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Subject: Europa Pulsat Game Report - Period III, Turns 20-25 rss

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Jason Johns
United States
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Well, we finally finished up the period. It was a bit of a rough one that took a while to get done.

Turn 20: September-October 2012 – Henri IV becomes King of France ending the French Wars of Religion!!!

*Monarch Phase:
France and Turkey Monarchs die! (This is the fourth turn in a row for France!!!) Henri Navarre is chosen as King for France!

*Current Monarchs:
En: Elizabeth I, 797; Mil stats: 303A; Dies T28; Strong Health Monarch (+2 life - first death roll T19)
Fr: Henri Navarre , 999; Mil stats: 233-1A (on counter); Dies T25
Ho: Oldenbarneveld, 959; Mil stats: 112-1A; Dies T23
Ru: Ivan IV, 979; Mil Stats: 355-2A; Dies T22 (+2 life - first death roll T19, then -1drm; was 849 before Exc Min, -2 on successor’s DIP)
Sp: Ferdinand II, 468 (446 on T19, 457 on T20); Mil stats: 114A; Dies T30 – Infant on T19
Tu: Murad III, 448; Mil stats: 155A; Dies T25; +1drm for Crisis of Madness

HRE: Hapsburgs Rudolf V; Dies T26

Rerolls used: England, France, Holland, Spain & Turkey - 1/3

*Political Events:
#1: 6 happened, so Revolt
Rev(-) in Styria (Haps) controlled by Dutch (I guess they want Turkey to control them…

#2: 3 WARS IN INDIA – for the LAST TIME possible…finally!
Brit TP in Bengale W is eliminated

#3: 14 REVOLT IN CORSICA – No on supports (Turkey would have…

*Economic Events:
England: 5 - NAVAL LOSSES – 6 ships
France: 37 - ENTHUSIASM FOR THE NAVY; +10N, +1 nav tech
xHolland: 18 – EPIDEMICS; -20% Gross Income
xRussia: 5 - NAVAL LOSSES; NA since Russia has no ships!!!
Spain: 28 - DEFECTION OF AN ALLY; -4 dip to Genoa
Turkey: 1 - CRISIS OF MADNESS; now 224!
Xtra – RU: 10 - DISCOVERY OF MINES – mine added to Ural

*DoW & Diplomacy:

Major diplomacy


Turkey gives 200D to Spain
Turky gives 100D to Fra
Turkey gives Convoy to Spain
Turkey gives disc Cape storms to FRa
Fra gives TU 1D for discovery
England gives two cards to Spain
Spain gives England 40D for counters

England DoWs Scotland
Russia DoWs Sibir

*Minor Diplomacy:
England – Berg to SU (against Holland); knocks Transylvania (Turkey’s track) to EG
France – NA Venice; Poland to CE
Holland – Denmark to RM; Hansa to CE
Russia –
Spain – Baden to SU, Toscana to CE, NA Savoia
Turkey – Cyrenaica to VA; NA vs Hyderabad and Mysore

*Administrative Phase: 1 Merc; won by Turkey

Turkey tries, but fails in playing a card that allows him to choose a DR. He also fails in a successful competition card. Grrr.
England also tries, but fail in playing a card that allows him to change a DR.

England – No loans, OK Exc Taxes; Success CF in North Atlantic, COL Maine; Fail at CF in G Guinea, TP in Bengale; +3 land tech
France – No loan or admin actions.
Holland – Great loan, exc taxes, success 2xCOL (lev 6^) in Siam, TP^ in Ambonia, 2x CF & 3x comp vs Sp in Spain CTZ, DTI, MNU, +3 nav tech hitting Latin Sail??? – AWESOME admin phase, huh?
Russia – Crap loan, success COL in Omsk, fail CF in Russia CTZ, +1naval tech.
Spain – Good loan, success CF in C Peru, fail CF comp vs Holland in CTZ Spain, +1naval tech level
Turkey – No loans or Exc Taxes; Success on COL Seychelles, comp vs. Ven in Black Sea; Fail at TP in Bengale AND THE SEVENTH DR 1 IN A ROW ON THE 4 COLUMN FOR PLACING MY CF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


France plays a card giving him a general, (gen?3 321-1) for the turn.

*Military Phases: 6 –
Initiative: France, Russia, Holland, England, Spain, Turkey

Seymour leads the English into Solvay, but is thrown back. Seymour leads the attack on Edinburgh again. This time being repulsed and killed (along with only 1 inf). On the third round 111 replacement leader kills all of the Scots. He then assaults and takes Glasgow. They continue with an attack into Tyne, but are thrown back again with a major defeat. Meanwhile Drake picks up some guys and heads to Africa to discover, doing better on the second round. He then switches axis and moves to discover in America provinces.

France plays it methodically. He moves into Dauphine killing the revolt on R1, starts the siege. He moves into Poitou on R2, kills the revolt and starts the siege. On R3, he moves into Guyenne, killing that revolt and starting the siege. Poitou falls. R4 sees Guyenne fall after a breach assault. Dauphine surrenders on R5.

Holland busts out a free SC card., then starts by blockading Cadiz again. That’s all he does for the turn.

Yermak leads Russian forces to fight the Sibir Army, effectively using the conq table to remove half of the natives. He then kicks the crap out of the Sibirs, killing a lot of them (after playing an extra pursuit card). They move to and successfully take the Russian Sibir Gold COL. Yermak pursues, but is ejected. He rallies and goes back into the Gold space, winning a major battle over the Sibir A, who retreats back to Sibir TP and fort. They convert to an LD and hide behind the walls when Yermak comes in. Yermak successfully assaults the Sibir fort, but dies in the process. Sibir will disappear. Throughout the turn, the Russians continue moving East in their discoveries.

Spain skates a stack through Bay of Biscaye to escape the Dutch. He stockpiles gold in Azteca colony. He then safely moves SOME gold to Gibraltar. He puts some units in the Caribbean to combat the Dutch pirates.

Turkey continues his discovery into Senegal N with mixed success, ending up with 1 native in the space! The sieges of Amman ends with surrender on R2, Medina surrenders on R3.

*End Phases
Barbary Pirates kill off French and Ducth CFs in G Lyon and Holland and Genoan CFs in Ionian
Spanish privateers kill 8n Dutch ships in Spain CTZ
Dutch pillage Luxembourg again.

England takes level 1 peace with Scotland annexing Solvay.

France makes negotiated peace with the French Prot Rebels. Because of Henri IV, the Edict of Nantes is put into effect. The Wars of Religion are over!!!

