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Subject: Small package but big fun for a video/dvd game rss

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Ian Connolly
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Honestly you and I know that must games that involve any type of video have the play quality of incomplete jigsaw puzzles. You finish the puzzle and you feel that it wasn’t worthwhile as there is a gapping hole in the main character face, right where their eye is supposed to be.

I have played several video/DVD games including
Star Trek: The Next Generation, A Klingon Challenge, (wasn’t bad)
Several Scene it editions
Gateways to Adventure

So the only reason I bought this game was because of the 3 dollar price tag on it from a store that was closing up (No wonder since they had outrageous prices on their comics and games normally anyway). However this game shattered my first impression.

The Components

The game comes in a box that is equal to VHS movie box (although that is pretty useless for those of you with solely DVD’s). Inside it holds 120 cards, of the standard playing card thickness, and an instruction sheet.

There are a couple types of cards
Pause Cards-----pauses the movie and allows you and the other players to discard and replace any of the cards you want to
Rewind Cards------ play a card for an even that happened earlier in the movie.
Action Cards-----are common action genre elements such as explosions or doomsday weapons. The less common the element the more points it is worth (i.e. doomsday devices are less common then explosions, after all they tend to create lots of explosions)
Action Cards (bonus)------- Some action card have a +1 bonus on them. For example seeing a gun in a movie will get you 3 points but if it has a silencer you get +1 for a total of 4 points.
Action Cards (red)------some action cards give you the choice of canceling another players specific card or you can play them for points. For example the man with long hair card can either be played for points or used to cancel the “bald card”.

Overall I would not suggest using this game without card protectors as we all love our greasy movie snacks. This way you quickly wipe them down at the end instead of either starving or ruining the cards in two games. The Art on each one is fabulous and is done in a comic book style.

The Game
So the game can be played with any action movie or can also be adapted on the fly to sci-fi action. Each player gets their starting cards which includes 1 rewind and 1 pause card. The movie is then turned on and play begins with players using the cards they have whenever the element appears in the movie. Each time they use a card they draw another.

So this continues on until the draw pile is exhausted and the movie is then paused, scores are tabulated and recorded. A new round begins and this continues for the rest of the movie where at the end the scores are tallied and the grand pubah of film frenzy is declared.


While I admit this game is mostly luck and really has no strategy to it at all, it was fun. Everyone I played with enjoyed it immensely, not because it was deep and full of conflict but because you got to “interact” with the movie. Even if the movie is the most boring and predictable film, you are intently searching the background for a monitoring video camera or broken glass. PLus your focusing on the movie not your next grounbreaking move, so the very light play is very compatable.

I found that this game is really good with movies that some people have seen but other players have not. The movie is refreshed allowing all to watch and you now notice details that you never saw before.

I find this is also a great gateway game to show others that there is more to gaming than monopoly. Great for the movie addicted crowd. The movie addicted friends of mine played it 6 times in a week! And now their open to alot more game suggestions. It was a great ice breaker into gaming

Overall I was very impressed with big fun in this small package.
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