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While primarily used for killing vampires, a wooden stake to the heart is also highly effective against most other opponents.
Everybody wants to be a Game Designer but nobody wants to be a Game Designer.
This double session report features the randomly selected Berserker. As in my previous games I'm using my standard optional rules listed at the end, nothing that really effects the Berserker though.

I would mainly be playing as a big monster killer. I like to hire some Rogues to use as distractions, so I would look from some treasure too to keep them on the payroll. I put 0 into Great Treasures, 2 into Fame, 2 into Notoriety, and 1 into Gold. Picked my helmet from the Company to start


The first game started out ok. The monster roll was a 5 on day 1 and I hired Rogue 7, declining to hire any others. If I could keep him alive until day 14 I could rehire him on the spot with my remaining gold.

We moved into Linden Woods on day 2 and found Bones W. Day 3 on into the Deep Woods to find Stink M and Cairns 5. Moved to the Cairns and both a Heavy Spider and a Tremendous Spider attacked. I failed to kill the heavy spider from hiding on round 1 and we both managed to kill a spider for 9 Fame and Notoriety on round 2.

I looted the Cairns a bit on day 6 before moving towards the Ruins and found the Cloven Hoof and the Map of Lost City. I dropped the Cloven Hoof off in the next clearing, able to pick it up later if I needed to.

Snuck into the Ruins on day 7 to find Stink C and the Vault in clearing 3. Trekked slowly through the Ruins because of the cave clearing and tried to get the trolls to appear separately but they didn't show.

I made it to Ruins clearing 3 on day 10. On day 11, I failed both of my hide rolls and the monster roll was a 4. Two Heavy Trolls and a Tremendous Troll attacked. I was lost but tried to fight it out anyway. I couldn't manage to connect with my T6* fight counter and the best move I could play was Move H5*. The Heavy trolls wore me down in three rounds and the Berserker was killed.

I hope I gave those trolls some really bad indigestion.


For the second game I decided to hire as many Rogues as I could and managed R7, R6, and R5 on day 1 for a total of 9 gold. The monster roll was a 5 again so the Patrol didn't show up this game either.

We walked boldly into the Deep Woods on day 2 and found Stink M and the Vault 3. A Giant showed up on the way to the Vault on day 3 and R7 lured it while I killed it unhidden for 8 Fame and Notoriety.

On the next morning we walked into the clearing with the Vault and saw the Tremendous Troll that had also appeared the day before. It was chewing on the legbone of my long lost uncle! (vague Lord of the Rings reference there) Rogue 7 lured it while I swung away at it to gain another 8 Fame and Notoriety.

On day 5 I not only located the Vault but found the Crypt of the Knight inside as well. Due to the map layout, the Chapel was on the other side of the nearby Caves tile but I would have to find the secret passage to reach it. An Eyemist curse would not be good for me here so I decided to clear the way to the Chapel before doing much looting of the Crypt. I did find the Golden Armband and the Hidden Ring first though.

Entered the Caves on day 8 and found Smoke C and Hoard 6. Made it to the hoard the next day. Stupidly, I located and looted it before finding the way to the chapel and of course I was cursed when I found the Mouldy Skeleton, but only with DISGUST. Pushing my luck, I looted the Silver Breastplate and the Golden Crown on day 11 but a Heavy Dragon and the Tremendous Flying Dragon appeared while we were unhidden.

R7 lured the heavy with his speed 4 while R5 lured the TFD with his speed 2. I got lucky on round two and killed it but not before it killed Rogue 5, costing me -2 Notoriety. R7 continued to lure the Heavy Dragon, luckily surviving the first two rounds, and I managed to killed it on round 4 gaining me 22 Fame and Notoriety.

On day 13 I found the secret passage in Caves 2-3 that would allow me to reach the Chapel. On day 14 the monster roll was a 1 and the dragons regenerated. The TFD appeared at the Hoard while the Heavy Dragon was easily killed on my henchmen's last day of hire, gaining me 5 Fame and Notoriety.

Moved hidden into Linden Woods to find Bones W. I made it hidden to the Chapel and sold them the Golden Armband, Hidden Ring, and Silver Breastplate for 60 gold. I had now completed all of my victory requirements and had 6 Victory Points. I probably should have kept the breastplate but I really wanted to fulfill that gold victory requirement.

I moved back to Linden Woods hidden on day 17 and two ogres appeared but I didn't risk a combat with them. Remaining hidden, I moved back into the caves and rehired the rogues on separate days, buying drinks both times and it cost me -12 gold total.

Frightened of the Tremendous Flying Dragon, we slowly walked back through the Caves while the Giant and Troll regenerated on day 21. If I was still lucky, I would make it to the Guard House by day 28 to sell them the Golden Crown. On day 23 I was hidden at the Hoard and took a swipe at the TFD during the second round of combat but missed.

Made it unhidden out of the Caves and back into the Deep Woods on day 24 where a Giant appeared. Rogue 6 was killed by the giant's club costing me -2 Notoriety before I was able to kill it for 8 Fame and Notoriety. The Tremendous Troll also appeared in clearing 3 that day.

The next day my hide succeeded and the monster roll was another 4. Another Giant appeared and the Tremendous Troll moved over as well. I killed the Giant from hiding and tried to kill the Tremendous Troll at no risk but it took my nine rounds and I had to fatigue four times to keep the combat going. I gained 24 Fame and Notoriety though.

On day 26 we made it to Cliff 6, hoping to find the passage to the Guard House. A Heavy Spider skittered up and I killed it for 3 Fame and Notoriety.

Four searches on day 27 to find the passage. I found it on the second attempt and peered into the adjacent Mountain to find Ruins M and the Lost Castle: Slither 3, Howl 4, Patter 5, Slither 6, and Pool 6.

Barely made it to the Guard House unhidden on day 28 and sold them the Golden Crown for 50 Gold and 20 Fame on the last phase of the game, making them Neutral.

During the evening, I had enough gold to buy drinks but what are the odds of them starting a fight now that they were Neutral? Pretty good I guess, since they Challenged me anyway. I could have taken the -5 Fame but chose not to. I lured Guard HQ with Rogue 7 and targeted him while the other two guardsmen swung at me. I missed but one of them struck a solid blow, costing me my helmet and a wound. Secure in my victory, I thanked R7 for his help and ran away. He died cursing my name and I lost -2 Notoriety to end the game.

The Berserker Wins with 26 Victory Points. I had 0 Great Treasures, 98 Fame (21), 72 Notoriety (3), and 99 Gold (-23 for starting costs=76) (2).


Optional rules selected were: Caching, Dropping and Losing Belongings, Ambush Rules, Serious Wounds, Grudges/Gratitude, Enhanced Artifacts and Spell Books, both for Wizard, Captain, Woods Girl, Magician, both for Druid, Persistent Chits, Birdsong Rearrangement, No Spell Limit, Decline Opportunity, No Mission/Visitor Flip, No Campaigns, Knights Adjustment, Watchful Natives, Extended Grudges, Benevolent Spells.
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