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First of all...I must say that there are many creative gamers that contribute to this forum. I have very much enjoyed reading all the different ways in creating game variants. I have been reading all of themes and variation on how to incorporate the Borg in Fleet Captains.

In reading everyone's ideas on Assimilation and Away Teams, it got me thinking about ways to perhaps really simplify the ideas of using those tactics with the Borg variant in a way that might be too overwhelming or confusing when trying to use the race for the first time.

This has not been play tested, but I am looking for feedback. I'm sure that you will find similarities to what others have posted, but again I'm trying to create something functional and not advanced as we begin playing with the Borg race.

Here's what I have:

Assimilation (During Borg turn)

The Borg can abduct crewmembers via a transporter action. Only one crew may be abducted per each successful transporter action. When it does so, the Borg Collective assimilates the crew member by placing the crew card on the Borg ship as crew. The Borg also place a control token on the crew card showing that the crew has been assimilated. The original crew abilities are not longer used as their individuality was “erased” during the assimilation process. The Borg then place a +1 systems token of their choice on that crew member as they have reprogrammed that crew into the Borg Collective and have assigned it to a system that best fits their needs.
The Borg cannot sacrifice the crewmember for its combat or ops effect.

Rescuing Assimilated Crew (During Borg opponent’s turn)

Crew may be rescued from the Borg ship via a successful transporter action. Once the crew has been rescued, original controller immediately rolls a 1d6 to determine the status of the crew card. This dice roll occurs once per turn per crew card until the crew member is either healed back to its original status or the crew member dies. The status for each number is listed below:

1 or 2 – The crew member remains assimilated and continues to serve the Borg via the drone network. The control token and +1 systems token remain on the crew card.

3,4, or 5 – The crew member is healed and retains its original status. Both the Borg control and systems token are removed.

6 – The crew member dies and the card is immediately placed in the original controllers discard pile

Away Team Sabotage (During Borg opponent’s turn)

A Borg opponent may beam an Away Team onto the Borg ship via a successful transporter action. Upon a successful transport, an Away Team token is placed on the Borg ship as cargo. For each Away Team token, the Borg ship receives a -3 systems token for each. The controller of the Away Team tokens decides which systems are to be modified. Each Away Team can modify one system. Each Away Team can adjust what system they are sabotaging once per turn.

Away Team Assimilation (During Borg turn)

Once per turn the Borg ship may attempt to find and assimilate the Away Team that has infiltrated its ship. The Borg rolls a 1d6 and the results are listed below:

1 through 4 = The Borg finds and assimilates the Away Team. One Away Team token is discarded off of the Borg ship

5 or 6 = The Away Team remains intact and continues to sabotage the Borg ship
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