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I really enjoyed having my first playthrough just now. I was clearly doing something wrong because I didn't start with any spells and even then the baddie only advanced 2 spaces the whole game (and I moved him back one). Can't work out what the problem was though. I had a few questions which I don't think have been answered here before, and I hope aren't covered in the rulebook:

1) The shield spell allows you to reroll one die. Is that die one of your combat dice, one of the opponent's combat dice, or either (I assumed it meant either but that must have been why I found the base game minus expansion so easy, right?)

2) If I'm doing an extended battle and have 0 mana, and the only opponent left is a ymp, is there any reason to keep the battle going or can I just finish it since I will win eventually and nothing further bad can happen to me? Or what am I missing?actually this one has been answered before.

3) What is the function, if any, of the numbers for each counter on the Greyking's counter spell cards? I interpreted the rules to effectively be that whenever I cast the equivalent spell on my card he automatically got the counter effect. (He killed me pretty easily so I didn't win this game.)

I think that's it. Thanks in advance!
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todd sanders
United States
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hi thanks for playing


when you begin the game you do get to choose 2 spells so you do start with some spell

the Shield spell works only on your own dice.

yes you are right about the counterspell. he automatically gets the counter effect. the numbers on his counterspells refer to his Ice/Forget spell where 2D6 are rolled and if the number that is rolled is between 4 and 11 you forget the matching spell referenced on your own spell tables. so roll a 4 and you'd forget your Flint/Shield spell
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