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Subject: Earth 00022654: The War Begins... (Game 1) rss

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Lucas Fox
United States
New York
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The War began on April 13, 2013 at approx 5:30PM EDT.

The First Armies were raised, and each was looking to take new earth by storm.

Die Mechaniker
Leader: Eric
Starting Territory: North Africa
Starting Power: Your starting HQ is always treated as FORTIFIED when you defend it.
Strategy: Turtle up in Africa, build forces, then attack.

Enclave of the Bear
Leader: Josh
Starting Territory: Mongalia
starting Power: If your attack roll is a natural three of a kind, and at least one defending troop is defeated, you conquer the territory. Remove all defending troops.
Strategy: Leave HQ some what defended, then all out attack.

Imperial Balkania
Leader: Lucas
Starting Territory: Eastern Austrailia
Starting Power: You still draw a resource card at the end of a turn where you expanded into 4+ territories, even if you didn't conquer a territory.
Strategy: Turtle up in Australia and slowly push up into Asia from there. (AKA: fail miserably at everything)

Khan Industries
Leader: Stephen
Starting Territory: Greenland
Starting Power: When drawing a territory card, you may place one troop into that territory if you control it.
Strategy: Stay away from most of the conflict, and act all innocent. Make people not realize how fast they were building up forces.

Saharan Republic
Leader: Mike
Starting Territory: Afghanistan
Starting Power: You can make your maneuver at any point during your turn.
Strategy: Leave Enclave of the Bear open to attack Imperials. Focus on Europe and keeping Khan from spreading East.

The powers expanded out trying to gain as much territory as they possibly could, but Balkania was at the advantage, pulling in a resource card for having over 4 territories each turn. (Though we might have played this wrong, which would be really crappy) Seeing this, the powers closest to what was once known as Australia, knew that this had to be stopped in a hurry.

Enclave of the Bear took up arms against The Imperials, "bear dropping" into Australia to break up this power. While The Saharans, Mechanikers, and Khan were battling over what was once Europe.

Ammo shortages were found in Southeast Asia, played against Lucas to drive him back into Australia, and Venezuela just to disrupt the combat there. Bunkers were created in Eastern Australia, to help the Imperial Balkania defending their HQ. And in Kamchatka to help keep Khan Industries from finding their way into Asia.

The Bear left one Balkanian alive to tell the tale of the ultimate defeat at the hands of tribal men on the backs of panda bears.

Drop Bear (Major City) was founded in Eastern Australia to keep the Imperials from starting there again. Bluetboton (minor city) was founded in Northern Africa, and Patagonia (minor city) was founded in Peru. Resources were adding to Greenland and Kamchatka.

Meta Game: We all enjoyed it, and were eager to start a sound game. We were disappointed that Lucas (I) didn't get eliminated from the game, as we couldn't open up one of the card packs at the top of the box. We were fair in starting everything, and we all agreed on how things would start up. the first twelve resources place would be on a random drawing of twelve cards, and we all picked our factions based on how they looked, and agree to it. We didn't have prior knowledge to the abilities.

Game two, which started 10 minutes after the end of Game one, was played very differently by all. Lots of great jokes, and references to other war games we played, like Dust.

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