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Subject: Tsuro of the Seas - a quick review rss

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Neil Blaiberg
United Kingdom
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So I had my eye on Tsuro for a while, ever since seeing it featured on Tabletop, but at the time I couldn't get hold of it in the UK.

When it came back in print I decided that it wasn't for me and gave it a miss.

Last week, I was in my FLGS armed with a shopping list- fully intending to get Zombie Dice, Alhambra and Carcassonne - but somehow I left with Carc, Zombie Dice, and Tsuro of the Seas - still not entirely sure how that happened, but anyway, here we are.

So, qualifying statement first - I have only played a couple of games of this, and that was playing 4 players by myself. Mainly so it would be easier to introduce to my son once I had the rules understood.I wouldn't usually write a review in this situation, but I feel that TotS is simple enough to warrant it.

TotS is a simple, filler game for 2-8 players, and should take around 20 minutes to play.
Each player controls a ship, the object is to be the last player remaining on the board.
The mechanic is tile placement.
TotS also features Sea Monsters that move on the board, adding an extra dimension to the original Tsuro.

Sea Monsters are placed on the 7x7 board by rolling the two dice and folloiwng the grid co-ordinates. Different number of monsters are placed depending on the player count - for example, 2 to 4 players places6 monsters,
Each player choses a ship, and is dealt three tiles face down.
In turn each player choses where to place their ship on the edge of the board.
Once all ships have been placed, the first player takes a turn.They roll for monster movement and resolve the monster movement - monsters are moved on a roll of 6,7 or 8, and then a single die is rolled and the monsters follow the movement arrows on their tile.
The player then plays a tile, such that it creates a path for their ship to follow. The ship is moved to the end of this path.
The player then draw a new tile and play pases to the next player.

If a monster moves onto a tile, that tile is removed and placed on the bottom of the draw pile.
If a monster moves off the board they are removed from play.
If a monster moves into another monster, the stationary monster is removed.
There must always be at least 3 monsters on the board - if there aren't the next player places a new monster as per initial setup.

So, is it any good?
This game is great for what it is - it won't win any game of the year awards, but if you want a fun, light filler, you probably won'tgo too far wrong with this game. Particularly if you have children in your gaming group, and / or a high player count.
It has an element of forward planning, as well as times where you place a tile and hope for the best.In fact, one thing that surprised me a bit is how tense the game can be, particularly when down to only a couple of players remaining. Where will those monsters move to, what will the other players do?
The monsters can be removed if you like a more 'peaceful' game, and therefore there is no reaosn to get the original Tsuro over this one. I don't think the sea monsters make it worth getting if you enjoy and own the original, but if you're in the market for a Tsuro game, this is the one to get.

Using the BGG scale, I'd rate this a comfortable 7 - willing to play if someone suggests it, especially as setup is minimal.

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Robert Manore
United States
Colorado Springs
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Warlord beats Troll, Troll beats Elf, Elf beats Water Sprite, and basically everything else beats Enchanted Bunny.
Sweet and concise write-up. Nice.
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