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Note: Pretty basic playtest here. The Erthen player is still new to STA (this was his fifth session), so I wanted to stick with well-tested factions. This was our third and final skirmish for the night. We ran the same factions and point values (Combine/Erthen, 40 points) as the prior session.

Playtest Report

Date: 11 April 2013
Gamescape: Fields of Battle
Skirmish Points: 40 (max character level: Veteran)

Scenario: Kill 'em All - two scavenge tokens
Fight it out for 10 rounds. The winner is the player who has the most Victory Points. Victory Points are earned by claiming scavenge tokens and getting kills. This was the first time the Erthen player had played with scavenge tokens

Factions: Combine vs. Erthen

Combine: 1x Recruit Hellfire, 3x Veteran Vanguard, 2x Veteran Commander, 1x Recruit HARPI

Erthen: 1x Veteran Tremor, 2x Recruit Tremors, 1x Veteran Ion Core, 2x Recruit Geomancer

We only had a couple hours to play and I wanted to try to fit in at least two - hopefully three - skirmishes, so I built a gamsescape before the Erthen player came over to play. We used the same gamescape for all three sessions we played. I tried to mix in a good balance of Elevated, Difficult, and Water Terrain.

Overview of the skirmish:
This was the Erthen player’s third time playing the Erthen. In the prior two skirmish of the night, had had used the Ion Core’s Magnetic Force to good effect. In the first skirmsih, he used it to force a Sniper into melee with a Tremor. In the second skirmish, he used it to move an Inferno out of the skirmish, forcing the Inferno to waste movement to get back to the fight.

This skirmish was all about the Ion Core (Magnetic Force) - Tremor (Shackwave) combo, combined with some poor tactical character placement on my part. The Combine was massacred by the Erthen in this scenario.

The skirmish started off simple enough. I was trying to divide my force into two basic groups - the Vanguards supported by a Commander and the Hellfires supported by a commander. The Vanguards were going to make a run for a scavenge token and then hold the ruins around it. That never panned out.

By the third round, the Erthen player used one of his Ion Core to Magnetic Force the Veteran Tremor into the middle of my large group. The Tremor followed this up with a shockwave that left four characters stunned. For the next three rounds, the Erthen player won initiative and immediately successfully shockwaved all four characters again, and again, and again. This devastated the Combine. Even though the Erthen player was using his best character to stun - which meant he couldn’t deal damage - it was more than enough for all his other characters to gain the advantage.

The Shockwave flurry eventually ended when I didn’t have enough characters alive to make it worth it to keep shockwaving. Then the final part of the slaughter began. I was eventually able to get the free Hellfire and Commander into the fray, but it was much too late, and they were grossly overmatched.

In the end, the Combine killed only one character - a Recruit Tremor.


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