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Subject: 1/13 Ground Zero Games Session rss

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Scott Mellon
United States
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After a game of Dungeon Twister, we had a little time before everyone else was showing up. I didn’t want to play either Torres or Goldbrau as 2 players, and we didn’t have enough time to get a game of Axis and Allies minis in, so we decided to make a trial run of RRT before the real game.

I had, as usual, played against myself to learn the game. I ran through the rules and we got a pretty good start on the game when other players started showing up. I felt pretty comfortable teaching it to the group.

I had tried bending the board back to correct the warp, but that was just peeling the boards more, so I had then opted for the pressing, which did little to help either. Luckily, I have a large piece of Plexiglas for board games, so we pulled that out, and it worked well to hold the board together and flatten it.

Once everyone we knew was coming showed up, we started the game. It was me, Eric, Crystal, Beckwith, and Pez. Steven showed up right after we started the first turn, so we threw him into the game and taught him on the fly.

Pez had been reading the rules as Beckwith and I were playing, so he knew to jump into the North East right off the bat. I told everyone else that too, so everyone knew that could be very important.

Crystal won the auction to go first, and chose to build a line south from New York. Beckwith took the land grant card, much to everyone’s chuckling (He’d once tried to take a Prospector in Puerto Rico that had fewer coins on it than the other prospector, which we still won’t let him live down). Pez took the ‘take 2 actions’ card, built a link from New York, to the next Northern town, and took the New York Hotel. I built a link just to the south of crystal, hoping her and Pez would then battle the Northern routes out. Crystal didn’t end up fighting Pez very well, which ended up giving Pez the win over me. L

Eric built a route just on the other side of the Appalachians, between the blue and purple cities, both of which had one cube for each other.

Steven built a link in the south. I was now sandwiched between Crystal, Pez, and steven. Crystal took the Philly hotel, Beckwith the boston. Pez made his first delivery to NYC for 3 points (1 link, 1st delivery, NYC hotel). This didn’t look like it was going to go well, as there were about 4 red cubes in the NE for Pez to deliver cheaply.

As the game progress, I filled out the center of the East, making longer deliveries than the others, earning me a fairly early lead over Pez, but my prospects weren’t looking good soon. Pez meanwhile started working towards a Western link, as did Eric and beckwith. Crystal built some in the NE, then moved to the central south uncontested. Steven was mostly in the SE, and beckwith was building a large network centering on Chicago. Eric went from Chicago to Duluth, scoring the bonus for the first Duluth delivery. Meanwhile, I had scored the first three link bonus, and the first level four engine delivery.

Cities were starting to empty, and I could see Chicago was going to be huge, so I started trying to empty every city I could to end the game before everyone in the Midwest had passed me by, as I had nothing out there. I had realized around the 3rd turn that I hadn’t picked a personality, and drew the Chicago to NY one, no where near where I had built myself up, and NY was now blocked to Chicago by Crystal and Pez. This turned out to be decisive, as I lost by about 6 or 7 points. Drat. I won’t make that mistake again.

Eric and Pez both opened up western links, and the cubes just started piling up on Chicago, which beckwith was gleefully delivering everywhere, shooting up the point track back into contention.

Steven and crystal continued to not form a solid plan, but they were emptying cities nicely.

Sadly, I could see that if Pez met his objective, he’d win.

As it turns out, his was most cash, which he beat my by about $10k, and scored.

Final results Pez, Me, everyone else was in a group very close to catching me.

Everyone agreed this was a really good game, and I expect it will be headed to the shop quite a bit.

I also hope to play it with my home group again Saturday.

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