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the Brothers Crow
United States
North Carolina
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~What is the theme of the game?

A Fool’s Fortune was inspired by archetypes found in folklore, medieval myth & renaissance festivals. However, rather than situating a player into one specific legend, each game would tell its own story. The plot twists, motivations & drama would be determined by each Players’ actions as they manipulated the cards that Fate brought them. Why were the Enchantress & the Bishop in cahoots? What was the Maiden doing hanging out with the Mariners at the Wharf? It would be for the Players to tell the tale, as they read their Fortunes spread out before them.

~What’s up with the Rulebook? It can be somewhat “complicated”?

Of course, we did not set out to create a complex rulebook. In fact, the Act & Scene aspect of the game was initially conceived as way to introduce the game in more incremental steps.

Hindsight being what it is, however, there are several revisions we should like to make which may help introduce the game, and its strategies, a bit more clearly. Many of these suggestions were helpfully noted by the astute and honest folk of BGG.

We are fortunate that the array of BGG forums allows us to clarify some of the mechanics and strategies that may have gotten muddled within the pages of a stout rulebook & its bevy of terminolgy within.

Is there room for an expansion?
Currently, there is a play tested prototype for Act IV, though whether it sees publication or not is up to the gaming gods & their acolytes.

A sneak peek, for those interested; Act IV: the Bazaar, introduces 11 new cards – 6 Bazaar Fortunes & 5 Bazaar Characters. Bazaar Fortunes are akin to Wilds, except that the Realm is variable, whereas its Resource is fixed. For instance, the Wayfarer’s Flute is the Bazaar-Treasure. It is a Treasure that may be used as any Realm.

The 5 Characters are a motley mix of carnival / circus type folk with several new Abilities introduced.

~What about Multi-player games? and other Variations?
There is a 4 Player version, called Cutthroat, where Players have partners. As well, there is a simplified version called the Dress Rehearsal which is appropriate for younger players & the casual gamer. Indeed, a few of my 5th grade students have beaten me fairly regularly. Both variations can be found in the “Files” section.

Part of the design of A Fool’s Fortune is that, just like a deck of standard playing cards, there is a great deal of versatility. In fact, we have a solitaire variation called “Sleight of Hand” and an Uno-esque version called “Tricks & Fines”. We would have loved to have included all of these variations into the Rulebook, but the rules were getting a bit hefty. In retrospect, in the least, we should have liked to have included the Dress Rehearsal & Cutthroat.

We’ll post Sleight of Hand and Tricks & Fines in a bit, for those gluttons who can’t get enough of the Trickster’s madness. 

~Can I mix and match certain rules in a game?
Yes, so long as Players agree beforehand. A Fool’s Fortune is malleable enough where Players can select certain Scenes within Acts, or even specific rules within Scenes, to include or omit.

For instance; a game may include Act II: Scenes 1, 2 & 4, and yet hold off on the Charmed Abilities of Act II: Scene 3.

Or Players may agree to include just the Act II Universal Ability: Kick-Back, into an Act I game. The limitations & options created by each variation will offer its own unique flavor and spin to the game.

Of course, to win at the Master’s Tournament, Players must engage in the full depths of Act III.
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Robert Lavarnway
United States
New York
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Any chance we will see the "Sleight of Hand" solo rules posted here?
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