Russia has native attack in Sibiria somewhere, killing most of his LD, but not all. Then they make peace with SIBIR annexing their TP

Spain tries to play two cards that adjust his stability. He fails at both.

Turkey goes to peace with Arabia annexing both provinces.

*End of Turn Status
Country: VPs / Stability / Treasury

England: 293/ +2 / 98
France: 442 / +1 / 100
Holland: 833 / +3 / 104
Russia: 620 / +2 / 143
Spain: 626 / +0 / 251
Turkey: 1055 / +2 / 408

Turn 21: October 2012 – Complete Iberian Peninsula placed under the Spanish Boot

*Monarch Phase:
No deaths… finally!

*Current Monarchs:
En: Elizabeth I, 797; Mil stats: 303A; Dies T28; Strong Health Monarch (+2 life - first death roll T19)
Fr: Henri Navarre , 999; Mil stats: 233-1A (on counter); Dies T25
Ho: Oldenbarneveld, 959; Mil stats: 112-1A; Dies T23
Ru: Ivan IV, 979; Mil Stats: 355-2A; Dies T22 (+2 life - first death roll T19, then -1drm; was 849 before Exc Min, -2 on successor’s DIP) -- Dip of 1 for this turn
Sp: Ferdinand II@, 468 (446 on T19, 457 on T20); Mil stats: 114A; Dies T30 – Infant on T19
Tu: Murad III, 448; Mil stats: 155A; Dies T25;

HRE: Hapsburgs Rudolf V; Dies T26

Rerolls used: England, France, Holland, Spain & Turkey - 1/3

*Political Events:
Extra event…
#1: 3: WARS IN INDIA (last time this can happen)

#2: D
England: Sweden to CE, Saxony to Neutral, Hessen to EG
France: Switzerland & Venice to Neutral, Polska to MA
Spain: Thuringen to Neutral; Baden to RM; Papacy, Pfalz, Toscana to SU
Turkey: Cyrenaica to Neutral; Maroc to RM; Oman to MA; Astrakhan to EG


*Economic Events:
England: 21 - GIFT TO THE STATE; +96D$
France: 8 - CORRUPTION; double purchase and campaign costs; +10% maintenance
xHolland: 27 - NEW ALLY; +3 in diplomacy vs. a chosen minor
xRussia: 23 - PLOTS AT THE COURT; Monarch Dip reduced to 1; +2 drm to next monarch survival roll
Spain: 44 - CULTURAL EXPANSION; +20D$ to all SU (at least 20D$), double ART income & 43 Dip Preeminence: +1drm to all dip and COL/TP actions.
xTurkey: 37 - ENTHUSIASM FOR THE NAVY; +10N, +1 naval tech box
Xtra – Turkey: 49 - TREACHERY; various options.

*DoW & Diplomacy:

--Major Dip

England gives 20D to Russia
Russia gives 3 cards to England

Turkey gives 200D to Spain
Turkey grants Smrna convoy to France

Treaty of Northern Europe
To intense the partnership between England and Russia, Queen Elizabth I and Czar Iwan decide the following.
England recieve three cards from Russia.
Russia recieve 20D$ from England.
Elizabeth I
Ivan, the terrible

Spain DoWs Portugal

*Minor Diplomacy:
England – Scotland and Thuringen (over Holland) to CE, Hessen to VA
France – Venice (over Spain) to EG
Holland – Hansa NA, Denmark and Saxony to CE (fails to England on Thuringen)
Russia – nada
Spain – Toscnan to CE, Papacy to EG (fails to France on Venice)
Turkey – Morocco to CE, Oman to EG, Astrakhan to VA

*Administrative Phase: 2 Mercs, but no one bid on them

England plays a card that gives an extra ND basic forces for the period.

England – success 2xCF G Guinea, TP Carnatic, DTI; fail COL Bengale, +1 land tech
France – Good loan; success CF Adriatic, FTI; fail COL Hudson Bay, TP Grand Lacs, MNU; +2 land tech
Holland – Exc taxes; great loan; success CF in Spa CTZ and Irish (now6^), CF comp vs Eng in Irish, COL in Cape, TP in Ambonia, MNU; fail CF comp vs Pt and Fra in Irish, 2nd COL in Cape; +3land tech
Russia – Exc taxes@@@; success COL^ in Ienisseisk, fail at CF Russia CTZ; +2land tech
Spain – Great loan; success CF C Peru, +1nav tech level; Started building his palace
Turkey – Great exceptional taxes; success COL+^ in Seychelles & TP in Bengal; Fail at CF.


Mando comp sees Holland kill off the French and Portuguese from the Irish STZ.

@@@Russia starts a series of illegal rolls for exceptional taxes. (He’s not at war.) This goes on for several turns, until someone points it out to him.

*Military Phases: 6 –
Initiative: France, England, Holland, Russia, Spain, Turkey

The English move troops over to America province and then Cavendish lands some troops to try to discover in Belem over several rounds. After gaining the success, Cavendish moves on to La Plata. Then he starts on a global fort building program all up and down the East Coast of America and Belem and La Plata.

On R1, the Dutch move to discover G Indus, G of Guinea, and Bay of Gambia. R2 sees the discoveries returned then moves to discover the Caribbean and C Mascate, but failing at S Receife, S Bahia. On R3 these are returned, and further discoveries in Red Sea (fail) and G Mex. R4 sees these disc returned then out to discover S Cuba, S Puerto Rico, and Red Sea. R5 sees him return discoveries and hit S Recife and S Formosa (fail), but the S Recife discovery is lost when trying to return! R6 sees a renewed attempt at S Receife (success) and S Formosa (fail).

France only moves Smyrna convoy for the turn (losing 30D$ of 50D$). Bad storms?

Russia basically blasts his way through Ienisseisk into Lena, killing natives and building forts along the way.

Spain busts out an MC going after Lisbon, Oporto and Algarve (including blockades). He finally gets to use his great land leaders (Albe, Spinola, Farnese, and Don Juan), who have seen NO action vs. the Dutch. All units are defeated on the first round. R2 sees Breach card played giving +3drm, followed by a successful assault. Albe dies. But the city falls on the next day. The Portuguese fleet flees to Tangier. Then he goes to discovers parts of Chile.
Then the Portuguese attempt to hit the Spanish Amazon gold mine, but they roll max attrition. The natives activate but are shot off. R2 sees Oporto surrender and Algarve fall after a successful assault. Don Juan is wounded. Not having enough guys to besiege a fort... in Spanish Amazon gold, the Portugues LD retreat back to Rio.

Persians start off by hitting Persis and Ispahan, with useless siege results. Turkey busts out an MC. He moves into Persis with a good stack and into Ispahan with a little stack. Both stacks are fought off. The rest of the troops move over towards the east. Perhaps after seeing the Turks retreat, Persis surrenders to the Persians.

