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Subject: A spectacular finish for us all rss

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This won't be much of an overall session report, as we were introducing several new players to the game in a rather chaotic environment with games of Carcassonne and We Love Katamari going nearby, so I have nothing in the way of notes or very structured memories. But it will have a good ending...

We played with six players with randomly selected characters. For the big bad, we pulled Ithaqua -- it would be cold, windy streets for this game.

Things began well enough, with a single gate opening on Independence Square, then the next two gates trying to land there as well. We had good initial success, closing and sealing three gates, though one investigator ended up in the hospital and another was Lost in Time and Space after an unpleasant encounter with a Dimensional Shambler.

But then the good times stopped rolling. Gates opened, the Stars Were Right, our supply of Clues was depleted -- and we couldn't find another Elder Sign to save our lives. We knew we were in trouble when it devolved into a race to keep a sixth gate from opening, and hoping against hope that the twelfth spot on Ithaqua's activation track wouldn't be activated. We had three turns of good luck, then the last gate came, and Ithaqua arrived.

Our magician, Drake, was the first to fall. Stripped of all ten (!) of his items by a terrible run of luck, he then failed to survive Ithaqua's assault for even the first round of attacks. My poor student, Amanda, fell next. After that, three of the other four investigators attacked as best they could with guns and knives. Mandy Thompson and another fell, followed by the writer, Gloria, who stood by sadly ineffective to the end.

With her comrades devoured by the ancient horror, Kate Winthrop stood alone, fire spitting from the barrel of her trusty Thompson SMG.

(At this point, we'd managed to knock Ithaqua down to his last two markers, needing only eight successful hits to kill him. Unfortunately, Kate had no way to avoid being devoured the next turn, and had eight dice to attack after accounting for the -3 negative modifier -- so she needed all her dice to come up 5s or 6s).

As the creature eclipsed the sky, Kate lined up her last, fateful shot, lacing fire across the creature's vague form, staggering it, and for a moment she felt hope...

...then it righted itself and reached a great hand out in her direction.

(Six of eight dice scored successes. So very, very close.)

This is how games of Arkham Horror /should/ be lost.
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