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Subject: There is fun here, you just have to look :-P rss

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Rich Lush
United Kingdom
West Sussex
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I picked Angry Birds: The Card Game up about a year and a half ago when I was craving games. Initially, The game is very simple, though can seem almost too simple on the initial read through of the instructions. My Fiance (girlfriend at the time) and I were left initially asking questions. However, on repeated play throughs the game is very easy, though two player goes too quickly and doesn't really lend itself to much fun. It was only when I was visited by some family friends and their kids that I remembered I had it, and bought it out to play. Here is an overview and my thoughts. (note: This is a re-edit of an Amazon review I wrote at the time)

How the game works:
Each player has 6 cards which are placed face up in front of them stacked. (The instructions have a diagram to show you how this works) This is your "castle", or wall as another reviewer has called it. Each card has an angry bird and a block on it. The block has no relavance (which could be argued is a missed opportunity). The bird though is important, you have two dice, which don't have numbers on, but have pictures of each of the angry birds. If you roll a dice that matches the bottom of your "castle", you can get rid of that card. The aim is to get rid of all your castle cards, and you have to get rid of them in order.

Simple enough right?

What mixes it up slightly, is there are action cards which let you do things like trade a certain castle card to another player, skip someones' go, roll again (which can be applied to your own roll or to someone else if you don't want them to get rid of a castle card) boom which destroys a castle card and so on. You have two of these in your hand initially (which are kept secret from the group) but receive another if you don't get rid of a castle card on your hand. You can only hold a maximum of three, so can choose to discard if you need to pick up. Certain cards can be played on any players turns, so things like "skip a go" don't just get rid of the player next to you, you can choose who it affects.

Once you have got rid of your castle, you have to take down the "King Pig". For little kids, this could be fun, but does take away from the rest of the game. Using one of the dice you have to flick it at the King to knock him down. You get only one chance a go, and the winner is the first one to do it.

My thoughts:
Initially I was disappointed with this game. The instructions weren't clear, it didn't seem to work with two people and the dice flicking seemed completely pointless and more that the creators suddenly realised there was no actual "smashing" going on, so threw this random idea in. However, after playing it with my friend and his kids, they absolutely love it! We decided to cut out the the Flicking King Pig part, and this made it a race to get rid of your tiles as quickly as possibly. It worked really well, the kids were loving it, and we were enjoying it as well.

Final Comments:
This is a game aimed at the younger, but if you ignore the ending and house rule, it can actually be as fun as many of the other card games in the same bracket, of which there are many! Give it a go with your kids, ignore the final stage, and you too could find another way to bond :-)

6/10 - it's not brilliant, but for the price - does the job.

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Tyler Adams
United States
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My girlfriend and I enjoyed this game. The rules were pretty straightforward and not hard to understand at all. Sure it isn't the greatest game around and could of made it a bit more euro strategy type of a card game but overall it does the job at being a card game and if your into the Angry Birds games you will like this. Now you can't expect a game like this to be anything like Guillotine or San Juan or Ticket to Ride card game or Settlers of Cataan card game. It's not that kind of card game. If your expecting it to be like that of course your going to be disappointed. I just expected this to be a fun easy game that isn't to be taken so seriously.
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