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Subject: Story Challenges list? rss

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The all-seeing, all-knowing, all-trollin' Mike Hutton
United States
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I cant get this file to download to my CPU...anyone want to share the list.
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Michael Porter
United States
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Here you go ^_^

Story ChalLENGES
So you think you’re tough? You’re taking down the villains with
minimal effort and you want even more of a challenge? Try
these Story challenges, based on iconic story-arcs from your
favorite issues of Sentinel Comics! Award yourself Sentinel
points (SP) if you manage to complete them. Post your points
and your stories on the official SotM forum at to compare
with your friends . . . and nemeses!
Sentinel of the Multiverse – 150 SP
{Complete each of the challenges listed below}
□ Heroic dedication
□ Stop, Evildoer!
□ World traveler
Heroic dedication – 25 SP
{Win a game while playing as each Hero}
□ Absolute Zero
□ Bunker
□ Fanatic
□ Haka
□ Legacy
□ Ra
□ Tachyon
□ Tempest
□ The Visionary
□ The Wraith
In the name of freedom! – 15 SP
{Win a 5-player game playing as The Freedom Five}
□ Absolute Zero
□ Bunker
□ Legacy
□ Tachyon
□ The Wraith
Catfight – 15 SP
{Win a 4-player game against Citizen Dawn using only
female Heroes}
Two-Man Army – 75 SP
{Win a game using only two Heroes}
Stop, evildoer! – 15 SP
{Win a game against each Villain}
□ Baron Blade
□ Citizen Dawn
□ Grand Warlord Voss
□ Omnitron
Universal guardian – 30 SP
{Win a game against each Villain on their Advanced Modes}
□ Baron Blade
□ Citizen Dawn
□ Grand Warlord Voss
□ Omnitron
A father’s legacy – 10 SP
{Defeat Baron Blade while playing as Legacy}
Champion of the people – 10 SP
{Defeat Grand Warlord Voss while playing as Tempest}
Lunar lunatic – 15 SP
{Allow Baron Blade to accumulate 14 or more cards in his
trash before he flips}
Fight the break of dawn – 50 SP
{Defeat Citizen Dawn without allowing her to flip}
Welcome to earth – 30 SP
{Allow Grand Warlord Voss to have 10 or more minions in
play at one time, then win the game}
My toaster just tried to kill me – 25 SP
{“Defeat” Omnitron with 5 or more Devices in play, then win
the game}
Finish him! – 20 SP
{Defeat a villain on your turn}
You’re all clear, kid! – 40 SP
{Defeat a villain on your turn while incapacitated}
World traveler – 15 SP
{Win a game in every environment}
Down to the wire – 30 SP
{Win the game with 1 card in Self-Destruct Sequence's
Countdown Pile}
Don’t you want to know how we keep starting fires? – 20 SP
{Defeat the Villain with Fire in the Biosphere in play}
Just breathe – 35 SP
{Allow Oxygen Leak to destroy the Villain with at least one
surviving Hero}
Deus Ex Machinasaurus – 75 SP
{Allow the Enraged T-Rex to destroy the Villain}
lethal at eight months, and I do mean lethal – 25 SP
{Allow Velociraptor Attack to destroy the Villain}
The fires of mt. doom – 25 SP
{Allow Volcanic Eruption to destroy the Villain with at least
one surviving Hero}
Secrets from the Past – 35 SP
{Defeat the Villain with Atlantean Font of Power in play}
Release the Kraken! – 20 SP
{Allow The Kraken to destroy the Villain}
Two for flinching – 40 SP
{Defeat the Villain with the Pillars of Hercules in play}
Up close and personal – 25 SP
{Defeat the Villain with Cramped Quarters Combat in play}
The real heroes – 50 SP
{Allow Police Backup to destroy the Villain}
Take the shot – 25 SP
{Defeat the Villain with Hostage Situation in play}
Heavy-hitter – 15 SP
{Deal 10 damage or more in a single attack}
Powerhouse – 25 SP
{Deal 20 damage or more in a single attack}
Although prepared for martyrdom… – 25 SP
{Do more damage than your Hero has remaining HP}
pugilist – 50 SP
{Personally Deal a cumulative 500 damage over all games}
Field Medic – 40 SP
{Restore 5 or more HP to a teammate in a single turn}
first aid expert – 50 SP
{Restore a cumulative 30 HP to teammates in a single game}
triage specialist – 60 SP
{Restore a cumulative 100 HP to teammates over all games}
Last man standing – 20 SP
{win the game after all but one hero has been incapacitated}
Down but not out – 50 SP
{Win the game with all heroes at 5 or fewer HP and no
heroes incapacitated}
Invincible – 50 SP
{Win the game with your hero at full health}
Flawless victory – 100 SP
{Win the game with all heroes at full health}
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Mike Booth
United States
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I've got an app on my website that allows you to track your progress with these and save it by bookmarking the page.
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