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Subject: Second Campaign AAR - Part 4 rss

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Russ Massey
United Kingdom
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19 August 1950

The weather allows flight and the UN win the initiative. They decide to go first to complete the isolation of the NKA forces.

The UN gain no variable reinforcements.

The 5th Marine Regiment calls in a hipshoot against the defenders of Taejon. Flak damages a Corsair squadron, lowering the barrage value to 41pts. The strike nets a DG result, but also reveals that there are 5 Regimental Equivalents (REs) in the stack being attacked, which makes the UN player rethink his intended overrun.

The 70th Tank Battalion drives north and over P’tongt’aek airfield, forcing the remaining half-squadron of Yaks to rebase - they fly to sanctuary in the Chinese airbase at Kuandian. 2T is immediately airlifted into the captured airbase, along with the tank battalion of the 2nd Division. Trucks drop another SP off with the advanced units.

Other units move to pocket NKA forces NE and SW of Taegu. Two new Regiments and 2T are shipped in from Japan. B-29s hit the Reserve NKA 105th Division again, but this time do not manage to cause a DG. A Starfighter squadron is damaged by Flak while carrying out train busting. Two NKA stacks are DG’d successfully by barrages.

Two T are consumed by the advance units who are out of trace supply - one at Kongju and one with the units around Taejon.

The NKA releases the remaining tank battalion of the 105th from Reserve and sends it to reinforce Taejon (using the last of the supply in the organic truck).

The UN attacks Taejon with 2 Regiments led by the Marines. The NKA have no supply, but elect to use internals for the full strength 9th Division. The attack odds are into a city at 19:8, +1. The defenders get a 2 column surprise shift, and another poor roll results in AL2 and the loss of all the attackers. Two tank battalions attack the DG’d 1st Division in the southern pocket. One defending step is killed and the attackers pull back.

The NKA gain 2 Pax and 4.2 SP. Two lvl 1 hedgehogs are built on the UN Sudden Death Line, and the 15th Regiment reconstituted in the capital.

The bulk of the NKA troops attempt to march north and towards a source of trace supply. In the supply phase the NKA loses the equivalent of 2 and a half divisions to attrition

The three Regiments of the 4th Division attack P’yongt’aek airfield, surviving a barrage by Navy Panthers unscathed. The attack is at 1:1, +1, but the NKA get three column shifts for surprise and a second roll of 7 gives a result of DLo1, Ao1. The NKA accept the loss of one Regiment to force the surviving US tanks to retreat and allow the airfield to be retaken.

22 August 1950

The weather remains good. The Communists win the initiative roll and go first to put more distance between their retreating forces and the UN pursuit.

The NKA gain 1 Pax and 2.2SP. The 18th Division is received in the capital.

The bug-out continues. The equivalent of another division is lost to attrition. All Sudden Death objectives are now garrisoned with lvl 1 hedgehogs.

With the Pusan Perimeter abandoned the UN now immediately gain all the reinforcements up to and including 08 September. This includes 7 infantry regiments, 2 HQs, 3 artillery units and a load of trucks and amphibious equipment. Shipping capacity doubles to 5SP per turn, and an additional carrier group arrives. Extra units go to the interdiction box, giving a full reduction of 2SP to Communist supply levels. Maximum variable reinforcements are gained, and all the US units in the dead pile are rebuilt, together with the ROK 2nd Regiment.

One SP is shipped into Masan, and the 6th Army HQ uses it to fuel 4 units and send them north to chase the NKA who have reached Hamch’ang. Further supply from Pusan is railed to the front lines, and laden trucks are shipped into the port to allow more to be shuttled forward to the front lines asa rapidly as possible. The one truck already in theatre takes supply to the tank battalion still cut off after retreating from the air base at P’yongt’aek.

Air-strike results are fairly poor, but a step loss is caused on the NKA rearguard division at Andong. US units take a 3:1, +5 attack against the DG’d 8th Division near Hamch’ang. The get surprise and destroy the unit, but cannot take advantage of the exploit as they attacked from more than 2 separate hexes.

26 August 1950

The weather turns bad, and the UN wins the initiative roll. They choose to go first. One ROK Pax is gained, and they rebuild the 7th Regiment in Pusan.

The Marine tanks call in a hipshoot against the NKA 13th Division and get a DG. A 6:1. +4 overrun led by the US 27th Regiment gets a 3 column surprise shift and causes a step loss and a retreat of 2 hexes. Another step is lost in retreating through a US ZOC, and the retreat also DGs the 7th Division. The 29th Tank Battalion continues the overrun against the 7th, this time at 4:1, +3. A 1 step loss and a retreat is taken, and the attacking tanks fall back with their option result. Both NKA divisions are now on low internal stocks.

The 6th Tank Battalion in combat mode heads north and overruns the organic truck of the 105th Division, capturing 1T and the truck.