Another Turkish MC sees the Sultan marching on Persis and forcing the Persians out and Soufi eliminating the Ispahan forces (no major battle, because the Persians didn’t have an a+ there). Persis falls. On R3 the Sultan moves into Mechmed. R4 Sees the Sultan lead another stack into Ormuz against the last Persian troops, but he is repulsed. Mechmed falls.

R5 sees the Sultan lead yet another attack, this time to Ormuz. A major battle sees all of the Persians killed and the Shah captured, but the siege does not produce a u+. There is more faffing about in Senegal. All of it is finally discovered, though Turkey can’t get the fort built in Senegal S.

*End Phases
Barbary Pirates kill off Dutch and Genoan CFs.

Finally the English Seahounds attack the Dutch in the Baltic, causing 3 CF losses!

Spanish go to level 5 peace with Portugal, putting them into special VA via event.
Turkish War with Persia continues...

*End of Turn Status
Country: VPs / Stability / Treasury

England: 306 / +2 / 114
France: 450 / +3 /70
Holland: 854 / +3 / 80
Russia: 620 / +3 / 298
Spain: 712 / +1 / 400
Turkey: 1077 / +2 / 598

Turn 22: October-November 2012 – China Closes, Ceylan Erupts, and Persia Falls ... again.

*Monarch Phase:
+1 life added to France

*Current Monarchs:
En: Elizabeth I, 797; Mil stats: 303A; Dies T28; Strong Health Monarch (+2 life - first death roll T19)
Fr: Henri Navarre , 999; Mil stats: 233-1A (on counter); Dies T26 (+1 life)
Ho: Oldenbarneveld, 959; Mil stats: 112-1A; Dies T23
Ru: Ivan IV, 979; Mil Stats: 355-2A; Dies T22 (+2 life - first death roll T19, then -1drm; was 849 before Exc Min, -2 on successor’s DIP)
Sp: Ferdinand II, 468; Mil stats: 114A; Dies T30
Tu: Murad III, 448; Mil stats: 155A; Dies T25

HRE: Hapsburgs Rudolf V; Dies T26

Rerolls used: England, France, Holland, Spain & Turkey - 1/3

*Political Events:
#1: D
En - Berg to Neutral; Scotland and Thuringen to MA
Fr - Koln and Bayern to Neutral; Polska to RM; Venezia to MA
Ho - Denmark and Saxony to Neutral
Sp - Savoia, Baden, Pfalz, Toscana to Neutral; Parma to RM
Tu - Algeria to CE, Tripolitania to EG


*Economic Events:
xEngland: 38 - AG TECH DEV; +2D$ per province, +3 drm for DTI, Cereal or Wine MNU
France: 29 - DESERTIONS; -3inf, -1cav, -1art
xHolland: 19 - RUSH OF COLONISTS; +3 drm of COL; a supplementary and free COL usable this turn or any other turn of the current period.
xRussia: 4 - AG CRISIS; country loses 50% (rounded up) of its income of provinces this turn
Spain: 21 - GIFT TO THE STATE; +77D$
xTurkey: 45 - DEFLATION; drops to the leftmost box
Xtra – England: 10 - DISCOVERY OF MINES; Place ANOTHER mine in Wales

*DoW & Diplomacy:

--Major Dip

Turkey grants convoy to Spain
Tu gives disc Mascareignes W to Fra
France give Turkey disc Argun Bank
Fra gives England 1D for discovery Sea of Natal
Fra gives discovery Florida Starits to Holland
Holland gives discovery Winward Islands to France
Turkey buys card from Holland

France will spare Turkey another turn

*Minor Diplomacy:
England – Scotland to VA; Beats Holland to target Saxony, but fails to move them; then beats Holland to target Denmark moving it to MA
France – Savoia to CE; Beats Spain to target Toscana moving them to VA;
Holland – fails vs Denmark & Saxony to England; Hans to VA; Beats Holland to target Pfalz, but then fails to move them
Russia – No Dip
Spain – fails vs Pfalz to Holland; Parma to MA
Turkey – fails vs Algeira, Oman and Transylvania

*Administrative Phase: 2 Mercs (511 expl, 422 conq/expl) won by Turkey

England busts out some explorations across the South Atlantic, around Arabia and India and out to Asia. (I don’t think he did this correctly, but it was too late to fix.) But he does lose LOTS of ships.

France plays a card that gives him an extra LD basic forces.

England – Success CF in Baltic & Indian, 2CF comp vs. Port in G Guinea, COL in Bengale E, TP in Senegal; +2 naval tech
France – crap loan; Success for MNU, FTI, COL in Hudson Bay, CF in Adriatic; fail at TP in Grand Lacs; +1 land tech
Holland – Exc taxes, Great loan; success 2xCF Spain and Indian@@@, 2xCOL (now^) in Capetown, TP^ Ternate, MNU; +2nav tech
Russia – Illegal Exc Taxes...; Success COL^ in Lena; fails at CF in RU CTZ.
Spain – Great loan; success (Port) TP Siam, CF in C Peru, +2 land tech
Turkey – no loan or exc taxes; Success at COL Seychelles, TP+^ Bengale E; Fail at EIGHTH CF in a row!!! Sigh

@@@ mando comp in Spain CTZ and Spain is removed; mando comp in Indian has Dutch remove a level.

France plays a card that gives an extra LD for the period.

*Military Phases: 3 –
Initiative: France, Russia, Holland, England, Spain, Turkey,

France moves around shuffling troops in Europe. Then he discovers in Cote d’Ivoire taking huge attrition losses on the way there and back. Done for the turn.

Holland does some more discovering in the S Timor, S of Formsa (success) and S Bahia, S Philippines (failure). Again more discovery attempts with S Bahia, Australian Sea (success) and S Philippines, N China Sea (failure). R3 sees S Philippines, N China Sea finally disc along with W Atl.

Russians move an army from Europe to Omsk, then he has more discoveries in Lena and fighting battle after battle killing natives across Omsk and Ienisseisk.

Persians move from Ormuz to Mechmed and are wiped out. Turks play a card for an MC. Sultan stack moves from Ispahan to Ormuz, but it is ejected. The Sultan is wounded and the Persian leader is killed! Another stack moved to Ceylan and win a battle over the natives. Then they fight off a native attack. On R2 the Turks march into Ormuz and finally wins a battle. Siege begins. Turks win another battle against the natives and fights them off on their attack. Same again on R3. And Ormuz falls.

