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Subject: Solo play Session Report with all 8 Heroes rss

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Dan Patriss
United States
North Carolina
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Ok so I am going to attempt to play all of the heroes one at a time with the 20 round solo variant from this great thread

There is also a post from LunarKnite that I used as well for some clarifications he came up with for some better using of attacks and how it should work in the solo game.

3 things I will not use.

1. I won't take the weaknesses away from the total. Since I write the whole game down as I am going I can keep up with the 20 turns and I think 20 turn solid limit is what I want and no messing with that.
2. I won't use poison Ivy to add turns (or any other part of the list which might add turns to it. 20 is 20 is 20.
3. I also will play sportsmanlike and not abuse a combo. I had some crazy turn in game 1 (which I suspect will happen when you get that many super villains defeated each game) in which I could have had an infinite loop to draw my whole deck so I just kinda self ended it. I basically got the whole middle and the super villain anyway so it's about the same as the loop but I still could have abused some deck thinning in it.

---Why do this? Well I love the game so I figured I would use all 8 heroes (getting MMH real soon so we will throw him in there as well) and see how the scores go.

Anyway enough chatter...

So as it should come as no surprise I took Green Lantern as my 1st Hero in the solo challenge.
To remind everyone his power is.... If you play 3 differently names cards with cost 1 or more you get +3 power. A killer mid to late game for sure.
I also rolled a 6 sided die at the end of each turn to see which card would be destroyed. If there was no card or I rolled a 6 I would choose myself. (Die rolls are also listed here)

Turns in which I used my power I will denote with a * before the power total.

Turn 1 Middle: Heat Vision, Super Girl, Harley Quinn, Green Arrows Bow, Green Arrow Villain Ras Al Goul
Power--> 3 Bought Harley Quinn Die Roll 2 Super Girl destroyed

Turn 2 HV,Suicide Squad,High Tech Hero, Bow, GA
Power--> 4 Buy Green Arrows Bow Roll-1 HVision gone

Turn 3 2 Face,SS,HTH,Cheatah, GA
Power -->5 HTH+Cheetah Roll 6 2 Face Destroyed

Turn 4 Grodd, SS, Poison Ivy, Dark Knight, GA
Power 3 (with HQuinn some destruction/thinning of deck started) Bought Kick Roll 6 P-Ivy destroyed

Turn 5 GG,SS, Bullet Proof, DK,GA
Power---> 5 Green Arrow (couldn't take a chance he would leave any more) Roll 1 Grodd gone

Turn 6 Suicide Squad (yep another), SS, BP, DK, Fastest Man Alive
Power--> 2 + Cheetah (thank God for her) Acquire BProof Roll 5 Fastest gone

Turn 7 (starting to get nervous no good turns yet) SS,SS, Cape and Cowl, DK, Emerald Knight
Power--> 7 + Bow Defeat Ras Al Goul Roll 6 DK Gone

Turn 8 SS,SS, C+C, Bane, EK New S-Villain Joker ( So Bane made me discard a punch and Joker I destroyed a punch taking a Wound IIRC)
Power--> 3 + Cheetah Get a Kick and finally a SSquad Roll 5 Emerald Knight gone

Turn 9 High Tech Hero ,SS, C+C, Bane , Blue Beetle
Power --> 2 (crappy luck) but H-Quinn so got to destroy a Vulnerability Roll 3 Cape and Cowl Gone

Turn 10 HTH,SS,Super Strength, Bane, BB
Power ---> *12 (FINALLY used my power) Defeated Joker, Rolled 4 Bane destroyed
New Villain Sinestro but no heroes in my hand

Turn 11 HTH, SS, SSt, Penquin,BB
Power ---> *12 + bow Solid turn, I take out Sinestro and another SSquad (Ras now back to bottom of draw)
Roll a 5 and Blue Beetle gone (that one hurt a bit really wanted him for protection)

New SVillain Anti-Monitor --> Cheetah put into the middle

Turn 12 HTH, SSpeed,SSt, Pen,Nth Met,Cheetah
Power---> 4 Gain High Tech Hero Roll 4 Penguin gone

Turn 13 Power Ring, SSp,SSt, Nth, Ch
Power---> *11 (incl Ras) Gain SSt and SS Roll 1 Ring Gone (DOH!)