Further units and supply are moved forward as quickly as possible. The XX Corps HQ and the 1st Cav organic truck are brought into Pusan along with more supply. ROK forces surround the division defending Andong.

The UN priority is to get rid of the NKA sitting on the rail line north of Taejon, as it is preventing trace supply to the forward units. Three carrier squadrons make a 41pt barrage attack. They roll a 3 and only just manage to gain a DG. A damaged squadron of Starfighters is lost to flak while attacking the defenders of P’yongt’aek air base but the surviving B-26s get a DG result. Another Starfighter squadron takes losses in an unsuccessful attack on the 13th Regiment north of Ch’ungju. It looks like this airplane is not suited to the ground attack role!

In the supply phase 3T are consumed by UN units forced to eat off the map, and 2 ROK regiments survive an attrition roll.

There are no UN artillery barrages, as there are no tubes within range of the enemy. A 3:1,+2 attack against the 9th Division blocking the rail line gets a 3 column defender surprise shift. The Marine tanks are lost and the 2 US infantry regiments retreat. The NKA are still holding the supply line, but their internal stocks are now exhausted. The NKA 5th Regiment is destroyed south of P’yongt’aek. An attack on the air base itself by the 1st Cavalry Division tanks is deemed too risky, as a retreat by the attacker would leave trucks and supply open to capture.

The Communists get 2 Pax and the maximum 5SP. There are also 2 new divisions and 2 tank battalions received as regular reinforcements. Supply is diverted to the Yalu for further improvements to the hedgehogs there.

The unit surrounded in Andong attempts breakout, but fails and is removed to the dead pile.

Units are despatched north from P’yongyang to man the border defences, and south to firm up Seoul. A line forms around Wonju to hold back the onrushing Americans and the blocking units on the rail link to Seoul remain in position.

Unfortunarely, the 9th Division is lost to attrition which opens the supply line to the US units at P’yongt’aek. The remnants of the 7th and 13th Divisions are also lost.

29 August 1950

The weather improves to ‘Flight’. The Communists win the initiative roll and choose the UN to go first.

The UN gain 1 ROK Pax and rebuild the 1st step of the 2nd Division in Pusan. A UN Eq in Japan is expended to bring 2 damaged air squadrons back to full strength.

The UN decide to spend this turn consolidating their advances. The NKA regiment at P’yongt’aek is surrounded, and the XXX Corps HQ and supply are railed forward to Ch’onan. The Marines in Japan are shipped en masse into Pusan and 2SP are flown in by air transport. There are no barrages or attacks.

This turn the NKA gain no reinforcements and 3SP.

The 18th Regiment successfully breakout from P’yongt’aek air base and will return as a reinforcement in 4 turns.

The rest of the turn is spent shipping supply into Seoul so it can stand a siege while strengthening the Yalu final defence line. The NKA see their only chance lies in delaying a UN victory long enough for Chinese intervention, which is a minimum of 10 turns away, and likely longer. To do this they are intending to make Seoul a fortress and then also create strong-points on the Sudden Death Line which will need large forces and effort to take.

01 September 1950

The weather remains flight and the UN wins the initiative roll and chooses the Communists to go first.

The NKA gets 1 Pax and 3SP. The 5th Regiment is rebuilt in the capital. Communist VPs increase to 6, as they gain 1 for holding the Wonju Line at the start of the month.

Little happens in the turn. Another hedgehog is improved to level 2 in Seoul and more supply is shipped in.

The UN shift their B-29s to the interdiction box, giving a 2.2SP reduction in future enemy supply rolls. One ROK and 1 UN Pax are gained.

Inchon is captured and 2SP shipped immediately into the port. All supply is now being shipped to the front lines as fast as it can be landed, and the air transports start using P’yongt’aek to unload their cargo.

05 September 1950

The weather stays clear. The Communists win the initiative toll and choose to go first in order to get a last opportunity to get more supply into Seoul before it is cut off.

One Pax and 4.2SP are gained.

The final hex of Seoul is improved to a level 2 hog, and a regiment is moved to guard the Han bridge east of the city.

The UN receives a motorised artillery battalion in Japan. Another ROK Pax allows a 2nd step to be added to the 2nd Division in Pusan.

Ground forces begin the investiture of Seoul, but are unable to completely cut off the city this turn. Paratroops and 1SP are shipped into Inchon. Pusan gets 1SP and the 25th Division’s artillery and organic truck.

Needing to seize the Han bridge, an air strike from the carriers gets the DG, and allows a 9:1, +3 attack led by the 73rd Tank Battalion. The defenders are eliminated without loss and the attacker gain exploitation. ROK forces lose 1 Regiment from the 1st Division but only force a 1 hex retreat on the defenders.

In exploitation the US units are able to cut the last rail link to Seoul

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