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Subject: Assault on Arnhem Bridge (solo play) rss

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Allied Plans
The plan for the Allies was simple. Seize Arnhem Bridge and hold it. Deny the Germans this vital crossing point and stop their Recon forces from reaching Nijmegen.

German Plans
Likewise the German plan is to control the bridge so they can allow free access for their Recon force to head for Nijmegen. If any enemy forces get in their way eliminate them!

The Battle
The Germans rush some of their forces to gain control of Arnhem Bridge. An early activation allows the Recon Div. to head towards Arnhem unopposed.

The first wave of the Allied forces arrive battered and bruised from Oosterbeek. They take up positions within the city of Arnhem and set an ambush.

The German Recon Div. arrives in Arnhem and is instantly attacked by the Allies. The Germans barely survive.

The German Recon is attacked

German reinforcements rush to Arnhem as rumours of an Allied ambush spread. Word comes through that some of their compatriots are fighting for survival. A counterattack has already been launched with some success. As night falls the reinforcements hear of enemy units being wiped out.

German reinforcements arrive

As day breaks the Allies renew their assault. Though the bridge doesn't look like falling into their hands any time soon ... they strike a major blow against the Germans by eliminating their Recon forces.

The end of the road for the German Recon

The Germans vow revenge for their fallen comrades. They attack in strength. The Allies begin to take heavy losses. They manage to keep their foothold in Arnhem but only just. In the nick of time the Allied reinforcements arrive.

The Allied reinforcements arrive

The Allies renew their attempt to take Arnhem Bridge. But for every German unit they eliminate they lose one or two of their own. More German reinforcements swing the battle in their favour.

The fluctuating combat reaches a crescendo. The Allies realise it is now or never if they are going to deny use of Arnhem Bridge to the Germans. They ready their weapons for one last desperate attack.

End of the penultimate turn

Finally after heavy casualties the Allies take the northern end of Arnhem Bridge. The expected German counterattack comes and goes without dislodging the Allies. The only thing left to do is count the cost.

Final positions at the end of the game


The battle for Arnhem battle was a close run thing. The Allies taking out the German Recon unit definitely swung the battle their way. Also the last gasp capture of one of the target bridge hexes also denied the Germans valuable points. However the Germans killed a lot more Allied units. Also surviving German units regardless of hits also score victory points unlike the Allies who need to remain unscathed to get vp.

Thus the final score ended Germans 27 - 24 Allies.

It could have been a lot bigger margin if the Germans had held onto both sides of Arnhem Bridge!


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Joshua Gottesman
United States
Las Vegas
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Wow...tough fight...yeah, that's not many units left on the board for the historically, how long could they have held out?
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Marco Pasquini
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Hi, i played the scenario in solitary. British forces have been rejected from Arnhem. German forces have stood without fear. 5-33 final result. try again.. :-/

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