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Captain Cutlass
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In The Pyramid of Krimsutep every player plays the role of an 1930's style excavator.
The goal of the game is to find and remove treasure.

The game can be played with two to five players, each player takes it's pawn and then the pyramid is built. The playing field is a six by six grid of dark and light colored square cards. The starting position is a card named basecamp an in the far corner is a card where the tomb of the Pharao lies.
To get the treasure, players first need to find a 'Canopic Jar', these will lie in one of the dark colored tiles closest to the Pharao's tomb (where the mummy resides).
Once a 'Canopic Jar' is discovered the mummy begins wandering about. The player who found the jar must leave the pyramis as fast as possible. Once the jar is on the outside, that player can look for a treasure card with the same god symbol as the jar. Other players will have to find their own jar and treasure. The first one to escape with a treasure wins the game.

To circumnavigate the Pyramid each player can hold a maximum of 5 excavation cards, each card has three symbols on it. Some of these symbols correspond with the (face down) tiles of the pyramid. When you play a card you state wich symbol you use and that's the way you'll move.
It's also possible to use another symbol on the excavation card, a gun for instance lets you steal a jar from another player. Sunglasses let you look at one face down tile, etc...
Furthermore you can use them to collect Ankhs, some rooms will also give you Ankhs and they can be used to influence the Pyramid. You can move the mummy, move yourself, turn cards and lots more.

If the Mummy's loose and you are standing diagonally from him you can choose to move him 1 or 2 spaces. If you are hit by the mummy you lose all Ankhs, treasures or jars and you get slammed 3 spaces in the direction the player who moved the mummy chooses.

Forthermore the Pyramid is filled with traps, dead ends, teleport rooms and so forth.

The rules may look complicated at first but can easily be learned.
If you firs play this game you may want to play with 2 or 3 player because the more players, the more the mummy will move.
the game has some similliarity with Memory because the pyramid changes a lot. Tiles get turned and replaced so often it might become difficult to remember what was beneath them.

The game is cheap and english rules can be downloaded here or on the website, unfortunately even cheapness has its price. The cardboard of the box is too thin and badly folded so it won't last very long. The artwork isn't very good and the pawns are just folded cards you must tape together with adhesive tape, this leaves a ripped side where you folded them.

All considered The Pyramid of Krimsutep is a nice family game but the real hardcore gamer will probably tire of it after a few plays.

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