Spain moves around a bit, then discovers La Plata E, but loses his conq. He then starts to move his leaders and troops over to Naples and Sicily.

*End Phases
Barbary Pirates don’t attack anyone!

Holland pillages Hainaut. Uses a card to extend Barents life by one turn.

Turkey gets level 5 peace with Persia annexing Ormuz, pillaging and reparations for Mechmed.

*End of Turn Status
Country: VPs / Stability / Treasury

England: 321 / +2 / 207
France: 457 / +3 / 136
Holland: 872 / +3 / 106
Russia: 624 / +2 / 513
Spain: 707 / +3 / 154
Turkey: 1109 / +3 / 875

Turn 23: November 2012 – Poland is Thrashed

*Monarch Phase:
Dutch and Russian monarchs die naturally. Both replacements waste a monarch stat reroll to no effect! Henri Navarre adds another +1 to his life.

*Current Monarchs:
En: Elizabeth I, 797; Mil stats: 303A; Dies T28; Strong Health Monarch (+2 life - first death roll T19)
Fr: Henri Navarre, 999; Mil stats: 233-1A (on counter); Dies T26 (+1 life)
Ho: Frederick Henry, 655; Mil stats: 311-2A; Dies T30; +1 Fragile Health
Ru: Boris Godonuv, 763; Mil Stats: 001A; Dies T30
Sp: Ferdinand II, 468; Mil stats: 114A; Dies T30
Tu: Murad III, 448; Mil stats: 155A; Dies T25

HRE: Hapsburgs Rudolf V; Dies T26

Rerolls used: England, France, Russia, Spain & Turkey - 1/3 Holland - 2/3

*Political Events:
#1: Rev(-), gen?2 342B in Pecs (Tur) controlled by England
#3: D
En - Denmark and Prussia to Neutral; Thuringen to SU
Fr - Toscana to EG
Sp - Parma to Neutral; Papacy to CE
Tu - Algeria, Maroc, Tripolitania to CE

*Economic Events:
xEngland: 9 - TECH ADVANCE; +1 nav tech
xFrance: 44 - CULTURAL EXPANSION; Same as Dip Preeminence +good SU stuff
xHolland: 37 - ENTHUSIASM FOR THE NAVY; 10 free N, +1 naval tech
xRussia: 9 - TECH ADVANCE; NADA!!
Spain: 45 - DEFLATION
xTurkey: 12 - PIRATES; Only in G Guinea, W Indian, So China
Xtra – France: 27 - NEW ALLY; player gains +3 dip to minor

*DoW & Diplomacy:

--Major Dip
Off alliance between Turkey and Russia
Smyrna to France

Turkey DoWs Poland (Controlled by France) and calls Russia, who accepts
Spain DoWs Tunisia with a CB card, controlled by Turkey

*Minor Diplomacy:
England – beats Holland vs Denmark to SU (+6D$) and vs Prussia to EG
France – fails vs Bavaria; beats Spain vs Baden to SU; successfully defends Venice against Spain
Holland – fails vs Saxony and Berg
Russia – nada
Spain – fails vs Pfalz; Parma to CE
Turkey – successfully defends Transylvania against England; Algeria and Oman to VA

*Administrative Phase: 1 Merc (merc gen 1) won by Turkey.

England – Success CF in Baltic, TP in Bengale, TP in Gabon N, comp vs Dutch in Baltic; Fail at CF comp in Baltic; +3 land tech
France – good loan; fail CF in Adriatic, TP in Cote d’Ivoire; success COL in Mascareignes So, +3 land tech & hits Muskets tech
Holland – Great loan, exc taxes; CF in Spain CTZ and Indian STZ, 2 of 3 CF comp vs Indians in Indian STZ, TP in Kyoto, 2xCOL Capetown; +1lev land tech - hitting Muskets
Russia – good loan; exc taxes (and finally an accurately rolled exceptional taxes!!!); success COL in Omsk, CF in CTZ;
Spain – Good loan; Finished his palace; Success CF in C Peru, COL in Bahia; Fails to get to Muskets by 1!!!
Turkey – Success COL+ (6levels) in Seychelles; First CF success of the period!!!; Fail at CF comp & TP in Bengal; +1 land tech, hitting MOU.

Mando comp in Spain CTZ and Indian STZ (Indian and Holland lose one: Hol 5, Eng 1)

Turkey plays a card that gives 14D$ to the treasury, then fails to gain a bonus for MNU.

*Military Phases: 7 –
Initiative: France, England, Spain, Russia, Holland, Turkey (last again!!!)

England moves to G Guinea to kill the pirates and Granville dies discovering the Sea of Seychelles.

France does some discovery all over Cameroun, Gabon and Cote d’Ivoire.

Holland has a great turn. He discovers Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, Sea of Alaska, Gulf of Panama, Gulf of California, and Grand, North and West Pacific and Java. Unfortunately for Holland, both Barents and Hostman die.

On R1, Poland starts off by moving into Volhynia. (He states that he’s just going to fight Turkey.) Russia moves into Bielorossya, gets a U+, plays a card for another siege roll, gets a B and takes the city! Turkey begins by busting out an MC and by moving into the revolt, moving into four Polish provinces and also force marching a bunch more troops towards the Polish border. Volhynia is now out of supply.

R2 sees the Poles move to Pripet. They lose the battle, but kill off the Turks. Volhynia is back in supply. Turkey does another MC filling in the current sieges and moves into Volhyina, being thrown back. Ukraine and Donetsk fall. Russia continues to move and discover across Siberia. He does a lot of work in Lena, killing the conq on R2.

For R3, the Poles do nothing. Crimean LDs move into Pripet and do the battle, killing the Polish king. Russia moves on Riga, killing the Poles there. The Turks win a battle in Lithuania, but lose another one in Volhynia, where the merc general dies. Kharkov and Lithuania both fall to Turkey.

On R4, Poles finally breach Volhynia, which falls. But they are then crushed by the Turks. Krakow falls. Polotsk falls to the Russians. R5 sees the Poles move back into Volhynia, but they are ejected back out. For the Turks, Posen and Volhynia falls. Then on R6 Ost Prussia falls to Turkey and on R7, Courlande falls to Russia.

Spain starts out landing in Tunisia and initiating the siege of Tunis. On R2 he reinforces the stack changing leaders. The city falls on R3. As the city falls the Tun ND flees breaking the Spanish blockaders. Spain also does some exploration around South America and the Indian Ocean.

*End Phases
Barbary Pirates do nothing.

Poland surrenders L5 to Russia and Turkey. Russia gains Polotsk and Courlande; Turkey gains Krakow. Turks and Russians pillage the HELL out of Poland.

