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Subject: The Adventures of Nick and John: Part II rss

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Nick Roser
United States
Fort Wayne
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Nearly fifty years had passed since the brave warriors Nurmak, Gilgek, Feirquath, and Torin went into the Worlds Edge Mountains, never to be seen again. Since that time, the armies of evil have been growing. Orcs had overrun the border states of the Elves and entered farther into the Dwarf underground lairs. Then, relationships between the different allied factions became tense:
Between the Dwarf hold of Karak Izor and the Dwarf Sea Fortress
of Barak Varr lies a small realm, a border principality known as Heldegrad. Normally allied to the cause of the Dwarfs, the rulers of this small state have been thrown into turmoil by the discovery of the ancient and long-lost tomb of their ancestor-Kings, renowned to contain the true crown of the realm. This labyrinthine burial ground
lies near Karak Izor, and the king demands that the crown of his forefathers is returned to him by the Dwarfs or he will shut down all the trade routes from Barak Varr to Karak Izor. Not wishing to plunge the longstanding allies into bloodshed, and acknowledging
the king’s right to the ancient crown, the Dwarf Lord of Karak Izor has made it open that he seeks four battle-hardened warriors to retrieve the crown. The four warriors would be out to avenge the deaths of their fathers on a similar adventure………

Torin II, Fierquath II, Nurmak II, and Gilgek II had known each other ever since they attended the memorial service of their fathers. After learning about their deaths, they vowed to gain revenge. Up until this time, they thought that they had done just that. They had fought alongside the elves as orcs overran the area around Halgrath. Each possessed their own unique qualities and strengths. The Dwarf Lord of Karak Izor came to them first, giving them the opportunity to do what their fathers had failed. They graciously accepted the challenge.

The four warriors pushed open the iron door and stared into a dark abyss. They walked in slowly, Torin II leading the way. They entered into a large square room with a pool of faint, blue light. The souls of dead creatures lurked in the shadows around them, and the light from Torin II’s lantern was the only path they had to go by. At the far end was a large wooden door. They made their across the room, when Torin II discovered a chest. He motioned for the others to come over and they pondered what to do next. They decided that it was most likely the chest with the crown, so they needed to find the key to it. They opened the wood door slowly and Torin II peered inside……
A few doors later and a couple rooms further, they ran into trouble. A group of orc archers and spearman attacked the group from behind a hidden wall. Torin II and Gilgek II were swarmed with spearman and Nurmak II was in a corner fending off two. Fierwquath II fell back behind the warriors and began unleashing arrows at the opposing archers. Torin II went into a rage and hacked down the opposing spearman with relative ease. Nurmak II added one and Gilgek was able to cast a healing spell. Fierquath II finished them off and they proceeded down a long corridor. Suddenly, a portcullis slammed down behind them. They had no avenue of retreat. The only way out was to go forward. At about the same moment, Fierquath II stepped on a trap and fell 30 feet into a deep pit. The walls started to shake from the shock of the trap. Nurmak II quickly lowered his rope to Fierquath II and he struggled to the surface. “ Get out! It’s going to collapse!” he yelled. Sure enough, just as the warriors exited the room, it collapsed. A cloud of dust and debris flew into them, blinding them.

The warriors battled through more rooms and passages, defeating many monsters along the way. Then, they came to the final T junction. “I think we should go right,” Gilgek II said. “No, I have a feeling we should go left,” Fierquath II responded. So they went left and it was a dead end. Just as they were about to enter through the door leading the other way, a pack of giant rats lunged at them, grabbing Torin II by the throat. Torin II fell to the ground, blood splattering the walls. Nurmak II swung his giant axe with little effect. The rats were agile and able to elude most attacks made at them. Fierquath II pulled out his sword and entered the fray. It seemed as thought they might make it when a group of three minatours appeared. Fierquath II’s arrows might as well have been flowers, for they were nothing more than an annoyance to the minatours. Nurmak II was next to fall. A minatour kicked him into a wall and hacked him in the head with his axe. Gilgek II cast a spell, temporary confusing them. Fierquath II tried his best to fend them off, but he and Gilgek II could not fight them alone. They eventually ended up receiving the same fate as their fathers. The crown would never be returned……………..

I thought for sure that we were going to finish this scenario! We had to go either left or right at the end. If we would have gone right, we could have avoided all of those random events and those horrible minatours. It was kind of disappointing losing again, but I think the game is still pretty fun. Hopefully next time we can make it into town so we can see what that is like.

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