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Gunther Schmidl
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After receiving the envelope, followed almost two weeks later by the actual game, and then a long string of vacations and/or illnesses by various people, I've finally managed to get in the first game of Gunship last week.

Reading up on the rules, we decided to only use the base game and use the recommended setup in order to learn the mechanics. It seems like that setup is pretty solid for a versatile gunship that can do a bit of everything, but I can also already see several strategies for different builds, especially in conjunction with the massive amounts of bonus stuff that came in the box.

After a quick review of the rules, which are clearly written, usefully organized and barely leave any open questions the answers to which can't be intuited, play proceeded with the first round and the first carrier-on-carrier hits ensued. Since it's impossible to leave the center zone on the first turn, we both exhausted our attack options on our respective second actions and passed for the third.

Then, combat really began, with my opponent taking his gunship to my carrier and launching an assault that saw him lightly damaged and my shields reduced some. However, he had foolishly left himself unprotected, so my fighters swooped in for a quick strafe, then moved back to the center to (successfully) decimate his fighters. An attack on his carrier quickly followed, but was about as effective as his. We were both almost equal in carrier and gunship health at this point.

Play continued for a while with our gunships trading blows and losing shields and armor, at which point I unwisely decided to fire off my remaining stuff at his carrier before returning home to repair the two light damage and re-stock my weapons.

Whereupon his carrier landed 6 hits, two of which were augmented by bullseyes or additional damage, and basically wrecked everything on my gunship, including the weapons I had planned to attack the carrier with. Fortunately, ionization took him out while I returned to my carrier with my tail between my legs and repaired up while watching him assault my carrier further. At least my fighters were wrecking his.

Due to his attacks and the carrier combat, I was at 2 remaining hull points while he was at 7. Another fortunate ionization hit from my newly-repaired gunship allowed me to sail through to his carrier and take it down to 3...

...but, sadly, he drew all the right cards and blew my carrier into oblivion the next turn. It would have taken me one additional turn to destroy his despite my unwise actions, so I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Lessons learned: don't attack a carrier without sufficient protection, because that's when your opponent will make his one incredible, amazing roll AND has the cards to make it even worse.

And that's it! Gunship is great fun, and I'm amazed at the amount of stuff that's in the box for what little I pledged. I'm looking forward to playing again with all the whistles and bells, and, later, the Mk2 gunships!
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Steve Mehr
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Thank you for writing this! I'm glad you enjoy the game. laugh
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