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This is a light casual children's game I've been working on for 3 weeks.

My game entry is at

In Crosswalk players try to get the highest score after three rounds by moving their pawns (pedestrians) back and forth across the crosswalk.

A four player game

The crosswalk contains ten spaces marked from 1-10 moving east to west.

You will need 40 cards in four colors (Red-Blue-Green-Yellow) and numbered from 1-10. Use four cubes, meeples, or pawns in four colors ( Red-Blue-Green-Yellow ) these are pedestrians and are placed on the number 1 slot on the crosswalk at the start of game.

The Deal

Shuffle the deck.

With 2-4 players you deal five cards one at a time to each player face down, the rest of the deck is placed face down as stock. As the game progresses players may be dealt less cards.

The Play
Players then look over their hand, any cards not belonging to their suit are discarded face down next to the stock making a discard pile.

Any players not having at least one card in their suit must discard their whole hand face down to the discard pile and re-dealt five cards.

Each player chooses a card from his hand and places it face down before him. After all cards are down, they are turned over simultaneously.

This is called a match and the winner of the match is determined by who has the higher rank.

The player with the highest ranking card moves his pawn in his suit color to the corresponding number on the crosswalk.

The other players then compare their rank values with the lead players rank, the difference between them, is where the other players move their pawns to.

Example: The lead card is Red-7 the next players card is Green-6, Blue-4, Yellow-4. Now the difference between Green-6 and Red-7 is 1, so the green pawn is moved to the #1 spot. The difference between Blue-4 and Yellow-4 to Red-7 is 3 so the Blue and Yellow pawn are moved to the #3 spot.

Players then play all remaining cards in their hands in the same manner, any players left with cards after one of the other players have none, must discard their remaining hand to the discard pile face down.

Now you return to The Deal, when the stock is empty the discard pile is made into the new stock.

The game stops when the stock and discard pile are empty then you score the round.

The Score
The game is played in 3 rounds.

The numbers on the crosswalk are also the scoring track, so (1=10) (2=20) (3=30) (4=40) (5=50) (6=60) (7=70) (8=80) (9=90) (10=100)

The number on the crosswalk that your pawn is on after the game stops is your score for that round.

The player with the highest score after 3 rounds is declared the winner.

A two player game

All the rules are the same as in a four player game except as follows.

At the start of a two player game, players decide which two of the four color suits they are going to play and which two corresponding pawns are theirs to move and to score with. Use the higher score out of the two pawns at the end of each round.

A three player game

From the deck decide which suit of the four color suits to discard, also discard the pawn of that corresponding suit color, these cards and pawn are not to be used in the game. You should now have a deck of 30 cards in three suits and three pawns to play with. From this point on, all the rules are the same as in a four player game.

Here is the PNP PDF file...
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