Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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Muhhha ha harrr Beat it! I feel like I’ve been locked up for days and now I’m free! I’ve earned the title “Troll slayer!”

Pass the Rum lets party! Dancing on troll graves! Stupid Stupid trolls! Your treasures are mine!

Ahhh its so good to be off my chest! My own deck design I’m happy ecstatic, stupid stupid lotr lcg game!

Ok I didn’t score the game, “new score” wise as your ment to track turns, but I don’t care the deck has been defeated,

The low down as much as I can put in to words now:-

An all dwarf deck without Dain, as I wanted a “Hobbitish theme” deck to beat the hobbit trolls. Carrock was my general practice run as ive been losing to the hobbit quest so i though carrock is similar might be easier?

so my heros :-

Bombur (lore) (key 2 dwarf man)
Ori (Lore) ( key +1 card draw)
Nori (spirit) (key treat reduction)

Start threat 25. nice and low ish..

My hero is Nori who kept the threat down with a huge amount of dwarf allies from all the other spheres,

I might try and post the deck tomorrow, I don’t think its optimized by any means I don’t care if I got lucky I beat the darn thing!

A quick run down of the tactics was to get out a few low cost allies and toss out axes and try a cut down a troll or two before they engaged on mass,

My maths may have been off in places, but when I passed to the stage 2 the trolls bit, I had an eleven damaged "Erebor battle master" + axe ready to chop down the trolls at will!, and boy did it feel good after all the poundings and sacking I’d been though this last week!

I switched to the Carrock quest instead of the 1st hobbit quest as a practice.. run, as I was losing left right and center to the hobbit trolls, I might run it though the Carrock a few more times before hitting the hobbit quest.. It’s good to win and feel your on to something with the deck

This evil love/hate game that is lotr lcg ! I’m on to you now..

I hope this made sense and the victory whiskey didn’t affect it ! more rum we won!

I had the share the win for this evil hard game!
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pete truss
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Good work. I'm also struggling with the first hobbit quest, so I bought the second hobbit expansion which helped abit but really need to construct my own deck. Havnt anybother expansions so may struggle, as it seems a lot of people use weapons I havnt got and dain as a hero. Do enjoy the challenge though
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Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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should be 50 cards but i think i'm missing 2

-Allies- (29) (*unique only 1 out at a time)
*Bofur x2 (pop in quester threat reduce with nori hero)
*Kilis x2 (finds and plays Fili)
*Dwalin x2 ( cheap with 5 dwarves)

Lore: (Ones i can always get out)
*Dori x1 (hero protection)
Erebor record keeper x2 (cheap shield also good power to rdy)
Erebor Hammersmith x2 (cheap all rounder attachment return)
*Bifur x2 (Card draw 5 dwarves)
Longbeard map-maker x2 (not great swap out? +1 questing)
Miner of the iron hills x2 (condition removal)

*Gloin x1 (resource)
*Fili x1 (found with kili)

Veteran Axehand x2 (cheap fighter sheild)
Erebor battle Master x2 (wow killer!)
*Bofur x2 (weapon fetcher)
Beorn x1 (In for theme might drop)

Gandalf x3 (core threat reduce or blast)

other cards (19)
T Citadel plate
T Dwarven Axe x3
T Heavy stroke
T Dwarrowdelf axe

S A Test of will x2
Lo Self preservation
Le Sneak Attack x2
Le Steward of Gondor x2 (won with out this and its anti theme)
Le King under the mountain
Le Narvi's Belt x2 (to play the leader ship allies)
Le Valient sacrifice

Song of battle Ta
Song of kings Le

I'm open to tweek ideas..

CHOMP CHOMP just beat the 1st Hobbit quest :-) breezy,
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