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Subject: what a game rss

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Stephanie Michelle
United States
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me- axis

played with fortune cards

first turn:
rawdawg did not hit with the airborn but he did wipe out blockhouses on omaha and juno. He placed his fighters 2 on briquebec, 2 on montebourg, 2 on Valognes, blocking me from moving my whole northwestern force from moving in on utah beach. then he placed the 2 remaining fighters, 1 on jort and 1 on ST Pierre-sur Dives(both rouen zones) To try and block reinforcements. my aa missed in st pierre. next he bombed my tanks 1 from troarn(to the east of caen) and 1 in st jores(sw of utah beach). But as luck had it he rolled a six on the bombers return fortune card and lost his uk bomber. He moved his airborne, the 3 from the utah area to carentan, the 3 from st sauveur to utah and the brittish airborne all moved to the juno beach area. I shot from my blockhouses and got a tank and artillery from sword and that was all. After he landed and conducted combat, the only beach i still had resistance on was omaha. Scince he blocked me with his jets and it was too risky for me to lose any units in the northwest sector, i disided to sit back and hold on for a funnel of reinforcements from the south. i moved all my units toward cherbourg and pulled out of omaha. Rawdawg then scored an 11 for reinforcements for the usa and an 8 for uk. Then I got 7 for rouen/chartes and 8 for rennes/chartes. scince he had fighters on both rouen areas, i placed my 5 tank 2 artillery force on the closest chartes area. my other reins went to the westernmost rennes area.
The next few turns rawdawg was pushing my forces back and back and with the help of fortune cards i was not able to reinforce cherbourg and had to let it sit with what it had. I ended up losing caen and gaining it back twice until we had a stalemate there. My only strong point was at st lo I had 8 units north, west, south and on st lo itself so i had plenty of reinforcements to last me until the end of the game.

Turning point:
rawdawg placed his fighters in a manner that blocked me out of reinforcing north of stlo, this enabled him to get the extra push to get on st lo's doorstep. Then he got the fortune coordinated attack and was able to wipe out caen with plenty of reinfocements to the north. so now he had cherbourg and caen was looking dim for the axis because i had run short of reinforcements on the turn before due to the fortune "Sabotaged bridges and train tracks" and only got 2 for the east and 3 for the west.

turn 8:
with good dice I could have enough reinforcements for 2 turns at st lo. My last stand. AS luck would have it, when we were both out of reins on turn 10, rawdawg got lucky with coordinated attack and wiped out all of my units on st lo. All I had left was 1 infantry, 1 artillery and 2 tanks. on St Lo rawdawg had 1 fighter, 2 infantry, 1 artillery, and 3 tanks. All i had to do was get in and take 1 round of fire and come out with at least 1 unit left. That way he would not have control of the city due to presence of enemy unit(s) in the same zone. So i go in, one last move before the end of the game to try and pull one out to the win column. His fighter strafes every one of my units as they enter the city. my infantry gets in unharmed, my artillery is hit, then my tanks get in fine. Now to the battle. I only hit 1 unit, but that doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is his retaliation on me. He rolls his 6 dice and gets 3 hits exactly. Damn it, if it wasn't for that fighter strafing and hitting my artillery, I would have won the game with a single unit left.
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