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The following session report is a solo game with the Deathwing and Tyranid expanisions. I randomly chose four Space Marine teams to undertake the mission. Once selected the Space Marines took up formation and entered the belly of the beast …

In formation - Apothecary Nestor – Brother Gabriel – Sergeant Zaltys – Brother Exanimare – Brother Charon – Sergeant Arbalan – Brother Jericho – Interrogator-Chaplain Uriel (out of frame)

Location – Void Lock

‘Full Scan’
Upon entering the Space Hulk the team is attacked. Brother Exanimare earns the admiration of his battle brothers with the first kill of the mission.

‘Chaos of Battle’
Battle senses heightened Brother Exanimare uses Trail of Destruction to slay two Tyranids and one Hormagaunt, earning Brother Charon’s gratitude.

‘Flanking Manoeuvre’
As the enemy attacks intensify Brother Gabriel, Brother Charon and Sergeant Zaltys get their first kills. Unfortunately Apothecary Nestor is overwhelmed by two Rippers and a Lictor and becomes the first casualty of the mission.

‘Secret Route’
The formation exits the Void Lock killing four more Tyranids (via door tokens) and find themselves in the Munitorium.

Location – Munitorium

Not hesitating Brother Charon activates the Promethium Tank killing an advancing Lictor.

Brother Gabriel notches his second kill.

Moving up through the formation Interrogator-Chaplain Uriel finally gets into the action. He easily takes care of a Tyranid. Sergeant Zaltys and Brother Exanimare each add another kill to their tally.

‘Psychic Assault’
A wave of warp spawned psychic energy looking for a weak link in the formation latches onto Brother Jericho. His prayers to the Golden Throne are heard as the energy harmlessly dissipates. The swarming xenos warily keep their distance.

‘Chaos of Battle’
Interrogator-Chaplain Uriel now with a taste of the action slays another Tyranid. Elsewhere in the formation Brother Gabriel is torn apart by a swarm of five xenos.

‘Temporary Sanctuary’
In the midst of battle the formation locates the exit to the next level of the Space Hulk. At the door in perfect synchronicity the Space Marines mow down five of the following Tyranids (via door tokens). Closing the doors they find themselves in the Teleportarium.

Location – Teleportarium

Eager to get to the heart of the derelict ship Brother Exanimare activates the Teleportarium. Though fraught with risk all the Space Marines survive the teleportation process. The room around them vanishes and is replaced by the grime crusted cylinders of the Generatorium.

Location – Generatorium

‘The Swarm’
From out of the shadows the Tyranids launch an attack. Brother Charon and Interrogator-Chaplain Uriel both stand firm and kill an enemy apiece.

‘The Swarm’
The xenos are unrelenting. Sgt Arbalan kills a Lictor.

‘Rewarded Faith’
Sgt Zaltys ends the miserable existence of a Ravener.

‘Stalking from the Shadows’
Brother Jericho activates the control panel and four Tyranids vanish in flames. Sgt Arbalan adds to the carnage by taking care of a Ravener.

‘Quick Instincts’
For once Sgt Zaltys’ instincts fail him as he misses an easy kill. The Tyranids are whipped into a frenzy as a foul miasma fills the Generatorium. The Space Marines advance only to come face to face with the Hive Lord Trygon.

Location – Hive Lord Trygon

Brother Charon uses his Deathwing Assault to rid the universe of five more unclean aliens. Sgt Zaltys aims again and this time a Ripper is shredded by holy lead. However inspired by the sight of the Hive Lord the Tyranids swarm all over Sgt Zaltys brutally ending his life.

‘They’re Everywhere’
Interrogator-Chaplain Uriel activates the Promethium Tank and watches as five Tyranids are vapourised in the blast. Adding to the mayhem Brother Jericho destroys the Spore Chimney. Sgt Arbalan kills a Lictor as it scrambles through the rubble. Unfortunately at the rear of the formation Brother Charon is set upon by a crazed Tyranid and is slain.

‘For my Battle Brothers’
The need to cleanse the universe of filth fortifies Interrogator-Chaplain Uriel as he slays yet another Tyranid. Still the enemy attack in numbers. Overwhelmed Sgt Arbalan falls.

‘Second Wind’
Brother Jericho kills a Ravener. Though outnumbered and outflanked Brother Exanimare manages to kill another Tyranid before the rest descend en masse upon him.

‘Gun Jam’
Eye to eye with one of the enemy Interrogator-Chaplain Uriel fires … but his gun jams. The shock is compounded when the Tyranid rips open his armour and feasts on his pure heart. Enraged Brother Jericho lashes out killing another vile xeno.

‘Out of Thin Air’
The Tyranids swarm towards the last remaining Space Marine. Brother Jericho yells out in defiance “For the Emperor ….” His screams gurgle away to nothingness as Hive Lord Trygon watches with disdain.

The last stand of Brother Jericho

Mission debrief
Though the Space Marines managed to kill 47 Tyranids and reach the lair of the Hive Lord the mission was a failure. Under the gaze of their Hive Lord the Tyranids fought ferociously regardless of the casualties they suffered. The Space Marines failed under the onslaught. Entering the last location with six Space Marines I would have expected them to win. However this time Trygon was triumphant!

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