Turn 14 Power Ring (lucky draw for another), Utility Belt, J'onn J'onzz, Nth,Ch
Power--> * 16 (Sinestro and Joker in hand) Grabbed Aquaman's Trident from Sinestro Joker gave me +2 cards (SSquad+Punch) Took out The Anti-Monitor and got my power ring! Put the Ring on top of the deck due to AM's trident (I didn't think Anti-Monitor would be the best top deck for me here). Roll 4 Nth gone

New Villain Brainiac Put a Punch and Vuln in pile with 2 weaknesses shuffled and dealt me 2 got a weakness and vuln back DOH!)

Turn 15 Penguin, UBelt, JJ,Catwoman,Ch
Power---> *11 Power ring got me my +3 and also had the bow so defeated brainiac and got Catwoman
Roll 5 Cheetah gone New Villain Death Stroke Bulletproof in hand for defense and destroyed a Weakness

Turn 16 Pen,UB,JJ, Batmobile, SSpeed
Power---> 7 Got SSpeed and Penguin Roll 1 I picked JJ, just didn't think he would be bought in last turns and used ever so had to take the chance)

Turn 17 Or as I call it one of the craziest turns I ever played X-Ray Vision, UB,Bat signal,Batmobile, Lasso

Ok heres where we start. I have Brainiac and Anti monitor in hand. I use Brainiac to reveal top of mine and main deck and use both. I reveal Joker from mine and clayface from the Main Deck. I could have ended up getting into a crazy loop on this turn but I didn't. So I use joker to draw 2 (and the +2 power), so he draws himself and Sinestro. and then I copy Joker to draw 2 more cards with clayface. I then use Sinestro to DRAW clayface from the top of the main deck and use it to copy joker again.

When it's all said and done here is what we end up with....
Trident, Bullet Proof, Anti-monitor (I used to destroy x-ray vision and a HEat Vision came up in spot 1), Joker X 4!, Cat Woman, SS, Power ring (+3), HTH,Kick, Punch, GL's super power+3
I end up with 29 (It was either 29 or 31 my notes got sloppy here b/c the kids came home to talk to me but either way I had enough to sweep the middle deck and defeat deathstroke, whom I then top decked b/c of trident.

New Super Villain Lex Luthor-- I gain 2 weaknesses

Turn 18 Robin, SSpeed, Bow, Grodd, 2Face
Power --->*16 Deathstroke grabs Robin who grabs a Bat Signal from my discard who grabs a High Tech Hero giving me 2 HTH in hand. Defeat Lex, gain Bow, 2Face Roll 2 SSpeed gone
Last Villain is Atrocitous
Random card under Hero Super Strength (GRRRR!!!!)

Turn 19 Catwoman, X-ray Vision, Mof Steel, Grodd, Kid Flash
Power--> *10 and a bow defeat Atrocitous and get Kid Flash... ALL VILLAINS DEFEATED!!!!

Final Tally's
3 Weaknesses canceled 3 points
1 Green Arrow +5
1 Util Belt +5
3 SSquad +9
Super Villains +41
Rest of Deck 20
Cleared SV stack +5
1 round early +1

Total = 86
Total times using Green Lantern's special power --- 8

Some Quick thoughts... I had some good luck in the mid to late teens, and also some great luck not getting very many attacks in the middle which would have slowed me down as well. However, this kinda counteracts the very bad luck I had for the first 10 or so turns not getting to use the special power one time!

Not a bad showing for my boy Green Lantern! Hope to get another one in tomorrow night!
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Dan Patriss
United States
North Carolina
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Ok here goes session #2 Wonder Woman. (been picking them random)
For this one I made 2 slight changes.
I now refill the whole middle before rolling the D6. I missed the original author's saying this and it makes sense to do so to "simulate other players".
Also I have changed Poison Ivy to +1 Power and Draw 1 Card. I look at her as a cheaper Bane. He's cost 1 more and now +1 more then her.

