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Leo Tischer
United States
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Campaign Games for Memoir 44 & Expansions by Leo A. Tischer (Leo-T)
Version 2.1

I. Intro/Disclaimer - This suggestion for campaign game rules is just that – a suggestion. Feel free to tinker as you please. It requires the Terrain Pack and Eastern Front expansions as well as scenarios from the web site. The intent was just to be able to string scenarios together, in order, that span the course of the war, and come up with some type of composite score as well as ranks and commensurate advantages. That
said, have fun. I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions on these rules to

II. Overview - Ideally, a campaign consists of 20 games. Ten scenarios are played, in order, twice. Each player plays one side for all ten and then switches. There are 4 campaign games listed here, one each
for US, British, Russian, and French/Allied forces (all of these are also German campaigns). The scenarios are drawn from historical scenarios listed on the web site, and are played in chronological order. Players start at 2nd Lieutenant and advance as they earn points in the scenarios. There are advantages for achieving a high rank as well as outranking your opponent. At the end of the 20 games, highest total score wins.

III. Additional Rules

1.0 Command Chits

1.1 Depending on your current rank and performance, each player will start the game with a number of Command chits (use unused badges/counters). These can be used during a scenario in the following ways:

1. Discard – at the end of a turn, a player may play a Command chit to discard one card from his hand. He then draws cards to fill his hand according to his hand size for the scenario. Limit 1 discard per turn.

2. Instead of a normal card play, a player may play two Command chits which then act as a Medics & Mechanics card for that turn. The player plays no cards and draws no cards for this turn (although he could
also use option 1 if he has a Command chit left).

3. Instead of a normal card play, a player may play three Command chits which then act as an Airpower card for that turn (provided Airpower is otherwise allowed in the scenario). The player plays no cards and draws no cards for this turn (although he could also use option 1 if he has a Command chit left).

4. Instead of a normal card play, a player may play three Command chits which then act as a Barrage card for that turn. The player plays no cards and draws no cards for this turn (although he could also use option 1 if he has a Command chit left).

1.2 Each player takes Command chits at the start of each scenario according to his point total as follows:

Points Typical Rank Titles Command Chits
0 - 3 (2nd Lieutenant, or equivalent) 0 chits
4 -15 (1st Lt., Cpt., or Major, or equivalent) 1 chit
16 – 29 (Lt. Col., Colonel, or Brigadier, or equivalent) 2 chits
30 – 44 (Maj. General, Lt. General, or General, or equivalent) 3 chits
45+ (Field Marshall or equivalent) 4 chits

1.3 In addition, a player may carry over one (and only one) unused chit from one scenario to the next.

1.4 Also, if you route your opponent in a scenario (see route under “Scoring, Ranks, and Routes” below), you receive one additional Command chit in the next scenario.

1.5 At the beginning of each scenario, if you outrank your opponent (not just a higher point total, but actually one or more levels higher), you get one extra chit for that scenario.

2.0 Airpower Card

2.1 The Airpower card is treated differently depending on which nationalities are involved and the date:

In all scenarios taking place in 1939 and 1940, Axis roll 2 dice and Allies roll 1.

In British & American scenarios taking place in 1941 and later, Allies roll 2 dice and Axis rolls 1.

In Eastern Front scenarios taking place before 1943, Axis rolls 2 dice and Russians roll 1.

In Eastern Front scenarios taking place in 1943 and later, both sides roll 2 dice.

2.2 As always, any scenario-specific rules take precedence over these.

3.0 Scoring, Ranks, and Routes

3.1 Players score their medals for each scenario and keep a running total. In addition, the winner of the scenario receives one additional point (so if the scenario ended 6 medals to 4, it would score as 7 and 4).

Also, if a player is routed, their score is lowered by 2. A route occurs anytime a player loses a scenario by more than 3 medals (NOT counting the additional point for winning the scenario; that is, 6 to 3 is not a route – but 6 to 2 or less is a route). Thus a player could actually lose a point or two if their score was low enough! For example, if a scenario ended in a score of 6 medals to 1, the campaign game totals would change by 7 and -1 respectively. Your total campaign game score may never go below zero.

3.2 At the end of the first time through the scenarios, make note of the totals, switch sides, and play them again with both players starting at zero. At the end of the second time through, each player adds their totals together to determine who the overall victor is.

3.3 The list below shows the scores required to attain each rank and the ranks for each nationality:

Total Ger. Amer. Brit. Russ. Fr./Allied
Score Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank
0 Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Mladshij Lt. Warrant Officer
4 Oberlt. Lt. Lt. Leytenant 2nd Lt.
8 Hauptmann Cpt. Cpt. Kapitan Lt.
12 Maj. Maj. Maj. Maj. Cpt.
16 Oberstlt. Lt.Col. Lt.Col. Podpolkovnik Maj.
20 Oberst Col. Col. Polkovnik Lt.Col.
25 Gen.Major Brig.Gen.Brigadier Gen.Maj. Col.
30 Generallt. Maj.Gen. Maj.Gen. Gen.-Lt. Gen.of Brig.
35 Gen. Lt.Gen. Lt.Gen. Gen.-Polkovnik Gen.of Div.
40 Gen.oberst Gen. Gen. Marshal Gen. Corps Cmdr.
45+ General Gen.of Field Marshal of General Army Cmdr.
Feldmarshal the Army Marshal Soviet Union

3.4 Players should use this table for purposes of claiming the extra command chit for higher rank. For example, if you as the US player have 20 points, and your opponent has 19, you can claim the extra chit –
your rank is Colonel (20 – 23 pts.) while his is still only Obersleutnant (16 – 19 pts.). If you as the French player have 27 points and your opponent has 24, you can’t claim the extra chit. You are both at the 24-27 pt. rank (Colonel for the French and Generalmajor for the Germans).

