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Ryan Witmer
United States
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This is the third game of 7 Ages between myself and my wife.

We only play total history, because it's the only way to fly. No other optional rules are in play. We've split our first two games, The Wife won the first and I took the second.

Age 1:

Civilization began with the Amazons rising up, led by their warrior-queen Zena. However, The Wife decided that the Earth was not quite ready for civilization, and immediately destroyed the fledgling empire with a volcano. Having thus cleansed the world, a mysterious time ripple caused the barbarian Scots to appear in the British Isles under The Wife's control. Meanwhile, in Mesopotamia Sargon's Sumerians arose by my hand and began to occupy the surrounding area.

A brilliant Scottish financier brought great wealth, and the Scots used it to build the world's first ships. Unfortunately, a deadly pestilence consumed the entire Scottish empire before they could leave port, and the secret of the Scottish galleys was lost to history. Meanwhile, the Sumerians erected the Hanging Gardens and enjoyed much glory.

The Wife had difficulty starting an empire for several turns, and in her fury smote the Sumerians with powerful fires. Shortly thereafter, the Harappans appeared in India to serve me, and began to expand throughout the subcontinent. I also brought forth the Nubians into Africa, who proceeded to occupy the fertile deltas of Egypt. The Harappans built the Temple of Diana as a testament to my skilled play.

The Wife finally obtained a playable empire, and brought forth the Phoenicians to harass the still disordered Sumerians. With the benefit of a rare conjunction, she invaded Assyria, crushing the Sumerian defenders. The violent first age came to an end as the Harappans entered age 2. At this point I led by 31 points of glory.

The world at the end of age 1:

Age 2:

Age 2 kicked off with a bang as The Wife started the Guptas to counter my advanced Harappans. Meanwhile, both the crippled Sumerians and upstart Phoenicians entered the second age. At this point, the Nubian forces occupying Egypt threw off their barbarian trappings and deigned to make themselves a proper civilization as a free state under The Wife's guidance.

Asoka, envious of the Harappan accomplishments, led his Guptas in a vicious assault on the Harappan capital. He was victorious, destroying both the city and Temple of Diana. The Sumerians feared the Phoenicians would deal them a similar fate, so they abandonded their empire and its centerpiece, the Hanging Gardens.

In their place, I started the mighty Babylonian empire, led by the great Hammurabi. Far away in South America, The Wife launched the Mochica, who spread unopposed across the Andes. Meanwhile, the Nubian Free State launched an attack on the remaining barbarians in Nubia, and successfully crushed them. The Harappans realized that their time was up and were tossed into the dustbin of history.

In China, The Wife brought forth the Han, with their leader Cai Lun. The Polynesians also arrived under my guidance. Hammurabi decided that it was time to teach the Phoenicians a lesson and engaged their army in Assyria. After a truly epic battle, Babylon stood victorious, but their losses were significant. Back in India, the Guptas built the Pharos Lighthouse and discovered the secret of paved roads. The barbarian Nubians acknowledged the superiority of their Free State brethren and were discarded. A great funeral was held for the victorious Hammurabi as the Babylonians entered age 2.

The Forum was then erected in Babylon, perhaps as a memorial to Hammurabi's conquest of the Phoenicians. In the far off Americas, a deadly earthquake threw the entire Mochican empire into disarray. The world then trembled as Nebuchadnezzar took control of what remained of the Babylonian army. The Nubian Free State entered age 2.

Southeast Asia saw the first sparks of civilization as The Wife started the Siamese empire. I brought the Syracusans into existence to challenge for control of the Mediterranean. The Mochicas, unable to recover from the damage wrought by the earthquake, faded away. The primitive Polynesians entered age 2 as the Guptas led the way into age 3. At this point, my lead had been reduced to 10 points of glory.

The world at the end of age 2:

After two violent ages, The Wife and I called it a night. She had cut significantly into my age 1 lead, and I feared that worse tidings were on the horizon...
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