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This is a collection of four children games. While my daughter likes the games, thy are really simply and don't provide great games. The boards are all colorful and are nice enough, but it does look "generic".

In short, the games are okay, but your kids might quickly grow out of the games. The components are okay. This conclusion will be shorter than normally because the other sections will be longer.

We are going to keep this game, but not because of the quality.


You get double sided games boards that are nice cardboard and very colorful. The rest of the chits and pawns are okay. The art work is very generic on everything. The bits are good enough for a kids game they should last for a long time.

Rule Book:

The rule book is on cheap paper and is black and white. As the games are very, very simple, the rule book is adequate on explaining the rules. The book is short and you won't have any problems understanding the rules.

Overall, it is fine.

Flow of the Game:

There are four games and I'll explain each one one at a time:

1. The Bird's Nest

The goal of the game is race down a path to the next. There are three games used on this board.

1A. Sparrows. Keep in mind, it is possible to win in one roll (boo!). Roll the color dice. If the color is ahead of you move forward, if it is behind you move backwards. If it is white, enter the nest. That's the game.

1B. Blackbirds. In this game, same as sparrows, but you can only move forward. You really just roll the dice over and over and over.

1C. Hummingbirds. You roll the dice. This time you can only move one space at a time and you must roll the exact color in front of you. Blah.

2. Blossoms

You have to cover all the flowers on your side of the board.

2A. Flowers in the Garden. Roll dice. Take flower that matches the color. Keep rolling until you collect all the flowers.

2B. Pot of Gold. Fill a cup with tokens. Each player gets 10. Only difference from before is if you roll a color you already have, you trade to another player for a token (most tokens win).

2C. The Great Flower Robbery. Each player gets 10 tokens. You roll dice and take flower. If not available, you must buy from some one. Most tokens win (some other rules also).

3. Around the Castle.

Race to the castle.

Roll dice and move to same color spot (think Candyland with dice). If you roll white, you get a chance card (think Candyland).

4. Hot Dogs for Lunch.

Collect most hod dog cards.

Roll dice. Move to color in front of you. If you roll white, you can move as far as you want in a straight line. You try to get hot dog cards on board.

Should I buy this game?:

No, not really. There are a few games in the box and a lot of variants, but nothing very good. This is something for very small kids and the biggest pro is that you do get a lot in the box.

We are going to keep for now.
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