storm is called over Dusseldorf, Essen and Hamburg, CW manage to send over 25 strat factor over Dusseldorf and more other planes over the other cities, the bombardment kill thousands of children, kitten and baby seals (among 4 bp), the lack of cuteness stops the war production for the whole month.

In Asia the US finally debark in China where Kumming is still holding against the IJA siege.
The US marines conquer the beaches near Canton and the little island of Hainan, immediately filling it with tanks, art, Hq and planes.
Then assault Manila the last Japanese stronghold in the Philippines.
The air action shoot down a Japanese ftr and achieve a complete success.
The US units conquer the city few days later with no losses.

Russian join the battle.
In the snow they conquer the north swamps retreat some German but only after a strong fight where they loss a div mot.
In the south conquer the swamp near Bucharest without any losses and killing a German inf.

After this major deblache the Axis launch a series of counter-attack trying to slow the enemy juggernaut.
Helped by German units the Spanish lead a dare assault over the Pyrenees where 2 CW mech are trying to reach the plains, the assault is a complete success and the enemy is wiped out with no losses and the pass is secured.

Another German assault in the north Spain is bloody repelled (3/-).

In Russia the German use their new winterized units (Finnish + Alp) and reconquer part of the Pripets killing a Russian inf.
Then launch a major tanks offensive south of the Pripets conquering the area and killing a Russian mech.

Back to Asia.
After the Japanese bombardment over Kumming don’t achieve nothing (as usual), the IJA move to contain the US invasion.
Then command a major counter-insurrectional campaign, the Part in central China and those who occupied Seul month ago are seized and killed with the help of a major shore bombardment.
Finally war lords and parà kills an oos Russian cav.
This two action secure the railroad and bring the Japanese production to 23! (not factorial).

But it is just a bluff!
While the US command and intelligence are focused over China the CV fleet and assault fleet sneak away, put Rabaul oos and the invade it with a very risky assault, the Japanese marines advance quite in from the beach to the mountains and for the end of the day the island is secured! Hooray! (well it was an automatic due to a 0 factor notional but the Marines didn’t know it!)

But it is just a double-bluff!
The action objective is to cover the CV fleet occupied in a watering hole attack!
In fact IJN have noticed that US CV usually go to water themselves to Brisbane so decide to ambush this magnificent animals.
The Japan CV hide in the low water with their long range rifles load with CVP bullets and as the US arrive they shoot their planes!
The port attack is a completely success: an enemy CV is captured and a trs badly injured.
Then the hunters go back to Tokyo with their trophies.
The turn ends.

Ru 12, FF 5, G 16, US 19 + 15ochit, CW 13 + 15ochit, It 24

39 S/O
Poland and Denmark crushed, Ark Royal sunk, US gain a bunch of chits.

39 N/D
Netherlands and Belgium conquered, Mao killed, Japanese advance in the north and in the south.

40 G/F
Some CP raid, Japanese keep advance in the north and in the south and strat Chinese.

40 M/A
Poor action all over the world, Lan-chow hold, German find nothing in the BoA

40 M/J
Offensive in France crack the line and destroy enemy Airforce but doesn't achieve a completely success, Japanese conquer Kwey-Yang, US farm chits.

40 J/A
German conquer 2 esa on Paris with losses, Italy DOW France and conquer Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Japan conquer Lan Chow and Nanking.

40 S/O
Bad weather froze all the move, German sink the first cp of war.

40 N/D
Bad weather freeze the Europe, Japan take 1 esa on Kunning and 1 on Chunking, US reopen Burma Road and freeze Japanese assets.

41 G/F
German conquer the third esa on Paris, Japanese second on Chunking, rain and snow no much action.

41 M/A
Paris conquered and Vichy is set up, German redepoy to east and Africa, Japanese advance on Chunking.

41 J/A
Some combat in Bob, German sunk 9CP, CW destroy Metz, Vichy sunk a CW CV.
Russia dows Rumania and conquers oil fields, German aling Ungheria, CW dow Italy and sunk a lot of Regia Marina.
Japan conquer Chunking, the plains and the mountains.

41 S/O
Rumania conquered by Russia, minor fight in the ocean.

41 N/D
US fail to dow Jap, German conquer Yugoslavia for no losses, Italian subs sink a bunch of CP in the BoB, CW invades near La Rochelle.

42 G/F
German try to conquer Gilblatar but fail, so buy Spain.
Japan dow US and CW conquer Rabaul, Singapore, Aden, Columbus and debark in the Philippines. Russia dow Japan moving slowly to the Manchurian capital.

42 M/A
US at total war. US reinforce NEI and Philippines, IJN sink the first CV and win some naval battle.
German avoid a US invasion in Spain and kill some ships i BoB.
Japanese CP are slaughtered.

42 M/J
Little naval battle in Europe and Asia, Russian conquer Harbin, Wallies advance in Morocco.

42 J/A
Japanese conquer Telok Batong. Naval battles in the BoB, Germna DOW Russia, conquer Poland, Rumania and Blatic states.

42 S/O
Bulgary conquered, Italian invade Haifa, German CV sunk, minor naval battle in the East, Japanese conquer Manila and the Philippines

42 N/D
Major offensive in Russian the German fall back to Kaunas, Italian kicked out fro Middle East, minor fight in the Pacific.

43 J/F
Russian kill more units in the offensive, Italy are badly hit in the Med, CW invade near Barcellona.

43 M/A
US invade Singapore, big battle in SCS and Med, Russian offensive suffer a setback. Wallies advance in Spain.

43 M/J
German attack in the north and retreat in Spain, Russian advance in the South and retreat in Mancuria, little battle in the Med and heavy strat over Germany and Spain.