Note: The French ranks start at Warrant Officer because they did not have as many General/Marshal positions as other armies. For campaign game purposes, Warrant Officer is an equivalent rank to other armies’ 2nd Lieutenant, their 2nd Lt. is an equivalent rank to other armies’ Lieutenant, and so forth.

IV. Campaign Games

Many of the scenarios listed below are from the "Scenarios from the Front" section of the Days of Wonder Memoir 44 web site

Note – There is no specific German game listed. The four Allied listings also serve as German campaign games since they are the opponent in almost every case. Hopefully there will eventually be enough
scenarios to create Italien and Japanese campaign games too. Shorter campaigns can be run simply by playing fewer scenarios. For example, you could play only the first five as a campaign, or the last five, or
just the even numbered ones, etc., or just pick and choose as you like. You could even just keep a running point total as you play individual games against the same opponent, just to see who can make it to Field
Marshal first.

American Campaign Game - The campaign starts in North Africa, proceeds to Sicily and Italy, then onto D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, and the drive into Germany.

Scenario Title (Scenario Number) Date
1. Tunisia (30A) 12/1/42
2. Kasserine Pass (Rommel Hits the Yanks) (1206U) 2/15/43
3. Italy – Operation Avalanche: Salerno Landings (1041U) 9/9/43
4. Italy – Salerno: The Wehrmacht Counterblow (1129U) 9/12/43
5. Omaha Beach (5) 6/6/44
6. Carentan (Causeway) (31A) 6/11/44
7. Relief of Bastogne (1587U) 12/22/44
8. Battle of the Bulge (1061U) 12/30/44
9. Operation Grenade – Across the River Roer (37A) 2/24/45
10. Remagen Bridge (1040U) 3/7/45

British Campaign Game - The Campaign starts in North Africa, includes the Dieppe operation, then goes on to D-Day and the operations in the Low Countries.

Scenario Title (Scenario Number) Date
1. Gallabat & Metemma (28A) 11/6/40
2. Operation Compass – Beda Fomm (46A) 2/5/41
3. Tobruk! (1265U) 4/11/41
4. Dieppe – Yellow Beach (29A) 8/19/42
5. Desert Rats vs. Desert Fox (1555U) 11/1/42
6. Sword Beach (3) 6/6/44
7. Forward to Caen (1058U) 6/8/44
8. Market Garden – Valkenswaard (48A) 9/17/44
9. St. Joost Holland (1350U) 1/20/45
10. Operation Veritable – Moyland Woods (33A) 2/17/45

Russian Campaign Game - The Russian campaign starts with the Russo-Finnish war, then goes on to Operation Barbarossa, the battles for Moscow and Stalingrad, and then through the Eastern front and the
Russian drive to Germany.

Scenario Title (Scenario Number) Date
1. Russo-Finnish War – Suomussalmi (38A) 12/8/39
2. Barbarossa – River Bug (45A) 6/22/41
3. Typhoon – Gates of Moscow (39A) 10/18/41
4. Barbarossa – Battle for Rostov (47A) 11/25/41
5. Breakout at Klin (40A) 12/7/41
6. Stalingrad – Red Barricades Factory Complex (41A) 10/22/42
7. Kursk – Ponyri (42A) 7/5/43
8. Verkopenye (1348U) 7/8/43
9. Kursk – Prokhorovka (44A) 7/5/43
10. Breakout at Lisyanka (43A) 2/16/44

French/Allied Campaign Game

The French/Allied campaign starts with the invasion of Poland, the battle for France in 1940, Resistance and Partisan operations in France and elsewhere, and then Free French & Allied operations through the rest
of the war.

Scenario Title (Scenario Number) Date
1. Operation Fall Weiss (1360U) 9/1/39 (Polish)
2. 1940 – Stonne (Defend the Breakout at Sedan) (1659U) 5/15/40 (Fr)
3. Heroes of Telemark (1539U) 10/18/42 (Norwegian)
4. Juno Beach (19A) 6/6/44 (Canadian)
5. Mont Mouchet (6) 6/10/44 (Fr)
6. Vassieux, Vercors (7) 6/24/44 (Fr)
7. Toulon – Campaign for Southern France (10) 8/20/44 (Fr)
8. Liberation of Paris (11) 8/24/44 (Fr)
9. Operation Sonnenwende (Strasbourg) (23A) 1/7/45 (Fr)
10. Gothic Line Italy (1489U) 7/14/45 (Brazilian)
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