We had remix and had to dump all of the cards this turn. England dumps 6, France dumps 3, Holland dumps 4, Spain dumps 3, Turkey dumps 1

*End of Turn Status
Country: VPs / Stability / Treasury

England: 335/ +3 / 209
France: 475 / +3 / 288
Holland: 892 / +3 / 63
Russia: 655 / +3 / 617
Spain: 722 / +1 / 204
Turkey: 1145 / +3 / 645

Turn 24: December 2012-January 2013 – Picking on the Minors

*Monarch Phase:
Boris Godonuv adds +1 to life.

*Current Monarchs:
En: Elizabeth I, 797; Mil stats: 303A; Dies T28; Strong Health Monarch (+2 life - first death roll T19)
Fr: Henri Navarre, 999; Mil stats: 233-1A (on counter); Dies T26 (+1 life)
Ho: Frederick Henry, 655; Mil stats: 311-2A; Dies T30; +1 Fragile Health
Ru: Boris Godonuv, 763; Mil Stats: 001A; Dies T31 (+1 life)
Sp: Ferdinand II, 468; Mil stats: 114A; Dies T30
Tu: Murad III, 448; Mil stats: 155A; Dies T25

HRE: Hapsburgs Rudolf V; Dies T26

Rerolls used: England, France, Russia, Spain & Turkey - 1/3 Holland - 2/3

*Political Events:
#1: Rev(-), gen?9 333J in Zeeland (Neth) controlled by France
#2: Rev(+), gen?8 221I and the city in Sudeten (Haps) controlled by Turkey
#3: D
En - Thuringen to Neutral; Wurtemburg to RM; Scotland to SU (!!!)
Fr - Venice, Parma to RM
Sp - Papacy to MA;
Tu - Tunis, Maroc to Neutral;

*Economic Events:
xEngland: 7 - FISCAL EVASION; Reduce Treasury by 20% (rounded up)
xFrance: 20 - REFUGEES; Free strong CF investment, +2drm for COL & free COL action
xHolland: 9 - TECH ADVANCE; +1 Nav Tech (moves to Battery)
xRussia: 13 - DEVELOPMENT OF WARSHIPS; +1 naval tech
xSpain: 33 - OFFER OF ALLIANCE; +3drm for dip on minor
xTurkey: 8 - CORRUPTION; double cost for reinf and campaigns; +10% for main; 9 pashas corrupted
Xtra – Spain: 48 - RECTIFICATlON; +5drm to stability

*DoW & Diplomacy:

--Major Dip
England/France Off/Def alliance

Turkey Grants Smyrna convoy to Spain
France gives England 75D

Treaty of Anglia

The Sovereign countries of England and France do hereby
Agree to enter a dynastic alliance wherein the following conditions
Will apply.

England will agree to the cede Calais to France in the year 1610.(T25)
In return for the gracious gift of Calais from England France will agree to
the following. France will pay a sum of 150D to England. Furthermore France
will agree not to exploit fisheries in N America btween the years 1605 and 1639.

Furthermore England and France will enter into an offensive/defensive alliance
Between the years 1605 and 1614.

France DOWs Cyrencia -2stab, calling England along.
Spain DoWs Tunisia -1 stab
Turkey DoWS Transylvania -1 stab (Turkey had to do this because stinking England keeps attacking them.)

*Minor Diplomacy:
England – Thurigen to SU; Scotland and Wuttenburg to EG
France – beats Spain for Pfalz to MA;
Holland – Saxony to RM
Russia – NADA
Spain – beats France for Bavaria to SU; knocks Parma (controlled by France) to neutral; fail vs Papacy
Turkey – Fail vs. Morocco and Sudan; Tripoli to CE

*Administrative Phase: 0 Mercs

England – Success in 2x CF in Guinea, COL in Carnatic N, TP in Gabon, 2x comps vs Pt in Guinea; +2 nav tech
France – Good loan; Success CF in Adriatic, TP in Grand Lacs, COL in Cote D’Ivoire; +1 nav tech
Holland – Success on TP in Celebes TP & first COL in Java, CF to 6 (killing some guys, but back dropping back to 5); failure at COL in Java
Russia – Success at CF in Russia; Fail at COL; +1 land tech, gaining ARQ
Spain – Success in Pt COL in Madagascar and Recife, CF in Spain; +2 land tech (gaining MOU)
Turkey – Success COL in Sofala, CF in Black Sea; Fail at TP in Bengal; +2 naval tech. Additionally, Turkey decides to attempt the Turkish Army Reform. Activated in the Interphase.


*Military Phases: 4 –
Initiative: France, England, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Russia

England eventually takes over from France. By R3 he takes Cyrenaica.

France does some very EXPENSIVE discovering in Cote d’Ivoire, losing a lot of guys and failing a lot of discoveries. The French land in Cyrenaicia. With attrition and the battle, they don’t have enough units to siege. So, they have to retreat back to France (taking big attrition, of course... it is Pepper.) but He also does some discovering in Grand Lacs and

Holland moves to suppress his revolt.

Russia continues his discoveries across Lena. He also works to kill a bunch of natives across Siberia.

Spain hits Tunisia winning the battle early on and starting the siege. Spain does some exploration around India and through Asia towards China.

Turkey attacks Transylvania. They take Ruthenia on R2, Transylvania on R3, and Marozs on R4.

*End Phases
Barbary Pirates take a turn off.

Spain plays a card to gain some Stability.

Turkey annexes Transylvania. There is NO Crusade for the last time possible.

Turkey does the Reform, losing 3 stability and two revolts.
#1: Rev(-), gen?7 222G in Pecs (Turkey) controlled by Spain
#2: Rev(-) in Smyrna (Turkey) controlled by Russia

*End of Turn Status
Country: VPs / Stability / Treasury

England: 363/ +2 / 282
France: 484 / +2 / 291
Holland: 913 / +3 / 627
Russia: 655 / +2 / 181
Spain: 743 / 0 / 1066
Turkey: 1174 / +3 / 252

Turn 25: January-February 2013 – Spain Hits Turkey while Russia ALMOST makes it to the Pacific

*Monarch Phase:
Turkish Monarch dies naturally. Russian Monarch adds +1 to life.

Turkey failed at a card that adds +3 to MIL.

