Order of the Echolight
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Factions: Echo vs. Order of the New Dawn
Gamescape: Fields of Battle
Scenario: Kill ‘em all (no scavenge tokens)
Skirmish Points: 40 Max level: Recruit (due to new costs)

Note: The statistics for the characters are based on the v2.0

Echo: 1x Psion, 2x Nether-Tech, 3x Psi-Blade, 1x Pyro

Order: 1x Abomination, 1x Nethermancer, 3x Fallen, 2x Carnage

The order player won the roll to choose terrain. He put a tile with a chunk of elevated terrain and grass only on 1 side. This limited the amount of open terrain as the river could not dominate the map and thus limited the LOS for Echo. Echo put a river tile near the centre but that did not stop echo from getting 3 huge buildings in a row. Order won the roll for choosing the side opposite to the river. As such, the three huge buildings in a row separated the two factions with echo starting on the river side.

Order placed the Abomination and a Fallen in the middle, the Carnages plus the Nethermancer on one side and the other 2 Fallen in the other side. Echo sent one Psion, one Psi-blade and one nether tech towards the middle while one Psi-blade and the Pyro went towards the carnages. The others (Psi-blade and Nether Tech) went the other side towards the Fallen.

In the second round, one of the Nether techs, charged through the gap between the buildings and ambused the nethermancer. However, no shots hit the nethermancer. To defend the nethertech, one Psi-blade moved in front of the nether tech for protection against the carnages. Order sent his Abomination and the Fallen on top of the centre building and sent his carnages to attack the Nether-Tech and the psi-blade.The Order player sent a fallen to defend the abomination’s rear. However, the Echo player cleverly sent his other nether tech onto the mansion at the other side and took a shot at the Fallen. Both hits succeeded and the Fallen died. However, the other two fallen went up the mansion to CC the Nether Tech. A Psi-blade went up to defend the Nether tech. The Echo player managed to deploy another of his psi-blade behind the abomination, rendering the abomination unable to attack the Psi-blade due to facing. The Pyro moved just in range to one of the Carnages to attack it next round. The Nethermancer attacked the Nether-Tech but could only deal one damage as hNethermancer’s are only restricted to one damage, which was easily healed by the Psion

Third round. Order starts. Carnage attacks the Psi-Blade. The Psi-blade could not withstand the 4 CC rolls due to Horde Assault and was slaughtered. The pyro attacked the Carnage injuring it but the Nether-Tech’s CC finished it off. Meanwhile, the second carnage moved forward to CC the nether tech. The Fallen(from the other side), attacked the Psi-Blade and killed it. The other Fallen attacked the Nether tech, but only one hit was done to it. The psion healed the wound and the Nether tech attacked the Abomination. One damage was done to the Abomination but a second attack by the adjacent Psi-blade killed it.As the psion had already healed, the nethermancer managed to deal one damage to the other Nether-Tech

Fourth round. Echo starts. nether tech closed combatted the adjacent Fallen. Lucky rolls from the Echo player and the Fallen was slayed. The last Fallen took revenge and killed the Nether tech. The Carnage also killed the other Nether Tech, wiping Nether Tech off the board.The pyro moved forward to attack the Nethermancer but the Nethermancer retreated. The psi-blade moved up to pyro to protect it. Meanwhile the Carnage and the Fallen regrouped under the cover of the building.

As there were few troops left, we will summarize the following rounds.

After the Carnage and the Fallen met behind the central building, they went up the building to flank the remaining echo troops. As the Carnage and the Fallen were near to the Psion, it moved to better cover away from its enemies. The Pyro also went up the building to flame both Order troops. Following that, Carnage charged towards Psion and later slayed it. The Pyro flamed the Fallen and it was toast. Then, the Psi blade went behind the Carnage to CC it. However, the Carnage retreated from close combat and lost one health as a result. The Carnage ran next to the Pyro. Psi-blade went up to protect her and Pyro changed facing so that it could flame Carnage but not the Psi-blade.

The Order won initiative and he had to choose between attacking the Pyro with full health or to attack the injured Psi-Blade. The Order player took a risk and chose to attack Pyro and successfully execute her. Psi-blade attacked and slaughtered the Carnage. As such, only the Psi-Blade and the Nethermancer were left, both with just one pathetic health.

In a desperate attempt to finish off the Nethermancer, the Psi-blade charged towards the Nethermancer as the Nethermancer moved to the edge of the map. Echo won the dice roll for initiative and the Psi-blade managed to move just next to Nethermancer. Nethermancer used its close combat roll to try to finish off the Psi-blade once and for all it. There was a lot of weight on this one roll since both have just one health left. The Order player rolled the dice and ... 9 was the result causing the last of the Echo to be annihilated with a close victory for Order.

The abomination did not cause any damage to the Echo as it was flanked by the Psi-blade. Should the Fallen next to the Abomination not have succumbed to the Nether-Tech, the Psi-blade would not have been able to attack the Abomination, and the Abomination would really have annihilated the Echo troops.

Two Carnages together was be very powerful since both CC would be 4 at recruit level. 4 CC would quite instantly kill any other recruit troops and was very effective in the game. The carnages killed one psi-blade, one Nethertech, one Psion and one pyro. That was more than half of the points of the Echo troops for a quarter of Order. Wonder how much damage 3 Carnages would have brought...

Nethermancer was quite useful in sustaining small damages to the Echo troops and it could do so from a great distance (then). It was quite useful though it barely healed anyone.

The Fallen weren’t as great as the Carnages, though they were quite annoying. The Fallen killed one Psi-blade and a Nether Tech. Absorb Life wasn’t very useful because you have to have 1 health in order for Absorb Life to have any use. Absorb Life wasn’t used in this game as they just died without a chance to gain health. The ability would definitely be more useful when Fallen is in Veteran and Elite stages and can heal when it has 2 health left.

We feel that Carnages should cost at least 6 points. It has 3 health and Horde Assault is a particularly potent ability. As mentioned, 4 CC is awesome and very formidable. 3 health would also ensure that the Carnages won’t die so easily and it would last a long time. It is a great unit and its cost should be increased.

Although Wraiths were not used in this playtest, we feel that Wraiths should also be more expensive since their ability Incorporeal is Stoneskin, Earth Travel and ‘move away from CC without the enemy attacking it’ in one. It can thus move faster in non-clear Terrain and it has the same CC as a Fallen. As such, it should cost 5 instead of 4 since it is generally a better unit than Fallen.
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David Thompson
United Kingdom
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Great recap as usual.

A couple thoughts:

These are the new level limits for the v2.0:

Skirmish Points / Max Level
20 / Recruit
40 / Veteran
60 / Veteran
80 / Elite
100 / Elite

So you guys can try playing Veterans at 40 points in the future if you want.

I'm thinking about modifying the Carnage. Even with an increase to 6 cost at Recruit, they might be too powerful. I'm thinking of either reducing their CC to 2 at Recruit but keeping Horde Assault as is, or just changing Horde Assault so that they only get the bonus if it's another Carnage next to the tartget. This would still make it very powerful, but it would limit the number of characters that could provide the bonus, and it would force you to consider whether having multiple Carnages for Horde Assault outweighs taking other characters.

For now, though, I have updated the Order pdf to reflect the increased costs for the Carnage and Wraith.

Thanks again!

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