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Subject: First few attempts rss

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Josef Tham
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I now have half a dozen or so battles under my belt and have enjoyed this game immensely! My unbroken string of victories also contributed to my joy and in no way discouraged my foes (a brother and some buddies who have had much reason to curse the dice gods and the Force alike)!

Our very first foray was the basic simplified rules scenario, with my brother, our best friend and I taking turns flying the two TIEs and the X-Wing. I began as the plucky Rebel and quickly downed both my opponents, with the jury still out on whether it was their inexperience or the utter lack of cooperation between my foes that allowed me to take them on one after the other without much interference.

Flying one of the TIEs next I used the lessons learned from this to set up an impromptu “Thach Weave” (pardon, I meant a “Corellian Slip”!) which worked great despite zero communication between me and my partner regarding intent… one X-Wing down, no Imperial losses. On the third attempt I again flew one of the TIEs, and this time things were a lot closer. My Academy Pilot was down to his last hullpoint, trying to hold the Rebel’s attention while his partner came from behind. Surviving repeated attacks my TIE was still alive to see the X-Wing get taken out… I had more luck than I deserved that match!

I next had a chance to observe my brother in action, this time using the full rules, same match-up, bro’ against bud. Usually my brother is very predictable, always aggressive, always going for cool mayhem rather than finesse; when faced with a choice of how to manoeuvre he furrows his brow and finally throws up his hands with a shout of “What the heck!”, inevitably launching a kamikaze-like attack straight into his opponent’s guns and equally inevitably going down to glorious defeat. This time it was “Who are you and what have you done with my brother?!?” as he befuddled our buddy with utterly unpredictable turns and twists. Even my brother admitted to surprise when the flank of a TIE suddenly filled the windscreen of his X-Wing at point-blank range, dramatically fireballing as his guns spoke. Continuing in the same style, it was only a matter of time before the second TIE went down as well… brilliant!

Another buddy then had his first go at the game, flying a heavily upgraded A-Wing against a gaggle of TIEs flown by me… turned out to be kinda embarrassing as we discovered I had accidentally chosen a squad worth 40 points to my opponent’s 30! The A-Wing was magnificent, twisting and turning all over the place, but Backstabber and two Academy Pilots kept him between them, boxed in and taking fire throughout. Chalk up an unfair win for the Empire!

A third buddy, having both observed the previous match and watched videos of gameplay on YouTube, faced me a couple of days later, in his first go at the game. First a 30-point match, my Red Squadron X-Wing defeating his two Black Squadron TIEs (don’t remember the exact upgrades but he broke my Target Lock with one of the upgrades and my Proton Torpedoes missed the other guy completely) by the slimmest margin, taking two critical hits in a nose-to-nose confrontation with the last TIE before smoking it with return fire. Next we decided to go for a 60-point battle. Again I was a Rebel, going for a fully upgraded Horton Salm (Ion Cannon Turret, R2-D2, double load of torps) accompanied by a cheap Prototype Pilot A-Wing with no upgrades. I suspected my opponent would grab a Firespray (I only had that one and five ordinary TIEs to choose from in my Imperial collection) and hoped that Salm’s rerolls would allow me to hit TIEs with torps if he didn’t, thus the heavy investment in Proton Torpedoes. Indeed, I turned out to face a Firespray and a Black Sqn TIE!

Salm was glorious! He lost a couple of shields as he closed with the Firespray but R2-D2 repaired them quickly enough, and the first salvoe of torps took out all of the Firespray’s shields (lucky rolls despite flubbing Salm’s reroll on the last blank). As he went past he nailed the TIE with his ion cannon, allowing the A-Wing to smoothly slide in behind and fireball it. Despite a Mercenary Co-Pilot and Marksmanship the Firespray was unable to land any more hits as it duelled with the A-Wing which kept rolling well enough on the green defensive dice to avoid all fire.

Having repaired his shields Salm made a tight K-turn back into the fray, but the ensuing stress token prevented him from immediately launching his second spread of Proton Torpedoes due to not yet being able to gain a weapon lock. He was nevertheless able to tag the Firespray with a long-range shot from his primary laser armament. As he steadied his heavy fighter for the run in, his more nimble companion managed to get no less than two hits on their foe with various combinations of weapon locks, focus actions and close-range gunnery.

In a repeat of the first effective salvoe Salm’s second spread of torpedoes was devastating! Rolling three hits out of four possibles for a second time, yet again failing the reroll on the last blank, his foe yet again obliged by failing to roll even a single successful evasion result… and yet another fireball temporarily lit the darkness of space, marking the end of the Firespray.

Like I said, luck (or the Force) was with me! I kept rolling plenty of hits and evades when I needed them while my buddy seemed unable to dodge my ships’ fire throughout the game.

Despite staring defeat in the face both my brother and our friends all loved the game and we eagerly await delivery of more ships to our local games stores. I’d love another Y-wing or two, the TIE Advanced and maybe a few TIE Interceptors as well. Have the Falcon but haven’t tried it yet, am also planning to see how well two A-Wings work together…
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