*Current Monarchs:
En: Elizabeth I, 797; Mil stats: 303A; Dies T28; Strong Health Monarch (+2 life - first death roll T19)
Fr: Henri Navarre, 999; Mil stats: 233-1A (on counter); Dies T26 (+1 life)
Ho: Frederick Henry, 655; Mil stats: 311-2A; Dies T30; +1 Fragile Health
Ru: Boris Godonuv, 763; Mil Stats: 001A; Dies T32 (+2 life)
Sp: Ferdinand II, 468; Mil stats: 114A; Dies T30
Tu: Mehmed III, 455; Mil stats: 211A; Dies T29

HRE: Hapsburgs Rudolf V; Dies T26

Rerolls used: England, France, Russia, Spain & Turkey - 1/3 Holland - 2/3

*Political Events:
#1: Rev(-), gen?8 221-1I in Carnolia (Haps, but owned by Turkey) controlled by Spain
#2: Rev(-), gen?5 323E in Pale (England) controlled by Turkey
A second due to reformation Rev(-) in Tyne (originally England now Scotland) controlled by Holland
#3: Rev(-) in Smolensk (Russia) controlled by Hapsburgs

*Economic Events:
England: EPIDEMICS; minus 20% to Gross Income
xFrance: AG TECH DEVELOPMENT; +2D$ per province, +3drm to DTI, cereal, wine MNU
Holland: ECONOMIC BOOM; Demand for exotic resources increases & prices progress
Russia: AG TECH DEVELOPMENT; +2D$ per province, +3drm to DTI, cereal, wine MNU
Spain: DROUGHT; Reduce the income of provinces of the player by 30%
Turkey: MIL LEADER; Gets none since he had no ? leaders. Grrrr.
Xtra – France: MIL LEADER; One turn admiral adm?1 223H

*DoW & Diplomacy:

--Major Dip
Eng/Fra continue Dynastic alliance T2/2

France gives England 100D
France gives Spain 25D
England cedes Fra Calais as Dowry for Dynastic alliance

Eng gives Fra disc Straits of Mozambia
Spa gives Fra disc Cent Indian Ocean

Turkey gives France the Smyrna Convoy.

Spain DOWs Turkey -1 stab (calling Haps and Tunisia into the War)

*Minor Diplomacy:
England – Denmark to CE, Sweden EG, Scotland to VA
France – fails vs. Koln; Spain gets Parma
Holland – Saxony to EG
Russia – attempts and fail to get Moldavia and Wallachia from Turkey
Spain – Parma to VA; attacks Venice (from France) gets to SU; Poland and Switzerland to MA
Turkey – Hyderabad to SU, Tripoli to MA, Moroco to EG

*Administrative Phase: 2 Mercs (323B to Spain; 424D to Turkey)

France plays a card giving him a free additional COL action.

England – Success for CF in Guinea, COL in Malay N, TP in Bengale, 2xcomp vs. Port in Guinea, MNU; Fail for CF in S Atl; +1 nav tech hitting Battery
France – Success COL in Quebec, TP in Cameroun, MNU, DTI; fail at CF; +3 levels Naval Tech, hitting Latin Sail
Holland – Great Loan; 2xCOL in Java, TP in Ambonia, CF (6+) in China Sea; fail at MNU; +2 naval tech
Russia – Success at CF in Russia, now +; fails at COL
Spain – Good Int Loan; fails at Pt COL in Recife, CF in China Sea; success at Pt TP in Madagascar, MNU; nothing for Nav Tech
Turkey – Good International Loan (first one in 8 turns?); Fail at COL and TP; Success for CF in Black Sea, +1 to land tech


England plays card to gain fortress in Malay N.
Holland plays a card that gives him an explorer for a turn, and then another that gave him a +1 on land tech.
Russia gains 32D$ from playing a card.

*Military Phases: 7!!! –
Initiative: France, England, Spain, Russia, Holland, Turkey

England marches into and kills his revolt in Dublin. Smith and Raleigh die in Mysore and Maharatti.

France sends some units to Angola and Grand Lacs for discovery. Natives do some butt kicking. There are some discoveries reported, while others are lost.

All the Dutch do is to sail for and discover Alaska. Woo hoo! 5VP.

Russia is in a tough place for getting across Siberia to the Pacific by the end of the period. He is only over to Lena Central. So, he’s just about halfway. He continues across Lena to the NE. He continues on across the northern Baikal and Amour spaces, ending up just ONE space short of the Pacific Ocean. Too bad he waited so long to get across.

Spain starts off by moving a stack to Macedonia. They take the city, but Spinola dies during the assault!!! Gack. Spain takes lots of naval attrition. Turkey responds by busting out an MC, hitting the naval stack in Macedonia (both retreat), then a major battle against the Span stack in Macedonia, finally moving into all of the three revolts and killing them all off.

Spain moves around. Then Turkey moves guys from the Middle East towards Europe then moves guys into Styria (loses battle) and Vienna. Macedonia falls to the Turks. Spain then moves guys to Istria and Carnolia, facing the Turkish remnants of the Styria battle who retreats into the city.

Thereafter the Turkish galleys catch the Spanish F+ (with galleons) in the Adriatic. But a wind gauge retreat allows the latter to escape. They are blockaded in Pouilles. Turks move into Carnolia attempting to relieve the siege and save Sokolli. The Turks are thrown back in a loss. The stack in Vienna moves to Styria.

Next the Spanish try to relieve the blockade of Pouilles, but they fail. With the stack in Istria out of supply, they move to besiege Carinthia. He goes on to win another major battle in Carnolia. Carnolia then falls to Spain. The rest of the turn involves juggling forces around . Styria falls to Turkey on R7.

*End Phases
Barbary Pirates kill off a Genoese and Venetian CFs.

Many of the players discard some unused cards for the end of the period. (Seems weird that no one tried to sell or trade them.)

*End of Turn Status
Country: VPs / Stability / Treasury

England: 379 / +2 / 72
France: 493 / +3 / 174
Holland: 940 / +2 / 414
Russia: 662 / +3 / 464
Spain: 758 / +3 / 51
Turkey: 1195/ +3 / 300

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Jason Johns
United States
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Period III Objectives, Player Comments and Final VPs


Before the Period Comments:
Coming in after many years off of EU, I'm going to start modestly and see if I can figure out what is going on with my fellow major powers. Being protestant, I will not be able to fulfill many of the possible objectives for England this period, so we will satisfy ourselves with trying to bring Scotland under control, keeping a large stake in trading fleets and otherwise wooing German allies to our cause. And of course, we will try to develop our colonies in North America and explore the possibility of trade outposts in Africa and heading into Asia. Nothing too exciting, but I think England needs stability and a good base for further exploits in the next period.

