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Subject: Evar bean to sea Billy? rss

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Daniel Szukalow
British Columbia
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Three desperate pirates starving and all suffering from a touch of scurvy decided it was time they got off their lazy duffs..commandeer a ship and sail off to raid, plunder and otherwise pillage their measely guts out (something like that anyway). The dread pirate Max decided he would rig his ship to be ready to fight the Legendary Pirate Cook. He felt he could win the battle against this somewhat goofy, albeit legendary pirate, but wasn't entirely confident in the ship he commandeered so he spent a few months working his crew and tuning up his firepower. He was certain he could not take on the Legendary Blackbeard and since he heard Blackbeard was heading to treasure island he made sure to set sail in the opposite direction. There were rumors of other wannabe pirates .. a wench - no less - by the name of Yomomma and Mitchell a young up-and-coming pirate which no one knew too much about .. sailing the islands. Max couldn't be bothered with the rumors and was sure he could easily handle those scurvy dogs should he meet up with them, no..his mind and attentions were set on Cook because he knew if he could defeat Cook fame and fortune would be his. Max also knew though, that if he went into battle with all the booty he had acquired after the few raids he and his crew were invloved in, should he lose the battle against Cook, all that plunder would be lost. So he decided to bury the loot on an island and then seek out Cook who, as fate would have it, was heading in his direction. And so they finally met - Cook and Max - the battle was fierce...Cook although somewhat haphazard in battle was just about to cripple Max's ship (Max didn't expect to receive so much damage to his hull since Cook's cannons were directed at his masts) but a final volley blew Cook's ship out of the water and sent he and his dogs to the depths of Davey Jones locker. Yes, Max was now the most feared and dreaded pirate sailing the waters but the rumors persisted and talk was beginning to grow at the tavern on Tortuga about the escapades of Yomomma - who frequented the tavern. Max knew she was just blowin' smoke and that if he ever met up with her and her ilk there would be booty to pay. Suffering from the battle with Cook and since his crew were looking tired and worse for wear he decided to set sail for Tortuga and enjoy a month of rest before setting about the task of fixing the damage done by Cook to his ship. As fate would have it ... there would be no rest for Max and his crew as they met up Mitchell the young whelp who easily crippled Max's ship and left him for dead on Pirate's Cove. Max wouldn't let this small setback hinder his plan to become the most dreaded and feared pirate and thereby achieving Legendary status and so months were spent on recovering and rebuilding his ship. All this time, the rumors persisted about Yomomma and although Max would not admit it he knew he must search out Yomomma to show her who rules the sea. Max had heard that she frequently visited the tavern and that she had become more feared than he and so he decided to put out a little ways off Tortuga and wait for Yomomma to return to brag about her exploits...he was right...back she came and Max was ready. He steadied his crew and was about to fire all his cannons to blow her and her ship to smithereens but she saw him, turned her ship and high tailed it outta there...Max knew at that moment in his heart...but by then the damage had been done, her gossip and tales had become legendary and he could not stem the tide of the rumors which she had spread.

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