43 L/A
Major German offensive in Russia, great naval battle in SCS.

43 S/O
Poor weather, little movements in Europe, US siege Manila

43 N/D
Major Wallies offensive conquer Spain, Tripoli and Manila, followed by an Axis counter-strike over Pyrenees, Russa, China and Rabaul.
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Bruce Jurin
United States
Great Neck
New York
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Good game report!

Just so you know, though, you say:

In Asia the US finally debark in China where Kumming is still holding against the IJA siege.
The US marines conquer the beaches near Canton and the little island of Hainan, immediately filling it with tanks, art, Hq and planes.

This may be illegal under standard rules, unless the US has lots of HQ there. Although it may not be intuitive, Foreign Troop Commitment applies to the Chinese home country even for hexes that are Japanese controlled. If you have Stillwell onthe board, he allows some presence; otherwise, make sure you lead with HQ's and you willneed a lot for a lot of US troops.

The rules say:

Foreign troop commitments
A major power or minor country unit that ends any step in the home country of a friendly major power it doesn’t co-operate with is destroyed unless:
ï it started the step there; or
ï it started the step elsewhere and the unit satisfies the foreign troop commitment limit.

Note that there is not an exception for hexes in the home country that are enemy controlled. I just wanted to point this out since it is easy to find this rule non-intuitive so it is often misplayed.

All the best,

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Marco semori
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Thanks Bruce, we didn't notice that, you are very helpfully.
We are totally noob so every comment about rules or mistakes is good for us :)
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So the Axis has bad luck and loses the initiative (despite a double roll) during a winter impulse of fine weather. Two o-chits are unleashed against the enemy, for a double supercomined that grants a three-hour long impulse that significantly changes the war’s landscape.
The land attacks are anticipated by a massive strat bombing over Germany, which destroys 4 PP and one german FTR. One more PP will be destroyed later by the russian bombers.

Then the assaults begin, the first two of them being against Bilbao and Barcelona, the two spanish factory cities still in german hands. Both the cities are heavily bombarded and the spanish defenders, which feel abandoned by their nazi allies and are probably very short of morale, get completely disorganised. Two german FTRs are also shot down. The attackers led by Bradley and Wavell easily storm the cities, losing just a couple of divisions in Barcelona (+11, 28 rolled and +14, 19 rolled).
Spain is therefore officially conquered and the few units still fighting are doomed to crumble before year’s end.

In Lybia Tripoli has been already completely surrounded, and a couple of NAV now manage to destroy the lonely italian ship which patrols the eastern Med providing supply to the african garrison. Thus it’s not hard for the Allies to take the capitol city, despite an unlucky ground strike operated by a conspicuous flock of bombers. Montgomery leads the assault across the powerful fortifications, supported also by the XXXIV PARA corps, and the city (and the country) is taken without losses (+14, 26 rolled).
Rome, we’re coming for you.

In Asia Japan has let the americans creep up through the jungle unopposed all the way to the doors of Manila, and now it’s the time to punish its arrogance. Six LNDs and 4 FTRs ground strike the city, flipping two defenders and shooting down a fighter. The subsequent assault is a win (+10, 20 rolled) and Eisenhower liberates the Philippines. This major port is all we needed to begin the real game!

But the american player is not satisfied yet, and launches a bold invasion west of Canton with two marine corps and two divisions. Despite the lack of air support, the operation is a success (+13, 20 rolled).


This first impulse is a shocker for our foes, but the anglo-american has exhausted all of its airforce and HQ, and thus the Axis can contain the damage during the rest of the turn.
First of all Germany attacks a couple of english MECHs that crossed the Pyrenees and represent a threat for the plains north of them:

I had strongly insisted for my ally, the CW player, to send those MECHs beyond the mountains, because I thought that, had they survived, he could attack the lowlands from two hexes. Being him a conservative player, he was afraid to lose those good units, but eventually I managed to convince him. Of course Germany, which had no fear to lose the spanish dead men walking, attacked and succeded in a very difficult blitz (+7, 23 rolled), destroying both MECHs. And I got the blame :(

Later on Germany attempts another risky attack against Bayonne but he is punished for his greed (+0, 4 rolled). He loses the sacrifical spanish troops, but also some good german units.


Back to Asia, where the invading troops beside Canton are quickly surrounded, while the Philippines are evacuated by the Japanese soldiers:

At the same time Japan cleans the house, as he prepares to face an aggressive USA: two partisans in Chang-Sha and Seoul are killed without mercy, as well as the CAV which was raiding along the chinese-mongolian border. One unlucky WAR dies assaulting the oos CAV.
Also the US army has its minor cleaning to attend, and destroys a lonely stack left behind north of Singapore (+19, 26 rolled).

As the turn wraps up there is still time for a couple surprise moves performed by Tokyo: an unopposed debark in Rabaul and a nasty port strike in Brisbane. Several airplanes take off from the air carriers in the Coral Sea and heavily bombard the major port, sinking an american CV and its aircrafts. The american player is ashamed for not having seen it coming, and he gets some blame back from me ;)


As for the eastern front in Europe, not much happens. Two succesful attacks are performed by Germany (+9, 22 rolled and +12, 27 rolled) and two by USSR (+12, 16 rolled and +10, 21 rolled), but the situation remains actually unchanged. It seems like the front has crystalized into an uninterrupted line that goes from Constanta to Riga, while none of the two armies are strong enough to break through. Finnish troops and mountain corps have reinforced the german side of the front and it’s now harder for the soviet to take advantage of the snow. Moscow is building one o-chit per turn, and they will come handy come spring, but will there be time enough before war ends?

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