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Subject: We are not very good at breaking alliances rss

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Atilla Kármán
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Just the night before the Sol offensive started at Mecatol Rex, it seemed, only 5 of the Great Races would have a chance to go for the Imperial Throne. But just before the mighty dreadnoughts started the heavy bombardment of the palace, my wife jumped in as the Quees of the Xxcha Kingdom.

It started with a single cannon blast. Then it all came to a halt. Right in the first round into the battle, a temporary ceasefire emerged. Sol tried to make a deal with the cunning and greedy Hacan, but changed his mind in the last second and made a pact with the Lazax. It was a weird alliance, since the Sol fleet started the war in the first place, the
very same Sol, who just killed the Emperror. Maybe the young Lazax commander thought the only chance for him to survive was to make a deal with the blood thirsty Sol, but this alliance was doomed from the start.

Meanwhile the Xxcha Queen and the Barony of Letnev made an agreement. The Hacan also joined them, when the negotiations with the Sol had failed.

The Xxcha, as the first to make her move when the chaos broke out in Mecatol City, occupied Mecatol Power Shout with a few units, while Letnev forces broke out from the Imperial Navy Base to take a few crates of supplies on Adminus Mecatol.

Shortly thereafter another temporary ceasefire happened. The alliances felt confident, and soon the fights resumed: the Lazax-Sol alliance was sure they can hold the Imperial Palace and take Mecatol Power South from the Xxcha without trouble, so they aimed for Adminus Imperalis
which was hold by the Hacan. The Imperial Navy Base seemed to be well guarded by the Letnev forces.

The Hacan Leader know better, and weakened the Lazax assault force before it had a chance to reach the fort.
The Xxcha troops took advantage of it, and while everybody was paying attention on the Hacan and the Lazax, a lot of Xxcha units appeared out of thin air, and strengthened the Xxcha presence on Mecatol Power Shouth. This was the point when the Sol should have suspected that this war won't be mentioned in the 'Glorious Victories' section in the History of Sol databanks.

That's why he made a daring move and widthdrew all his forces from the Imperial Palace. The joint Sol army marched in the Galactic Coucil (aiming for the Navy Base), leaving the Palace completely empty, just waiting for the Xxcha to enter.
Meanwhile the Jol-Nar headmaster was busy occupying the Civilian Spaceport, and occupying it for some more.

Then the events started to gather speed:
The Lazax roamed the map, making pressure here, trying to gather influence there with more, but mostly less success, mostly blamed on the faulty communication link with the Sol Gound Control.
A bit of a quarrel broke out at the Phisiology and Recreation Zone (right next to Mecatol Power Shout) between the Letnev and the
Jol-Nar over a few cartridge clips, which was mostly settled by the incomming Dreadnought Fleet.

The fist mayor battle took place when the complete Sol Groundforce, stationing in the Galactic Council, raided over the Imperial Navy Base, well defended by the Letnev. Durring the devastating battle, at the Civilian Spaceport the Jol-Nar Headmaster thought it was time to have a nice cup of tea. The second Lazax division wasn't invited, so the Jol-Nar forces wiped them out completely.

When the smoke settled in after the earth shattering blast at the Imperial Navy Base, only 3 torn Letnev Units stood still. The Baron somehow managed to get hold of an experimental Hylar weapon, which made the Sol to be disappeared from the face of Mecatol City.
The Lazax where also at trouble. Have you heard the old saying "when you throw out a Lazax of the door, he'll climb in the window"?
Since the Xxcha forces concealed themselves, and were seemingly nowhere to be found, the regrouped Lazax mechanized units gathered and marched into Mecatol Power Shout, while the freshly Sol recruits were successfully deployed into the Imperial Palace.

A rumour started to spread about huge stocks of weapons and ammo. A few Letnev Units went to investigate it. After all, it turned out to be a trap: a massive Sol Offensive levelled the whole city block, but it made no difference at this level.
Hacan, being mindbogglingly rich because of the extensive deployment of troops, was able to build up a fairly heavy army, and managed to take the Civilian Spaceport while holding Adminus Imperalis. Letnev was strong at the Navy Base, and the disappearance of the huge Xxcha army was way too fishy.

The regrouping Sol fleet was able to handle the Xxcha troops appearing out of thin air, and surprisingly, was also able to beat back the final attack of the Baron.

But when the Xxcha did it again with the reappearing with the Lazax, due to the some miscalculations and that damned broken communication link, the whole Lazax army (which was in numerical superiority, by the way) made an accidental tactical retreat instead of crushing the Xxcha.

The war was ower at day (round) 8. The brave Sol assault was reduced to a struggle to hold the Imperial Palace. The true winner of the whole affair was the Emirates of Hacan, who made fortunes on this war, which was more or less shared with his allies.

The Baron: my good friend, Zso.
The Headmaster: Lali, the daring.
The Xxcha Queen: my wife, Dora.
Emirates of Hacan: Mark a.k.a Scrooge McDuck.
The Lazax Commander: my young brother, Örs.
The Sol Commander: me.

Bonus image:
The Hacan racesheet at the end of the game
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