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the Brothers Crow
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~Can I Recruit a Character from the Road?
No. You may only Recruit a Character from your Hand. Once a Character is discarded to the Road, they remain there for the duration of the game.

The exceptions to this rule are:
The Empty-Stage rule and the Healer’s Strike Ability (Act III).

~Do cards ever return your Hand?
No. Once a card is brought into play, neither Fortunes nor Characters will ever return to your Hand.

The exception to this Rule is the Mercenary’s Talent in Act III.

~What is the purpose of the Camp?
The Camp is a temporary holding place for the Fortunes you control on your Stage, but are not used in your Crew (as Fees) or in your Cache (as a part of a Set). You may use Fortunes from your Camp as you would Fortunes from your Hand; as Fees, Dues, to be played in a Set, etc.

The Camp is also used for Wayside Fortunes (Act III).

~Is there a limit to the amount of Fortunes that can be in a Camp?

There is no limit to the amount of Fortunes you may have in your Camp during your Afternoon. However, during your Night Phase, any Fortunes left in your Camp are discarded.

~Must I always bring a Fortune I Fetch or Take directly into my Camp first?

As one becomes familiar with the game, this step can be abbreviated. For instance, if I Fetched a Fortune for the Faire with the intent to add it to a Set, I could grab the Fetched Fortune and place it directly onto my Set, bypassing the Camp.

The Camp becomes most useful when a Player is sorting larger amounts of 'loose' Fortunes during one Day.

~During my Morning Phase, why wouldn’t I simply Draw up to 4 cards from Fate, instead of drawing up to 3 (for the Hand Restore), Readying my Characters, then Drawing an additional 1 (for the Allowance)?

We wished to separate the two Morning tasks of Restoring Hand and Player Allowance to both enforce that the Hand-Size is 3 (and not 4) and to create instances where one or the other task can be targeted. For instance: the Empty-Stage Rule allows a Player to retrieve a Fortune from the Faire or Character from the Road in lieu of their Player Allowance.

~Can I take a part my Sets? Can I rearrange my Sets? Can I alter a Closed Set

Indeed. Set manipulation is a major crux of A Fool’s Fortune. Once a Set is in Play, those Fortunes are yours to manipulate as you will. The Set (even a Closed Set), can be reduced, rearranged or even fully removed, shifting those Fortunes from the Cache into your Camp. You could then use those 'loose' Fortunes to Recruit Characters, Pay Dues, Begin other Sets, Barter with, etc.

~I have 3 Sets in Play, however I would like to scrap one Set to start another. The rules say I cannot have more than 3 Sets in a Cache. What can I do?

You can simply remove a whole Set from your Cache and bring it into your Camp, thus making room in your Cache for a new Set.

Must I declare what specific Resource a Wild represents?
The resource of a Wild will be defined by the Fortunes it is played with. This may render the Wild a specific Resource (ie; if a Desert-Wild is played in a Folk Set, it will represent the Desert Folk).

Or, the Wild may represent whichever Resource is not yet present. (ie; if the Desert-Wild is in a Desert Set which already contains the Folk, Nature, & Location, the Wild represents either the Supernatural or the Treasure).

For the purposes of Fetching, a Wild can only be used to Fetch other Wilds or Fortunes of the same Realm as the Wild. So a Player cannot say, "My Forest-Wild Fee is actually the Forest-Treasure," just to allow that Player to Fetch Treasures.

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Juan Carlos Goyes
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Thanks! This clarifies a lot of doubts I had.
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Olivier Andrys
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Thanks too. I couldn't play it right with the rules only!
I'll try again...
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