Soo on to game # 2!!!

As a Reminder Wonder Woman's power is for each Villain you acquire or defeat you draw 1 additional card when refilling your hand at the end of your turn. I will put +1 +2 etc after the turn to denote if I drew more cards

Turn 1 Kid Flash,Penguin,Super Girl, Man Of Steel, GA Bow
Power--> 4 Get Penguin Roll 3 Super Girl Gone (2nd game in a row she gets killed on turn 1!!)

Turn 2 (+1) KF, Bat Signal,Heat Vis, MoS,Bow
Power---> 4 Bow Roll 6 Swamp Thing Gone

Turn 3 KF,BS,HV,MoS, SSpeed
Power---> 5 Kid Flash, Kick Roll 2 Bat Sig Gone

Turn 4 SSquad, Clayface, HV,MoS, SSp
Power---> 3 Kick Roll 3 Heat Vision Gone

Turn 5 SS,CF, Cheetah,MoS, SSpeed (3 Villains in lineup!)
Power ---> 5 Cheetah + Kick Roll 6 Nth Metal Gone

Turn 6 (+1) SS,Clay, GArrow, MoS, SSp
Power---> 7 (w/bow) Ra's Al Goul Roll 3 Green Arrow Gone ( soblue )

New Villain Parrallax (Discard all cost 2 or less)

Turn 7 (+1) SS,Clay,BatMobile,MoS, SSp
Power---> 4 (was left with 2 cards both kicks) Get Clayface Roll 5 Sspeed gone

Turn 8 (+1) SS,Cat Woman, BM,MoS, J'onn J'onzz
Power ---> 7 (Plus I Cheetah'd SSq) Buy JJ'onzz Ra's to bottom of deck Roll 4 MoS gone soblue

Turn 9 (+1) King of Atlantis,CW, BM,GArrow, High Tech Hero (Holy Heroes!)
Power---> 8 Get King o' At + HTH Ra's to bottom, Roll 4 Green Arrow gone (OUCH 2 GA now gone that hurt)

Turn 10 BLue Beetle,CW,BM, Doomsday, Lobo
Power---> 8 Doomsday Roll 2 Catwoman gone Parrallax becoming a problem for me to beat

Turn 11 (+1) BB, Grodd,BM, HVision, Lobo
Power ---> 3 + JJ = 6 + Cheetah (took Bmobile) Buy BBeetle Roll 5 Lobo gone

Turn 12 SSquad, Grodd, AQM Trident, HV, Bow
Power---> 7 (w/Bow) Grodd + Cheetah a SSquad Roll 4 H Vision Gone

Turn 13 (+2) DKnight, BMobile, AMT, Catwoman, Bow
Power---> 7 + JJ'onzz = 14 Parrallax (finally!) + Catwoman Roll 5 Bow Gone
New Villain Atrocitus Punch randomly put under hero

Turn 14 (+1) DK, BM,AMT,Lasso, Bizzarro
Power---> 13 (including a King Of Atlantis to destroy a punch) Defeat Atrocitous and grab the Trident Roll 1 DKnight Gone

New Villain Sinestro 1 Hero in hand discard 1 Vuln

Turn 15 (+1) Trident(yep another), BM,Robin, Lasso, Bizarro
Power ---> 8 Bizarro (I know he won't be worth anything not getting any Weaknesses but I have to keep getting extra cards each turn so he's a nec. Evil) Roll 4 Lasso Gone

Turn 16 (+1) AMT, BM,Robin,SStrength,Grundy
Power ---17 (finally one of THOSE turns) Ras,Biz,SS,Doomsday,ClayF,Punch
Get Sinestro and Grundy (Grundy goes to top) Roll 5 Fortress of Solitude gone
New Villain Darkseid ---No effect I obviously have a Villain in hand

Turn 17 (+2) AMT, BMob, R, SSt, Riddler
Power ---> 6 + Parallax Just enough for Darkseid! Roll 1 Trident Gone

Villain Captain Cold (Flip WW after drawing up)

So now I have 3 turns to go and 3 Villains to defeat! The suspense is killing me!!!

