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Subject: Regionals Louisville rss

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Robert Miller
United States
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I have basically decided that I am the only one who plays ANR in Knoxville. That being said I decided to grab my cards and drive 3.5 hours up and back to Louisville for some face-2-face gaming. I ended up bring my Gabe deck that focuses on ICE denial and my NBN trap deck since I feel most comfortable playing both of those. Here is the rundown.

Match 1 vs Travis

Game 1 Gabe vs Weyland
I got a Sneakdoor Beta on turn 1 and was able to keep the pressure on him for most of the game. I also had plenty of money this game with two Compromised Employees and a bunch of Emergency Shutdowns and Forged Activation Orders. Won the game 8-3 with a run on R&D.

Game 2 NBN vs Kate
As usual when I play against Kate he pulled out all three Rabbit Holes on the first turn. He was able to score to early agendas, but the game actually ended up being called on time. I'm pretty sure I would flatlined him since he was running pretty carelessly with few cards in his hand.

Outcome +5 prestige

Match 2 vs Justin

Game 1 Gabe vs Weyland
I had tons of money through easy runs with and two big Account Siphons. I figured out it was a simple Tag N' Bag deck, but he still was able to score 5 points pretty easily. He had a remote server with a Government Contracts in it and stupidly I decided to run with a Makers Eye. Lost 6-8

Game 2 NBN vs Noise
Starting hand was all ICE, so I kept it. Ended up making my turns quick since I didn't see any agendas early. The one time he ran my archives he grabbed a Data Pool, but I was able to tempt him into running a three iced remote with Edge of the World installed. Flatline.

Outcome +4 prestige (9 overall)

Match 3 vs Richard

Game 1 Gabe vs HB
I really couldn't get my economy going this game even though I had three Armitages throughout the game. I got a lucky agenda score from a Makers Eye, but he was able to score a Mandatory Upgrades. The game was soon over. Lost 2-8

Game 2 NBN vs Gabe
I had another great starting hand of no agendas. I was able to setup a PAD and grabbed cash for several turns waiting to draw one. Scored an Autoscript with a SanSan in play. The turn after he ran a Makers Eye and hit a double Snare! Victory with the flatline again.

Outcome +4 prestige (13 overall)

Match 4 vs Billy

Game 1 Gabe vs NBN
Money problems once more. Most of the time he had money, but there were a few times I made him spend it all. I really couldn't get going b/c of the ICE protecting HQ and Archives (Tollbooth and Roto). I grabbed a lucky PSF but he was able to score at will. Lost 2-7

Game 2 NBN vs Noise
This was my first intro against a Noise/Workshop deck and I didn't do too badly. He got lucky and grabbed two easy agendas out of my R&D, but the big kicker was an Inside Job on a single ICE remote to grab a Data Pool. Stupid playing on my part, considering I scored 5 points pretty easily.

Outcome +0 prestige (13 overall)

Match 5 vs Jeff

Game 1 NBN vs Noise
I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted with my remotes, considering he didn't run them once. I scored 5 points with 2 PSF, but wasn't able to throw any tags on him. Eventually he had a big enough rig that a Stimhack powered run on my R&D he grabbed the last points he needed. Lost 5-7

Game 2 Gabe vs Jinteki:RP
The first turn I was able to grab 4 points with a run on R&D and HQ. He scored a Fetal AI, but I was able to pull out the win with a Makers Eye fo the last points. Game was over in about 15 minutes.

Outcome +4 prestige (17 overall)

In the end I placed 10 out of 27 people which is not bad. I know I screwed up and probably should have won both games in match 2 and the second game in match 4 which I believe would have propelled me into the top 8. Regardless I was pleased with how I did and it was really nice to see a great Netrunner community. Thanks Louisville.
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