A) #4 Scotland English Vassal 50VP 50
B) #6 Partial monopoly in CTZ England (total monopoly x2) 15VP 30
C) #4 More Prot minor allies than any other major power (8 Prot/5HRE) 20VP 20
D) #7 New COL in “North America” 5VP 5
[Malus] 1. All starting provinces owned & not in revolt -20VP -20

Each COL, TP, CF: +2 per (-), +4 per (+): 12-, 3+ 36

Total VPs gained for period objectives: 121

After the Period Comments:
I entered England right near the beginning of Period III, wondering how I was going to learn to play EU and "catch up". England was a great position to do this in—not a lot going on, so I was able to learn the ropes slowly! Holland had already taken control of the seas, Turkey was running amok everywhere, so this allowed me time to practice and learn how to run a turn and manage an economy.

The main challenge for this period was the war against Scotland, of which there were three. The first I entered into, and only after three turns was I able to eek out a victory of sorts. By the third war Scotland was finally reduced to just one province, which of course revolted near the end of the period. Two rounds of expensive diplomacy brought it back into the fold just in time.

Overall the goal was to build up England's economy and that happened, through various new colonies, trade posts and fleets. English diplomacy was also successful, setting up for possible involvement in the 30 years war. Perhaps England was too passive (just one other war of aggression together with France against a hapless neutral), but there were many revolts to contend with and several negative economic events (plus terrible luck in battle vs. Scotland).


Before the Period Comments:

A) #1 French Calais and all original provinces owned 100VP 100
B) #6 More HRE minor allies than any other major power (2HRE) 15VP 0
C) #4 No Haps or Spanish Emperor (French x2) 30VP 0
D) #7 France Sole Defender of the Catholic Faith 15VP 0

Each COL, TP, CF: +2 per (-), +4 per (+): 10-,1+ 24

Total VPs gained for period objectives: 124

After the Period Comments:
Overall France had a terrible period. The wars of religion ended relatively early in the period with Henry as the monarch. However, France was unable to take advantage of this.

France achieved virtually nothing in exploration or building its new world empire. Even with a superior technological advantage France could not defeat a bunch of medieval natives.

France was also not able to gain in diplomacy despite having a monarch with a 9 diplomacy rating for several turns.

Basically France had a pathetic performance in period III and were nothing more than a glorified minor power.


b]Before the Period Comments:[/b]
Holland’s goals for the third period are to primarily avoid being crushed by Spain (hopefully by courting a mutually beneficial alliance with France). Holland will endeavor to expand her economic power in the Atlantic and Asia, leaving North and South America for Spain, France and England to fight over (though Holland may take advantage of a weakened Portugal to snap up a choice COL/TP or two). Holland will strive to gain her independence from Spanish oppression and heavy taxation, and fight to gain her rightful place as a major power in Europe.

A) #3 Indies Orientales 75VP 0
B) #5 More Prot minor allies than any other major power (2 Prot) 30VP 0
C) #6 Atlantique or Méditerranée Trade Center (x2 for both) 10VP 10
D) #5 At least one other protestant major power (except Spain) 5VP 5
[Malus] 1. All Burgundian provinces owned (not Franche Comte) -20VP -20

Each COL, TP, CF: +2 per (-), +4 per (+): 8-, 10+ 56

Total VPs gained for period objectives: 51

After the Period Comments:
The Dutch fought off Spain in the Netherlands, but after the first few turns of the period, the two powers maintained a truce, as Turkey was becoming too much of a threat in the east, and the truce allowed Spain to focus on fighting Turkey, while Holland focused on economic expansion into the East Indies, building three colonies (Cape Town, Siam, and Java) and five trading posts (Annam, Celebes, Ambonia, Ternate, and Japan). Dutch exploration resulted in the discovery of many new trade routes and the Dutch were the first to discover Alaska from a port in Asia. Holland was also able to secure an alliance with Saxony and the vassalization of the Hanseatic League.


Before the Period Comments:
Russia starts the period III with almost those countries, as it has in the “1560-Campaign”, just Astrakhan and Kazan is missing. That decrease the income to 67D$ instead of 86D$, an almost good level for the grand campaign. In the neighbourhood only Turkey is around, but it is a very strong Turkey. With a land Technology of “8” against an “30” for Turkey, there is not the big chance to win too much battles against Turkey, even starting with Renaissance. The other big countries were far away.

There are two goals: Increasing land income and find the Pacific.
1) Increasing Land: means doing a Entente with the “Devil”, the Ottomans, getting Kazan and leaving Astrakhan to him. Hopefully having successful wars against Poland in an alliance with the Turks will give maybe a chance to steal a harbor from a Baltic country.
2) Find the pacific: is similar to destroy Sibir. And run for the own live (and some furs) to the east. With “Ivan the Terrible” as the first Czar and 8/4/9, Diplomacy on minors are fully unnecessary but improving the Tech could move on.

A) #2: Smolensk owned & another Polish province annexed this period 75VP 75
B) #3 Port owned in ‘Europe’ (excluding ports on the Caspian Sea) 45VP 45
C) #4 Land route via Siberia to the Pacific Ocean explored 20VP 0
D) #5 More furs produced than all the other powers put together 10VP 0
[Malus] #1 Khanate of Astrakhan exists -20VP -20

Each COL, TP, CF: +2 per (-), +4 per (+): 4-, 1+ 12

Total VPs gained for period objectives: 112

After the Period Comments:
The best to explain what happens is to look at the Gross Income: At the start it 93D$, now it is more than double 198D$ for last turn, 210D$ at maximum. So Russia made his way from a small country at the edge of Europe to a midsize state in the eastern part of Europe. The main 2 objectives (Smolensk and Poland area plus a port at the Baltic Sea) were reached. Main reason was a contract between Russia and Turkey where a line of demarcation was signed and was stable til the end. Peace for both side and the possibility to grow (and shrinking of Poland...).

Even being the technological Neanderthal Man, the cannon of Moscva where loud, noisy and penetrated the opponents. Often they broke before the Russia infantry made one shot. (This was really fun). It was helpful to have Ivan the terrible 355-2: When he saw a battlefield, the earth shivered and the Russian enemies went off. He never got hurt and the posaune [?] of Jericho where quiet in comparison to his guns.

Sibir went off rather fast and the door to the Far East was open. But the way to the Pacific Ocean was too long. The Sea of Baikal was reached and the expeditions find only more and more woods. What a country.

Now Boris Godunov (763; 001-0) was a good administrator, a fine diplomat but his hands like the coffee-service more than the sword. The land is waiting for a new strong man; the arising of Peter the Great, but I guess before will be the fight between several idiots, who think they are Peter: Civil War is coming...