Turn 18 (+1) GArrow,BM, R, SSt, Riddler
Power---> 12 (JJ'onzz is a monster in solo play) CCold and Riddler
Roll 2 Bat Mobile Gone

New Villain Deathstroke I choose to destroy a Batmobile in Discard

Turn 19 (+2) GArrow, Watchtower, R,SSt, Emeral Knight
Power ---> 14 (W/Bow) Deathstroke and Green Arrow Roll 1 Scarecrow Destroyed

New Villain Lex Luthor but no villains in center (GRRR would have been nice with Bizarro in deck)

Turn 20 (+1) Arkham As,Watch T, Robin, SSt, EK
Power----> 10 exactly plus Cheetah Lex goes down and grab a Robin

What a Dramatic Win on the last turn!

Final Points
Win +5
Villains +41
Green Arrow +5
SSquad +4
Others +24
Bizarro +0

Total 79

Total extra cards drawn to start turns 17!!! Good use of Super Powers

All in all I thought Wonder Woman went real well. There are SO many Villains plus the Super Villains, that it's crazy how many extra cards you get to start turns when played well. She's always been easily a top 3 most powerful Hero pick in my mind. There is rarely a game where you don't get a pretty decent use out of her (unlike Flash where you can totally get hosed).

I thought Parallax was gonna be my downfall but once I got him down and was able to get rolling the rest was just fighting the clock. Good Game for sure.

The next one is done... a little foreshadowing... A Bat has a hard time in the night!
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Dan Patriss
United States
North Carolina
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Game 3 Batman

So in my random choice of the next Hero to use, up comes the Dark Knight himself. Now I will admit I am quite fond of Bats in the regular game so I was pretty excited to see how he will do in this solo set up. Generally there is no shortage of equipment and when people generally are not trying to block you or take them all for themselves it should be pretty easy right?

Ohhhhh soooo wrong.....

(As a refresher Bats gets +1 for EACH equipment he plays on a turn)

Turn 1 Kid Flash, Bane, ClayFace Penguin, Cape and Cowl
Power---> 5 Cape and Cowl (nice start!) Roll 3 Clayface gone

Turn 2 KF, Bane, Catwoman, Pen,Ssquad
Power---> 2 Kid Flash (at least something was there to buy right?) Roll 1 Bullet Proof gone

Turn 3 Power Ring, Bane,CW,Pen,SS
Power---> 6 (1equipment) Power Ring + Penguin Roll 3 Cat Woman Gone

Turn 4 Super Girl, B,Watch Tower, Poison Ivy ,SS
Power---> 3 Poison Ivy Roll 1 Super Girl gone (anyone surprised? 3rd straight game shes gone QUICK)

Turn 5 Fortress of Solitude, B, Watchtower,Cape + Cowl, SS
Power---> 6 (1E) Cape + Cowl --grab some def. and more equip Roll 3 Watchtower gone.

Turn 6 FoS, B, Grundy,Bat Signal, SS
Power---> 4 Bane Roll 4 Batsignal gone (grrrr)

Turn 7 FoS, Riddler, Gundy,SSpeed,SS
Power---> 7 (1E Ring for +2--->with power to a 3) SSp+ SSq Roll 1 Fortress gone

Turn 8 SSp, Rid,Grundy, Penguin, Trident
Power---> 9 (2E) R'as Al Goul Roll 4 Penguin gone

New Villain Anti Monitor---- As luck would have it no defense and after shuffling RAS goes to the line up. (um that's kinda crappy luck)

Turn 9 SSp, Riddler, Grundy, Trident, Trident, Ras
Power---> 2 NADA soblue Roll 4 Trident Gone

Turn 10 SSp, Ridd.Grundy, Trudent, Ras
Power---> 10 (2E) Grab Grundy + Trident Roll 5 RAS IS GONE ---- DOH!!!!
I know I could have gotten R'as back here, but my thinking was he would take a while to get to me, and Grundy goes straight to the top of my deck and I pick up a trident which is SUPER important in these solo games for top decking.

