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I have been a board game player for more than 30 years now. I have designed quite a few games, and while some stayed at the conceptual level, others reached the prototype phase and are playable.

One of my project is now almost fully designed and tested, and I am looking for artists to create the game's artwork. Please have a look at the specifications below, and let me know if you think you can help.

Ideally, a sample and a quotation would be the perfect way for me to take a decision.

The theme :

The game is about survival inside an artificial biosphere on the surface of Mars.

The atmosphere :

Hard science « near future » SciFi. It will look more like a space program project than a SF movie. The game will portray a biosphere very similar to Biosphere 2 in Arizona (link here)

The technology depicted should look familiar and contemporary, not too futuristic.

The elements :

- 8 fully illustrated square tiles (10x10cm) : They are laid out to make the board, and should each have a different illustration. They are : Living quarters, Lab, Engineering, Generator, Farm, Forest, Lake, Desert.

- 1 temperature board (23x17cm) : Used to keep track of in-game values with markers. Will need some kind of background illustration or textures.

- 1 Numbered track & 1 turn track : They could both use some background illustration or textures, like a metal frame pattern, Martian soil, or any other thematic graphic element.

- 11 Markers : With numbers or text, they are used on the board and tracks. Should also have some thematic textures.

- 56 Cards (4.5 x 3.0 cm) : There is 5 types of cards. Each could have either the same illustration based on its type, or a different illustration for each of the 56 cards (a quotation based on both scenarios would be ideal). There is also 3 different type of cards back side.

- 1 main illustration for the box.

If you are interested/think you can help, please contact me.

Cheers !
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David Abe
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The game sounds interesting, specially with the hard sci-fi aspect of it. I'm actually interested in playing it, but perhaps I might help with the illustrations.

It's been a while since I last worked with graphics, but lately I've been drawn back to it after working on my own game (thank you for your appreciation, by the way) and it was fun. Maybe I could help with some sketches?

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