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Subject: Mission 6 -- Nagoya Run (Rain Bearer) rss

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Gary Goh
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My first plane Storm Lancer crashed upon a night take-off during Mission 4, killing the entire crew (RIP)

The replacement plane Peacemaker subsequently experienced severe engine problems on the inbound leg from an unsuccessful bomb run on Akashi, and eventually crashed into the sea leaving only Sgt Ben Grammar and Sgt Jimmy Booth alive. Both members had suffered mild concussion, and were not in a state to write up a report on the mission.

This AAR is thus written by Capt. Clyde Strothman who has been assigned an entirely new crew, including the survivors from Peacemaker who were about to experience a turn of fortune.


Squadron: 181st Bombardment Squadron, 218th Bombardment Group
Pilot: Capt. Clyde Strothman
B-29: "Rain Bearer"
Mission #: 6 (Bomber 03)
Date: Thursday, 18 October 1944
Target: Nagoya (Aircraft Factory)
Mission Altitude: HI
Formation Position: TAIL
Squadron Position: LOW
Take-off Time: DAY
Planned Landing Time: NIGHT
Expected Fighter Resistance: LIGHT
Fighter Escort: NOT AVAILABLE

Crew Status (Name / Missions flown to date):

Pilot: Capt. Clyde Strothman (0) (new)
Copilot: 1st Lt. Ben Laffrey (0) (new)
Bombardier: 1st Lt. George Bunston (0) (new)
Navigator: 2nd Lt. Mike Greaves (0) (new)
Flight Engineer: M.Sgt. Dan Masterson (0) (new)
Radio Operator: Sgt. Ben Grammar (1)
Central Fire Controller: S.Sgt. Tom Dailey (0) (new)
Left Gunner: Sgt. Jimmy Booth (1)
Right Gunner: Sgt. Jack Hamilton (0) (new)
Radar Observer: S.Sgt. Charlie Hardy (0) (new)
Tail Gunner: S.Sgt. Jeff Trevors (0) (new)

Bomb Run:

-- Bomb Drop: ON TARGET
-- Accuracy: 30%

Enemy Fighters Killed Before Mission: 0

Enemy Fighters Encountered: 1
- Shiden (George)

Enemy Fighters Killed With this Mission: 0

B-29 Hit / Damage report:

Nose : N/A
Pilot Compartment : Engine fire extinguishers out
Port Wing : N/A
Strb Wing : N/A
Bomb Bay : N/A
Radio Room : N/A
Waist : N/A
Tail : N/A

Medic report:

Nothing to report

Takeoff : Smooth
Landing : Smooth

Replacements required:

Plane: none
Crew: none
Commander: none

Mission Description:


18 October 1944

Mission Debriefing:

Uneventful take-off. Boys were clearly on edge, though I wasn't sure if it was down to nerves or unfamiliarity. Will monitor Sgts. Grammar and Booth closely for stress disorder during the flight.


Good weather as we gained attitude. Nothing else to report.


On course for form-up in next zone.


Formation dropped out, though we didn't give a hoot since we were already in tail.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Great weather was clearly holding. Didn't meet any hostiles over Iwo Jima which was disappointing.


Weather took a turn for the worse, but we were still good on fuel.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Still no engagement by enemy hostiles.

[OB/IB 11]

We were fortunate to slip through enemy attention on the way in and out, though flak nearly got us on the turnaround. Target was completely obscured from our view but Lt. Bunston did a great job hitting part of it despite the lack of visuals, and this clearly raised the morale of the boys who steeled themselves for the return journey.


Got out of the target zone pretty quickly, though we experienced a mild problem with the engine fire extinguishers. The boys and I were just thankful we got out alive with the plane in one piece.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Experienced severe turbulence here. Sky was darkening, though we were clearly hoping that it was nightfall and not a storm that was beckoning us over the horizon.


Sky cleared up at the wrong time over Iwo Jima, as we were engaged by a George at 1.30 level which we were not able to shoot down. The heavens must have been watching over us though, as enemy fire missed us by a whisker! We made good time out of there, but not without some parting bursts from S.Sgt. Trevors.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Night navigation was a pain, and we deviated off-course which was corrected in time for landing.


Final preparations made for landing as we descended. As always, it was going to be tough to get a night landing right so our nerves were up. All of us were glad for the ultimately smooth landing.

Capt. Clyde Strothman
Pilot of B-29 "Rain Bearer"
181st Bombardment Squadron, 218th Bombardment Group

Session comments: This was my first on-target bomb run after 6 missions, though it was achieved with an entirely new crew. Taking off and landing at night is really difficult, and it hurts that my first crew and plane went down so suddenly. Fingers crossed that my current lot will survive the rest of the campaign.

Score at the moment: 1 win, 3 draws and 2 losses

Edited for typos
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Ratio wrote:
My first plane Storm Lancer crashed upon a night take-off during Mission 4, killing the entire crew (RIP)

The same thing happened to me as well; shortest first game in a long time. It certainly doesn't help that you don't have any influence over the result. After losing two more planes in a row (engine fire and an unsuccessful crash landing), I house-ruled that I have one 'mulligan' per game, that is I can re-roll once.
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