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I apologize if this is already a scenario but I only have the original game with no additions (will be buying them soon though). I thought I'd just make up some of my own scenarios just for fun. Here's one that I think would be fun.

Scenario: Save the Trapped Townsfolk (15 turns)

At the start of the game, the Heroes roll a dice to pick a random building (using the normal random building selection). Heroes then place a townsfolk token in the building. This building is considered to be completely boarded up and locked. Therefore, no Zombies or Heroes can enter the building (it's assumed that the windows are blocked and there's no holes for the Zombies to get through.

The goal is to free the townsfolk from the trapped building. In order to do this, the Heroes must find either a key to unlock the door to the building or a chainsaw to break through the door (Heroes cannot use explosives to get through the door nor can they use explosives on any square adjacent to the building as it is assumed that the building would most likely catch fire and kill the townsfolk stuck inside).

In order to unlock or break the door, the Heroes must spend a turn on the square in front of the door and survive any Zombie fights. If the Hero survives they have successfully saved the townsfolk and they win. If the sun marker runs out, Zombies win.

I think this would be a fun scenario as the Zombies are allowed to know which building the townsfolk is trapped in, and therefore they will be able to surround the building making it difficult for Heroes to save the townsfolk trapped inside.

let me know what you think. anything that could be problematic? thanks.

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