Before the Period Comments:

A) #2 No non-Spanish MP COL/TP adjacent to Carib STZ 75VP 75
B) #7 More HRE or Italian minors than other major
(x2 for both) [3HRE/4Ita] 15VP Ita 15
C) #6 Spain Sole Defender of the Catholic Faith 10VP 10
D) #5 No provinces owned in Italy by other MP 10VP 0
[Malus] #1 No recognition of Dutch independence in Period III -20VP 0

Each COL, TP, CF: +2 per (-), +4 per (+): 23-, 2+ 54

Total VPs gained for period objectives: 154

After the Period Comments:
Spain kept a strong colonial empire with no incursions in the Caribbean. This colonial empire was already great before the start of the period, there wasn't any real difficulty. Things will be a lot harder from now on.

I did poorly in the revolt of the United Provinces. I didn't give enough attention to reading the event description. Things could have been a lot harder for Holland, have I been better prepared (two or three stacks up there from the start, and a least one MC spent). Once badly started, there was nothing I could do, especially with the really poor Spanish admirals.

I again tried to go against Turkey, benefiting from a rather low stability of it. Things could have been better if I hadn't the stupid idea of sending Spinalo in Turkish home provinces. Against Turkey, you have to stay in the mountains as much as possible. Even if I nullify the double cavalry bonus, Turkey can get up to 100 shock value with a full stack. With a low score (10% or 15%) that still hurt a lot. I think we could have been even with a better strategy from my part.

I think it's nearly impossible to catch up with Turkey now (VP wise). But we should see, the game is not yet as unbalanced as France thinks as Turkey were easy on us during period III.


Before the Period Comments:
Period II was tough for me, especially that last half. Spain, France and Portugal continued to target me together. With France eventually falling into the death throes of Civil War, I should have one less enemy. Portugal went away, but Russia will join against me at some point.
Additionally, maybe I can focus Russia West and East rather than South. I’ll try to offer him up Kazan as easy pickings, if he’ll leave me alone other than that. I am going to work HARD to keep Astrakhan throughout the period and keep the Caspian Sea Turkish! We’ll see if that works.

Venice is one of my big targets this period. I’m going to work to hammer the Venetian CFs to gain the Med Trade Center. I’ll also work to gain Ionia, Crete and Cyprus and clear out the Christian ports in the E Med and Aegean. I might as well nick Istria too since it has a gold mine!
My other target, at least early on, will be Portugal. I want Goa. I’ll try to cut a deal with England for me to gain Goa and him to gain some stuff in the Atlantic. After that, I’ll be done with Portugal.

Spain has been the leader of the charge against me. I’m not sure what he’ll be doing while I’m hitting Venice and Portugal, but even with the loss of allies Portugal (to Russia) and France (religious wars), I assume he’ll continue to target me. He has Naples, Haps and Poland on his track. Depending on random events, I expect him to keep hammering at me. At least Holland should keep him busy a BIT.

If Spain continues to target me, I’ll go after the Haps. I do so want Styria… And I can get some VPs from taking Vienna, which I purposely avoided last period. So, I’ll play that by ear to see what happens.

As usual, I’ll focus on economy. I got an event last period that allows me to have an extra MNU (basically +1 to period limits). So, I’ll work on that. I’ll finish adding levels to my COL and TP that can have them. And I’ll continue to build up my fortresses, though I am pretty close to maximum now.

For Diplomacy, I’ll go after the Muslims in Europe and North Africa. On a weird note, I may try to target Genoa for diplomacy. Why not???

A) #1 No Christian port adjacent to the Aegean or E Med Seas 100VP 100
[malus] -20
B) #2 Méditerranée Trade Center 45VP 45
C) #5 No Christian port on Black or Caspian Sea 20VP 20
D) #4 All of original Hungary owned or controlled through a vassal 5VP 5

Each COL, TP, CF: +2 per (-), +4 per (+): 4-, 10+ 48

Total VPs gained for period objectives: 218

After the Period Comments:
Well, this was a generally tough Period III for me. I actually had to pull back as too many people thought I was too far ahead. Had I continued on, they would have all ganged up on me. Fortunately, I have mostly avoided that.

France was the main firebrand to get me. He kept harping on the “Turkey is winning. The game is basically over.” drum. Most people don’t believe him, so that’s good. I don’t think it is over either. (And it can be a personal thing with the player of France... We’re friends!

I had some surprising results with my attacks on Venice, the Haps, Poland and Persia, gaining quite a few provinces. Unfortunately, with the Haps, I ended up more than 6mp away from Transylvania. Grrr. I also ended up fighting off the uprising of the natives in Ceylan. So, that kept my Ceylan COL “safe” during this period. I also kept the Goa COL pretty beefed up.

I’ve kept up with the land tech. I gained the new techs every time on the turn they came in. I am in the lead for BAR now as well. As I stated earlier, I was going to focus on my economy. Therefore, as of the end of the period my DTI, FTI, MNU, COL, TP were all maxed out. (Many of my COL/TP are not at full strength though.) I sucked majorly at CF placement. I think it was 6 or 8 fails in a row...

I have a pretty decent overseas empire. It’s good, but not so big that everyone else wants to steal my stuff... yet. It’ll be a bit tough for them to get my stuff, I hope.

I had good monarchs early on in the period. Then I burned a reroll on getting the new leader. That failed and I ended up with a dud. He was a 448 and died on T24. But since he was an 8 MIL, I decided to do my one big gamble of the period. I did the Turkish Army Reforms. With the 8 MIL leader it was automatic. Why did I do it? Well, already those stupid pashas were draining my treasury and they were dragging down my army stacks with their stupid ARQ tech.

The resultant Stab loss and revolts, caused Spain to DoW me on the last turn. Luckily, I won that and gained Styria... finally. But I think there will be more ugliness in the near future.

Final VPs for Period III

England: +500
France: +617
Holland: +991
Russia: +774
Spain: +912
Turkey: +1413
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Jason Johns
United States
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End of Period III GM Comments

Well, I'm also Turkey too. In any case, this was a weak period for player interaction. There were lots of people pretty much doing their own things.

There were several factors for this hesitancy in the beginning.
1) Somewhat due to some newish players early on
2) Some of it was due to some of the countries being smaller (or not able to act, ie. Holland) at the beginning

This did change at the end of period with lots of people getting belligerent later on. That's cool. It'll be good for the game. Some of the powers are starting to flex their muscles.

I expect to see England, Holland and Russia come out swinging next period. France has potential (and he's entering "his time"), but we'll see if he continues to think that France is a dud country or not. whistle

Turkey will have to begin a series of holding actions to keep the wolves at bay. Spain should be in that same situation, but is a little behind. He'll have to make some points as well as holding off the wolves.

So, we're all looking forward to the next period. GAME ON!!!
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