Turn 11 SSp, Ridd, Lasso,Lass (yeah I know who shuffled!), Ssquad
Power--->9 (1E) Sspeed, SSq, Lasso Roll 5 Zatanna gone

Turn 12 SSp, Ridd, Lasso, Swamp Thing, Riddler
Power---> 12 (3E including Trident) Anti-Monitor which goes to top (could this be the break I need?)
Roll 5 Riddler gone
New Villain Brainiac which I use Super Speed on his attack

Turn 13 SSp,Ridd, Lasso,ST, SStrength
Power---> 9 (1E) Anti Monitor destroys a couple of cards and I end up with Super Strength and Lasso
(Also a Harley Quinn came out making me put a punch on top of my deck slowing me a bit as well).
Roll 1 SSpeed gone.

Turn 14 SSquad,HQuinn, Lobo,Swamp Thing, Robin
Power---> 9(1E) Lobo + Quinn (need to thin out this deck in a HURRY) Roll 5 Robin gone

Turn 15 SSq, Man Of Steel, Cape and Cowl, SwT,Doomsday
Power--->5 SSpeed Roll 2 Man of Steel gone (apparently to hang with Super Girl)

Turn 16 Grundy,Bow, C+C,SwT, Doomsday
Power--->10 (1E) and naturally Brainiac is 11 so I am SoL, Grab Grundy and the Bow
Roll 2 XRVision gone

Turn 17 Util Belt, Doomsday, C+C, SwT,Doomsday
Power--->14 (1E) Also used Lobo to destroy some which might help but too little too late Defeat Brainiac
Roll 1 Belt gone New Villain Deathstroke--- Lasso gone

Turn 18 Trident, Doom,C+C,SwT,Doom
Power--->10 (1E) Anti Monitor destroys SwT 2Face comes up Roll 6 pick 2 Face gone
New Villain Lex SSpeed to avoid it

Turn 19 Trident, Doom, C+C, Catwoman,Dooms
Power---> 14 (3E with BOW) Lex plus a Doomsday (Also used anti monitor in turn to mess with the board a bit. Roll 3 C+C gone

New Villain Captain cold and face down goes the Batman... not what I needed right now!

Turn 20 Trident, Zatanna,Batmobile, CatW,Nth
Power---> 19 (3E) plus BOW) Get Cap Cold, Zatanna,Trident Mobile and Nth

A good turn finally at the end but it was too luttle too late as Black Manta and THE JOKER escape! (Would have been cool and fitting to have the Joker as the final villain).

Final Tally
Villains 27
SSquad 9
Others 27
Total 63

Ugh not a great play. Obviously if Ras had not been ripped from me I might have been able to pull it off but alas the Dark Knight goes down swinging.
Total extra points from Equipment 22 not quite as much as Green Lantern who was able to get 24 total points from his ability in the game (and as a reminder WWoman got 17 extra cards over the course of a game)

And I cannot wait for the next time I get to take this out and play it.
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United States
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What ever happened to the 5 other heroes in this series?
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Dan Patriss
United States
North Carolina
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Sorry I am working on it. Work recently has me in ATL three days a week so it's been tough I hope to have one or two up in a week or so
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Dan Patriss
United States
North Carolina
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So the Flash was the next hero I randomly picked to go through our little solo play fun test.

I was not sure how he would do since he's very card dependant and doesn't give any power bonuses.

NOTE: Bolded Turn #'s are ones which I got to proc/use his power

1. Util Belt, Su Speed, Heat Vision, H Vision AM Trident
Power-> 4 Super Speed Roll 4 H. Vision gone

Got my draw right off the bat could help me quite a bit

2. Ut Belt, S. Strength, H.V, Emerald Knight, AM Trident
Power 3 -- AM Trident Roll 3-- H Vision gone

3. UB, SSt, Bullet Proof, Em Kn, Bullet Proof
Power --4 Bullet Proof Roll 5 BProof gone

4. UB SSt, Mera, EKn, HQuinn
Power--5 Emerald Knight Roll 2 SSTr gone

5. UB, Kid Flash, Mera, Pricess Diana, HQ
Power--8 (emerald knight on Mera--discard pile empty +4) Defeat Ras
Roll 6 HQuin gone
next SVillain Death Stroke SSpeed in hand for defense and +3 cards

