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Subject: Find The Icon of Ravenloft - It Burns! rss

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Brian Johnson
United States
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The quest to find the Icon of Ravenloft began with Thorgrim (dwarf cleric), Immeril (eladrin widard) and Allisa (human ranger) entering Castle Ravenlot in search of the chapel. All characters were using the recommended actions and we started with two healing surges. In addition, Allisa had the Holy Avenger item, Immeril was wearing an Amulet of Protection, and Thorgrim took a Potion of Healing in with him.

The first few rooms went surprisingly well with the heroes easily defeating a Kobold skirmisher, a wolf and a zombie. The events encountered also did not slow the heroes down much in their search. The only damage had come from Strahd's whispers causing Immeril to attack Thorgrim.

Then the trouble started. The heroes were attacked by a blazing skeleton and a wraith back-to-back. The wraith was defeated but not before doing 3 damage to Immeril as soon as it appeared. The wraith continued to cause trouble with it's death shriek causing 1 damage to Thorgrim as it died.

With the toughest monsters encountered so far dealt with the heroes continued on their way, hoping for a short reprieve. However, as soon as Thorgrim dropped his guard a gray ooze sprung out of the ground and knocked him out.

After Thorgrim recovered with a healing surge the heroes were able to explore a few more rooms with relative ease. Continuing on their way to the chapel the heroes only had to overcome a rat swarm and a spider. A few traps were also avoided along the way until a sliding wall sprung up. The trap proved ineffective though, and did not damage or even separate the heroes.

Before locating the chapel the heroes were assaulted by another wraith and blazing skeleton. The skeleton was defeated but the wraith threatened too much damage if destroyed as everyone was now gathered in one room. Luckily Immeril picked up a Wand of Teleportation along the way and was able to banish the wraith to another room to buy some time.
With the threat of the wraith temporarily avoided Thorgrim took the opportunity to heal one of his friends and explore the next room.

When Thorgrim discovered the chapel with the Icon of Ravenloft a skeleton, a ghoul and the third blazing skeleton attacked. To make matters worse the chapel also contained a fire trap and the heroes did not have enough experience to avoid it. Thorgrim was knocked out again and had to use the team's last healing surge. Allisa made the last valiant effort of the quest, leaping over the blazing skeleton with a bounding attack, striking the skeleton down and retrieving the Icon to heal the adventurers.

Allisa's heroics were not enough in the end though as the remaining monsters killed Immeril.
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