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Subject: Mirkwood Multiplayer - Theme Decks rss

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Nikos II
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(Early apology for a long post!)

Here are four decks I devised if you would like a more thematic Mirkwood experience (i.e. decks grouped by similar traits). They aren't perfect (especially the second one, although it is my favorite!) because of the limited Mirkwood cards available but all are reasonably strong individually and quite strong together.

Note 1: The three numbers separated by slashes denote whether you have access to multiple cores (or proxy cards). First number is with one core and the next two denote how many cards (for the second and third core respectively).
Note 2: Cards are sorted by type, sphere, card cost and then name (if you are curious). C stands for cost!
Note 3: Totals for allies, attachments and events are based on the three cores available (i.e. the last of the slash numbers).

1st Player - Rohan Deck

Heroes (25 Threat)

Allies (24)
C5 Gandalf 1/2/3
C1 Snowbourn Scout 3/3/3
C2 Guard of the Citadel 3/3/3
C4 Faramir 2/2/2

C2 Escort from Edoras 3/2/2
C2 The Riddermark's Finest 3/3/3
C2 Westfold Horse-Breaker 3/2/2
C2 West Road Traveller 3/2/2
C3 Eomund 3/2/2
C4 Elfhelm 3/2/2

Attachments (10)
C1 Dunedain Mark 3/3/3
C2 Celebrian's Stone 1/1/1
C2 Steward of Gondor 2/3/3

C1 Power in the Earth 2/1/0
C2 Unexpected Courage 1/2/3

Events (16)
C1 Sneak Attack 2/3/3
C0 Strength of Will 2/2/0
C1 A Test of Will 0/1/3
C1 Hasty Stroke 2/3/3
C3 Astonishing Speed 3/2/1
C3 The Gladhrim's Greeting 2/3/3
C5 We Do Not Sleep 3/3/3

Card Statistics: Leadership has 18, Spirit has 29 and 3 others. Average Cost is 2.34 resources.
Commentary: Faramir is included because he compliments a strong set of questing allies and is reason enough to include Steward of Gondor (which if it comes up, I'd generally give to Bilbo). Since all three heroes are Rohan and Theodred can create extra resources, Songs are not necessary here. Aside from Faramir, the included Leadership cards aren't expensive so Theodred should be able to support the Spirit side often.

2nd Player - Silvan Deck (with a dash of Hobbit spices)

Heroes (25 Threat)
Bilbo Baggins
Frodo Baggins

Allies (23)
C5 Gandalf 1/2/3
C1 Henamarth Riversong 1/2/2
C3 Daughter of the Nimrodel 3/3/3
C3 Mirkwood Runner 3/3/3
C3 Rivendell Minstrel 3/2/2
C3 Silvan Tracker 3/3/3
C4 Haldir of Lorien 2/2/2

C2 Wandering Took 2/1/0
C3 Lorien Guide 3/3/3
C4 Northern Tracker 2/2/2

C4 Beorning Beekeeper 3/0/0

Attachments (18)
C1 Song of Wisdom 2/2/2
C1 Dark Knowledge 1/1/1
C1 Fast Hitch 3/3/3
C1 Protector of Lorien 1/1/1
C2 Burning Brand 2/2/2
C3 Forest Snare 2/2/2

C1 Ancient Mathom 3/3/3
C1 Blade of Gondolin 2/2/2
C2 Song of Mocking 2/2/2

Events (9)
C1 A Test of Will 2/3/3
C1 Feint 2/3/3
C1 Quick Strike 2/3/3

Card Statistics: Lore has 24, Spirit has 11, Tactics has 10 and 5 others. Average Cost is 2.20 resources.
Commentary: This deck is very imbalanced towards (expensive) Lore cards, so that is why Wisdom Songs and Rivendell Minstrels are included. Silvan Tracker is the key card in this deck since its healing grows in effectiveness as more Silvan allies (including more Silvan Trackers) are activated. Hobbits and Fast Hitch can be used in the normal fashion (i.e. make Frodo a strong defender) while damage can be redirected to Legolas using Song of Mocking (which can then be healed via Silvan Tracker or the Nimrodel Daughters). Quick Strike pairs well with Legolas and Mirkwood Runner.

3rd Player - Eagle Deck

Heroes (31 Threat)

Allies (26)
C5 Gandalf 1/2/3
C5 Radagast 3/3/3

C1 Vassal of the Windlord 3/3/3
C2 Gondorian Spearman 2/1/0
C2 Veteran Axehand 3/3/3
C2 Winged Guardian 3/3/3
C3 Horseback Archer 2/2/2
C4 Descendant of Thorondor 3/3/3
C4 Eagles of the Misty Mountains 3/3/3
C5 Landroval 3/2/2

C6 Brok Ironfist 1/1/1

Attachments (13)
C0 Born Aloft 3/3/3
C1 Horn of Gondor 1/2/3
C2 Dwarven Axe 2/2/2
C3 Support of the Eagles 3/3/3
C4 Citadel Plate 2/2/2

Events (11)
C0 Stand Together 1/1/1
C0 The Eagles Are Coming! 2/1/0
C1 Blade Mastery 3/2/2
C1 Swift Strike 1/2/3
C2 To the Eyrie 3/3/2
C3 Thicket of Spears 2/3/3

Card Statistics: Tactics has 43 and 7 others. Average Cost is 2.66 resources.
Commentary: Normal eagle strategies are in play here, along with the Gimli + Citadel Plate + Damage combo. I'd have Boromir keep the Horn for himself. This deck has the highest threat, so it will draw the most attention which compliments well with Legolas NOT being in this deck. Fortunately, Born Aloft can increase the frequency of Gandalf use. If Landroval is in play then Thalin (who should have few if any attachments) can be sacrificed for a quick return of himself and to bring Brok Ironfist into play.

4th Player - Dwarf Deck

Heroes (25 Threat)
Dain Ironfoot


Allies (21)
C5 Gandalf 1/1/1
C3 Dunedain Watcher 3/3/3
C3 Silverlode Archer 2/2/2
C3 Son of Arnor 2/2/2
C4 Longbeard Orc Slayer 2/2/2

C2 Erebor Hammersmith 2/3/3
C2 Gleowine 2/2/2
C2 Miner of the Iron Hills 2/3/3
C3 Longbeard Map-Maker 3/3/3

Attachments (13)
C1 Song of Wisdom 1/1/1
C1 Dunedain Signal 1/1/1
C1 Dunedain Warning 3/3/3
C2 Dunedain Cache 1/1/1

C1 Dark Knowledge 0/1/2
C1 Protector of Lorien 1/1/1
C2 Burning Brand 1/1/1
C3 Self Preservation 2/3/3

Events (16)
C1 Campfire Tales 3/3/3
C1 Second Breakfast 3/2/1
C2 Dawn Take You All 3/3/3
C2 For Gondor! 2/2/2
C5 Grim Resolve 1/2/3

C0 Rumour from the Earth 3/2/1
C1 Strider's Path 3/1/1
C2 Lore of Imlardis 3/2/2

Card Statistics: Leadership has 26, Lore has 22 and 2 others. Average Cost is 2.30 resources.
Commentary: This deck is built using the remainder Mirkwood cards but still has a reasonably strong dwarf focus. It includes the other Song of Wisdom because the Lore cards are numerous and somewhat expensive. Gloin can be carefully used to generate resources. There is lots of Shadow prevention in this deck with Dunedain Watcher, Burning Brand, Dawn Take You All and/or Dark Knowledge (the latter of which should be attached to Dain). This deck has the remaining healing attachment and event cards.

Edit: Missed some number slashes.
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