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Joseph Propati
United States
San Diego
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Hello all,

Well I’ve made some MAJOR changes to the rules regarding the initial setup of the houses. I have removed this entire PRE-RANDOM HOUSE SETUP process because it not only caused too much confusion but slowed the game way down. You no longer have to waste time setting up any rooms or houses to play Zombies at the Door, plus you don’t need to pre-setup game mat! This extra game mat is no longer needed with the new rules! I’ve made it so all you have to do place the house cards like it shows in the rules at the beginning of the game and that’s it! I’ve eliminated all the House Zombies cards, No Encounter cards, Room cards, House number cards and No Items Found cards and replaced them all with ONE combination House Zombie/No Zombie Encounter card! Plus I’ve added all the necessary item information directly onto the HOUSE CARDS! The House Zombie/No Zombie Encounter card will be used as a FLIP card similar to the HIT/MISS card. When you search a house you still go room to room but now all you have to do is FLIP the House Zombie/ No Zombie Encounter card to see if you are attacked by a zombie. If you are attacked you must eliminate the zombie first to collect the item inside the room. If No Zombie Encounter comes up you search the room and draw directly from the corresponding item deck. Now you know exactly which type of item you find, which no longer has a drawn out random process to create. I’ve updated the NINE HOUSE CARDS to reflect each type of item that will be found inside each room directly onto the card. So now you will see right on the house card each room and the item that it holds. You must search the house from top to bottom as shown on the house card and as you search a room you FLIP the House Zombie/No Zombie Encounter card , THEN after those results you draw a card from the corresponding item deck that holds the item type found in that room. It’s that simple!!! This makes for much faster game play and more items that you will find and be able to use during the game. I didn’t like the idea of having to kill a house zombie only to find out there was no item in the room. I wanted the players to be able to find a bunch of stuff in the houses and still have a chance at being attacked by a house zombie!

I’ve also created a new CARD BACK LOGO for all the item decks as well as the game itself. Now there is a logo back for each of the item decks which make it easier to locate the item in question. You don’t have to add any random NO ITEM FOUND cards or create random decks. Each item deck will only have the item cards and that’s all.
I will probably make a slide card that will fit over each of the house cards so you can keep track of which room has been searched or being searched in case your search gets interrupted and you need to leave the house.

To summarize: no more massive and time consuming pre-setup process to create all the random house decks or random item decks. All the information is now printed directly on the NIINE house cards and allows you to flip over each house card you enter and see which rooms you need to search to find the specific items that can be found inside. As you go from room to room you now FLIP a House Zombie/No Zombie Encounter card to see if you are attacked by a zombie during that room search. Once the zombie “if attacked” is destroyed, you always find an item that is specified on the house card. No more “NO ITEM FOUND” card to cause you to search an empty room! You still have to search all the room of the house to clear the house and rescue the survivor but you no longer have this huge pile of cards that have to be setup on the side of the game table, which wastes game time and table space! Also, you only have to shuffle the item decks once without having to create random item decks! Since the entire item decks are labeled with the type of item card they are; items, survivors or normal card, you automatically find the stated item and there are no more “NO ITEM FOUND” cards or setup mats in the game. You no longer waste any more game time putting all these unnecessary random decks together, you now just place the house cards and pick directly from the item deck in question!

The other nice bonus to these changes is the overall card count that is needed for the game! I’ve been able to knock down the total count from way over 400 to down to 320! This is a huge benefit to those that need to print and cut out the entire card set for the game or buy the card online. I will soon be posting the new card sheets, which is now down to only 8 instead of 12 sheets of 40 cards each! I also will be putting the cards in PRINTERSTUDIO or ARTSCOW once I have them finished so they can buy the cards and not have to deal with printing and cutting!

If you already printed out all the cards that’s great, you now only need to print the House Zombie/No Zombie Encounter card and the new Nine house cards! If you also want to have the new card back logo, you might as well print out all the new cards!
The new rule book will be uploaded soon to BGG and dropbox; I’m in the final clean-up stage and editing process. I will leave the old rule book and pre-random setup mat in the file section just in case some of you still want to play the FULL random deck process method but I highly recommend the new rules to help speed up the game and give you more stuff to find and use during game play.
Once everything is uploaded an ready for you to download, I hope you will please give me your input and let me know if the changes are better or worse AND if it creates a much friendlier and quicker game experience!

Enjoy and happy gaming!

The new rule book is now uploaded into the file section!

Joseph “Kingspud” Propati
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