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Subject: Rollup of Questions and Clarificaitons rss

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Clarification by designer indicated by (D)
Clarification by explicit rulebook statement indicated by (R)
Inferred from Rulebook indicated by (I)
Open / unanswered questions indicated by (Q)

*Supply Lines*
(D) Any 2+ adjacent peas-ants form a supply line.

(D) Supply lines DO NOT have to touch their home nest.

(R) Serge-ants can use a supply line for free movement too. page ii & iv do not limit the types of ants that can use a supply line

(D) 2 lone peas-ants are allowed to 'leap frog' each other

(R) 1 lone peas-ant is not a supply line and (I) cannot be 'leaped' by a serge-ant inferred from "supply line is 2+ peas-ants

(R) Only serge-ants may attack. They must enter an enemy space to initiate combat, and must have enough movement points available to enter the space of the first target. page v

(D) After a victory, a serge-ant may immediately (and optionally) move to and attack another adjacent occupied space (enemy ant or living bug) without regard to movement points. The serge-ant may (optionally) continue to attack suitable targets in a 'chain' as long as the serge-ant remains victorious.

(R) Multiple Serge-ants may be involved in defense of a space. They each fight the attacking serge-ant one at a time. If all defending serge-ant(s) are killed, then up to three peas-ant(s) may defend. page v

(I) Peas-ants only get 1 shot at defense. After 1 round of serge-ant versus 1-3 peas-ant(s) combat, if the serge-ant wins, he immediately wins the space and no other adjacent peas-ants may attempt defense. page v. Update: Reread the rules, and I now believe the defender can defend with as many peasants as possible, and gets to choose to use them one, two, or three at a time. This gives the defender a lot of flexibility.

(Q) If multiple peas-ants are victorious in defense of a space, but some of them died in combat (individual di(c)e lower than attacking serge-ant's die), how are casualties decided?
Possibility 1: Defender chooses
Possibility 2: Attacker chooses
Possibility 3: Defender must declare all defending peas-ants, and then roll for each one individually

I will use #1, as that seems the quickest.

(Q) Can ants enter a planter space?
I *STRONGLY* infer yes. I believe them to be regular park spaces that do not have associated park-space cards, not unlike the light colored grass spaces in front of the nests.

(Q) (Edge Case) If I block the front three light colored grass spaces in front of another player's nest, how does that player make new ants since "Each new ant created must immediately move out of the nest." and "Newly created serge-ants cannot attack ants or living bugs until your next turn".
Possibility 1: Other player is blockaded and cannot make new ants. Hope that player has some serge-ants already in play and/or friendly other players to attempt to break the blockade.
Possibility 2: Allow newly created serge-ants to go ahead and initiate an immediate combat in the adjacent light colored grass spaces.
Update: I think #2 brings the most fairness/excitement to the game, but I will play with #1, as the rulebook doesn't even hint at an exception to the "Serge-ants can not attack on the turn they were built" rule.

Possibility 3: Allow a serge-ant to be created and stay within the nest until the blockade is lifted, allowing it to at least attack the blockade on the next turn.
Possibility #3 creates additional questions about movement and space occupation, but it does go along with my "light colored brown nest space is a legal movement space" that I infer to below.

(Q) How does my serge-ant attack your Tyr-ant? (starting from a light colored green space outside your nest)
Possibility #1: I move from a light colored green space directly to your Tyr-ant and start a battle (1 MP)
(update) I now inferthat #1 is what the designer intended. Also, after playing with #2 once, the simplicity of #1 is enough for me to like it.

Possibility #2: I move from a light colored green space to your light colored brown nest space, and then into the Tyr-ant's inner chamber to start combat (2 MP, and possibly take 2 turns).
I like Possibility #2, but it does force additional questions:
(I) Does the serge-ant 'claim' the nest food and prevent the Tyr-ant from eating it? I think not, as the book specifies that the serge-ant may only 'claim' food spaces, and suggests that food spaces can only occur in the park (non-nest) areas.
(Q) If I stop my move in the light brown area, may you then send in a serge-ant from the park area into your own light-brown nest space to attack it? I say yes, as the rule book calls it a space and never says that your ants may not re-enter that space, though that does open the question "Can I create an ant and immediately move it back inside the nest?".

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