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Subject: day1 confederate rss

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we decided to break this game out again and give the three day campaign a go
martin took the union and i took the confederate side.
on the inital turn i pushed up my division to start the process of driving the cavalry off of seminary ridge and to my horror and martins glee he decided to take the offensive and fired at me advancing units 5 shots later i was down 5 steps!! leaving the division gutted wtih most blocks on one step . this forced me to pull out of the line to rebuild using up vital leader steps and was to cost me dearly later on in the game.
by the 11am turn i had built up enough strength in that division and with the reinforcements i had recieved commenced operations again. this time however i was up against the iron brigade and additional units.
after multiple attacks it was only after my reinforcements appeared at 1pm that i managed to get some movement in his line.
at seminery ridge i pushed the initial division towards the round further south to outflank his line and on the other side of the village i pushed the red 3rd division towards culp hill in the same manner, after a couple of double turns each in which we both had wet powder and few casualties occured i struck with my divisions and managed through luck to hit areas defended only by leader blocks and managed to penetrate a small way into his flanks.
at the edge of gettysburg martin had placed three blocks in woods and for the whold day i found myself bleeding blocks dry trying to shift them.
over the next few turns i attempted to capitalise on my position but by this time more and more union reinforcements were appearing and i was unable to make significant headway and by the time night fell my position was having third corps running just off the emmitsburg road and looping round gettysburg and second corps completing the loop finishing just short of culps hill.
i have a few union blocks trapped in my positions and i hope to be able to shift these in the next few offensives.
my night time supply went towards rebuilding my leaders and i know the first few turns will require careful rebuilding of weakened units so that i can go on the offensive again. the union forces are camped in gettys burg but i believe then to be weakened a little the remaing units and night reinforcements have taken up position along the emmitsburg road
DAY 2 plan of action for the confederates will be to allow longstreet on early at the cost of a leader point this will allow his deployment at 8 am rather than 11 am and i believe this is vital in allowing me the initial strength to grab the peach orchard and round tops before the union reinforcements get to strong. round gettysburg i will be rebuilding for a couple of hours before resuming the pressure on his forces .VP's at the end of the day were 8 pts . i rue the 5 step loss that occured at the start as this cost me 4 turns of inaction and my have tipped the balance in my favor.
this report is written from my point of veiw as the confederate commander and i have no real idea of where the union forces were weak and how close i came to breaking their lock on the town. day two dawns tonight and i fear the balance of power is shifting towards the union player. i need to secure an extra two VP's today without the loss of major casualties .
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