6. UB, Kid Flash, Mera, Diana, SSPeed
Power 7 Took chance and got Kid flash and Ubelt instead of Diana
Roll 2 Bane gone

7. PIvy, SSpeed,Mera,Diana, SSpeed
Power 5 -- SSpeed Roll 1 Poison Ivy Gone

8. Ark Asylum, Nth Metal,Mera, Diana, SSquad
Power--9 Death Stroke Roll 3 Mera gone
New Villain Atrocitous Kid Flash under hero card--- which sucks since all I had was 4 punches and 1 Kid Flash This could hurt later

9. AAsylum, Nth, H-T Hero, Diana, SSq
Power 4-- SSquad Roll 1 Asylum gone

10. Catwoman, Nth, HTH, Diana, Cheetah
Power 7 (with Ras) Nth + HTH Roll 6 New HTH gone

11 CW, SSt, HVision,Diana, Cheetah
Power-- 11 SSpeed + Em Knight (Super Strength) defeat Atrocitous. Kid Flash to top of Deck. Roll 6 Catwoman gone.
New Villain Joker (Destroy card if cost 2 or less put weakness on top of deck)Destroy Vuln- Weakness to top.

12. Lobo, SSt, HV, Diana, Cheetah
Power 4 But use Deathstroke to gain Lobo Buy Kick to top of deck (Trident) Roll 2 SSt gone

13. Biazarro, Supergirl, HV,Diana, Cheetah
Deathstroke + Ras Power--> 11 Joker Defeated Roll 5 Cheetah gone
NExt SV-- Brainiac (2 cards from hand +2 weaknesses randomize and take 2 destroy others). Put Punch and Vuln in get Weakness and Vuln back (ugh)

14. Bizarro,SG,HV,Diana, Power Ring
Lobo destroy weakness and Vuln Power--> 7 Power Ring and Super Girl (need equipment for U-Belt) Roll 2 2-face gone

Now starting to get late so need to start defeating more and quicker!

15. Bizarro, SG (weird one replaced the other), HV, Diana, Sol Grundy
Emerald Knight to use Diana and gain Bizarro and Grundy
Power--7 Heat Vision
Roll 3 Starro gone (DOH!)

16. XRay Vision,SG, Nth, Diana, B-Proof
Power 8--> XRay Vision (top with Trident), Nth Roll 3 Green Arrow gone (bummer)

17. Grundy,SG, Lasso, Diana,B-Proof
Power (ras) 11 --Brainiac Sinestro (no effect to me)
Roll 6 SGirl gone

18. Grundy, Bat Mobile,Lasso, Diana, BProof
Power 12+ D Stroke
Sinestro, Lasso, Diana! (Finally nice turn) Roll 3 Grodd Gone
SV-- Parralax Discard 2 useless cards

19. Grundy, BM,Bow, CWoman, BProof
Joker (+2 and 2 cards= 3 cards)
power-->13 Paralax Roll 6 Catwoman gone
SV Black Manta Defended by card

Turn 20 1 Villain left can Flash do it???

20. Grundy, BM, Bow, Scarecrow,BP
8+ Emerald Knight, Manta + Bow

Victory on last turn!!!

I think it was a bit weaker then some others with some bad luck but all in all not too bad so how did we score?

Utility Belt 5
Bizarro 1
SSquad 4
Villains 40
Bonus 5
Rest Of Deck 23

Total 78

Actually a good score for what felt like a very weak game
And his power proc'd 9 times. I got a bit lucky getting a draw card on turn 1.

Up next Martian Manhunter!!!!
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Dan Patriss
United States
North Carolina
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Ok Next up we have Martian Manhunter. He's the Promo who gives you +3 if you play 2 villains and +3 for 2 heros and if you play both you get both. So as you can see he can go nuts.

Again I will bolt the round if he proc's (I will save you the suspense it happens A LOT!)

