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Subject: A Better Way to Decide Who Won ? rss

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jeff h.
United States
North Carolina
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I'm not a fan of the myriad ways to determine victory given in the rulebook, with the different levels of victory, which apply differently to Britain than everyone else. I thought of an alternative, which also may solve the problem of 'Why on earth would you play the Ottoman's?', also known as 'Everyone wants to play France! (or whichever country is perceived as being the strongest right out of the gate)'.

The winner of the game is simply the player-nation with the highest production points + winning nation bid. The bid can be positive or negative.

The winning nation bid is simply a silent auction at the start of the game where each person bids a number to play each country. So, you'd write down a secret bid before starting the game for each country. The lowest number for a country wins the bid. If you win more than 1 nation, you choose which one you want. The bids are resolved, starting with France and going clockwise around the board (E, F, P, R, O, A, S).

In case of a tie, resolve the bid randomly. In case of multiple wins by a single player, the player can choose any nation among the ones he won, and so remaining nations would go to the 2nd place winner(s).

Under this arrangement, I'd probably bid -5 or so for France in most scenarios, but probably 25 or 30 for the Ottomans. Turkish forces are liable to get kicked around quite a bit, but even so, I could still win, if I merely slow down the opposition.

Thoughts? Comments? pls let me know!
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Jan Ozimek
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Must resist M:tG. Boardgames are my methadone :)
The Charge the Guns alternative rules set has a mechanic to differentiate victory conditions. The quote below gives some insight, but you should probably look for the entire manual in the files section.

Calculating Prestige
Victory levels are based on the number of regions and naval pieces owned by each nation (known
as a nation’s “Prestige”, expressed as “victory region count ~ naval pieces”:
• For all nations, regions containing 2 uprising markers count as ½ what they otherwise would
• For all nations, regions in North Africa, except Egypt, count as ½ region
• For the purpose of calculating Victory Levels, Egypt is not considered to be part of North
Africa. Egypt is treated as a normal minor nation for calculating Victory Levels.
• For all nations, foreign-owned capital regions count as many regions as that capital region
would provide production points to the nation that owns it, if the owning nation were
controlled (see Production Points). Native-owned capital regions count as 1 region.
• All non-capital regions owned by Russia outside the Russian homeland count as ½ region
• All non-capital regions owned by Spain outside the Spanish homeland and North Africa
count as 2 regions
• All non-capital regions owned by Prussia outside the Prussian homeland and North Africa
count as 2 regions
• Subtract 6 from the French region count
• Add 2 to the Austrian region count
• Any remaining squadrons of Neutral Minor Navies count as independent navies of size 1
squadron for determining Great Britain’s Victory Level

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