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The pre-battle Mother Russia Roll saw the Russians gain two artillery blocks and three field works. The Russians placed field works between Kaleczin and the forest hex; in the Golymin hex containing the Grenadiers; and in the clear hex alongside Golymin containing a Foot Artillery unit.

The French began by concentrating their attacks on the Russian right flank. The Russians made a line to protect their right and also sent their Light Cavalry to harass the French right flank.

The French went to a 3-0 lead taking out some of the Russian Line and Light Infantry. The card gods then didn't favour them and the Russians hit back hard. Even though the Russians eliminated many blocks from French Line they only eliminated 3 units.

The score was locked at 3-3 when the French finally got some centre cards and they took a harsh toll on the Russians in front of them. The Russians by this stage had forced the French right flank to withdraw. However the Russians chose not to try and hit the French centre from behind (damn cards didn't fall their way).

A French Bayonet Charge on the Russian right swiftly made headway. Follow up attacks saw the score ballooned out to 7-3. The Russians still held Golymin and though thinner the line on their right still held. However it was time to start withdrawing forces before they lost another unit.

A Forward command suddenly changed the battle. The Russians withdrew one Light Infantry and one Light Cavalry unit to be 7-5. Then their right struck hard and the French left was pushed back for the loss of 2 units. In one turn the Russians had leveled the score 7-7.

The French still had some strong units on the battlefield and also a Force March card in hand. Their left flank rolled back into the fray. A lone Russian artillery block stood no chance as General Heudelet personally lead the Light Infantry and the French to victory.

The victorious French left flank

Prince Golitsyn still held Golymin with a full strength Grenadier unit and Foot Artillery unit but it was too late. In front of him were two French Generals with some battered Line Infantry. The battle for Golymin was effectively over he could only wonder what might have happened if he had started the retreat a bit earlier.

Golymin was still in Russian hands but the battle was over

The final score French 8 - 7 Russians

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