1. Bat Signal, P.Ivy,Bizarro, H. Vision, SSpeed
power 3 Poison Ivy (In solo +1 power +1 card) Roll 1 BSignal Gone

2. Titans Tower, SSp, Bizarro,HVision,SSp
Power-4 SSpeed Roll 5 SSpeed gone (yeah another one came up it's amazing how much that happens)

3. TTower,Robin, Bizarro, HV, GArrow
Power--3 Robin Roll 4 HV gone

TT, AM Trident, Bizarro, BProof, GArrow
+3-- 10 Ras! Roll 1 TTower gone
Next SV Brainiac (2 cards from hand shuffle and get 2 back). Get both Vulns back

5. JJ'onzz, Trident, Bizarro, BProof,GArrow
3-- Trident Roll 6 GArrow gone (DOH!)

6. J'onzz, Watchtower, Bizarro, Bane, SSt
+3-- 11= Brainiac (w/Ras) Roll 4 BProof gone
SV-- Parallax discard 3 cards

7. J'onzz, WTower,Bizarro,Bane, SSt
Power-4 Bane (Ras again) Roll 2 WT gone

8. J'onzz,Penguin,Bizarro, PRing,SSt.
+3-- 10 J'onzz (top from Trident!) + Penguin
Roll 6 Nth gone

9. Riddler, UBelt, Bizarro, Ring, SSt.
+3-- Brainiac to get Punch and Blue Beetle (Top of both decks mine and middle) Proc's on Heros, Jonn Jonnz with Parallax double Power--> 18 (BAM!) PArallax and Ut Belt
Roll 3 Bizarro gone
New S.Villain Black Manta have to destroy Bane

10. Riddler, Beetle, Kid Flash, Ring, SSt
+3-- (ras and 2 heroes) Power--14, Beetle + Manta Beetle to top w/trident making me immune to next attack
roll 2 Sccarecrow gone
Anti-monitor now in play

11 Riddler, Mera, Kid Flash, Ring, SSt
+3,+3 -- Brainiac (top both decks) Penguin and HTH giving me 2 of both with hand for the total +6
Power-- 12 Anti Monitor
Roll 3 Kid Flash gone
Next Villain Atrocitous --Vulnerability under hero card

12. Riddler, Mera, HTH,Ring, SSt
+3-- + Paralax = 14 Atrocitous + power ring
Roll 3 HTH gone
Next SV Joker Destroy punch so have to gain Weakness to top

13. Riddler, Mera, Ring, Bow, SSt.
+3-- J'onzz, Joker +2 and Draw 2 Paralax== 24 power!
Joker, Ring, BOw, SStr.
Roll 5 Nth Gone
SV Sinestro no effect

14. Riddler, Mera, 2-Face, SSp,SSp
+3 -- 13, GArrow, Mera, Cheetah, Riddler
Decided to go one more round instead of killing Sinestro so we coul dget the +5 with Arrow
Roll 5 Nth gone

15. Fortress of Solitude,Doomsday, 2-Face, SSp, SSp
+3-- Brainiac+ bow == 12 power Sinestro + 2 Face

And so it ends on Round 15 and could have on 14. This was truly an epic ass kicking to the Nth degree. Manhunter was enfuego and proc'd a crazy 10 times in 15 rounds for a total of +33 power!
So how did he do with points???

Bonus (defeat all) 5
Early bonus 5
Green Arrow 5
Utility Belt 5
SSquad 1
Villains 41
Rest of Deck 17

Total 79

Whaaaaattttt?????? Only 1 more then Flash and less then Green Lantern? The MMH totally dominated more then anyone else in this test and only scored tied for 2nd?

Ok so the end early bonus might need to be pumped up to like +3 per round to make it more important. BUT, the whole thing has been fun as all hell so far.

3 more left!!!
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United States
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hey dan,
didn't you do a blog post on the solo variant? did you possibly go into the rules in the blog post?
Hann Boe
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Dan Patriss
United States
North Carolina
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I think I did a post on my regular blog on the rules a while ago but I will try and mail ya the rules I used for these.
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