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Ryan Witmer
United States
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Going into the endgame down 57 points to The Wife, aggressive action was in order. After centuries of warfare, the high-scoring Han were finally starting to fall apart, but the powerful Arabs still posed a threat. On to the finish line!

Age 6:

I wasted no time going on the offensive, loading Napoleon and his army into some ships and invading London! My attack was a success, capturing the English capital and killing Isaac Newton. I followed this up by stripping the Arabs of Islam via chaos, which removed the source of most of their glory. My Incas entered a just rule, which finally removed the disorder which had been paralyzing them. My Vietnamese rebuilt their capital, and I inflicted a heresy on Confucianism to delay the Han. The Wife's Hapsburgs adopted Christianity, replacing some of the points the Arabs lost with Islam. I finally discarded the disordered Russians as the English and Ukrainians entered age 6.

The Wife responded to my attacks by spawning the Mughals, gaining their leader Akbar via a maestro card. She sent her English ships to far off lands, hoping to gain the significant colonial empire points with what remained of the English empire. Napoleon took off in pursuit, sinking most of the English fleet. The Confucian heresy was resolved by the Vietnamese, pushing the Han back into age 2! The Wife dropped the underperforming Ukraine, immediately starting the Woods Americans via phoenix. France entered age 6, leading to the death of Napoleon.

Back in Africa, the Arabs took the Malinese capital. Vietnam pushed further into Han territory while the Mughals moved to aid their Han allies, destroying the Manchu capital. The Wife discarded the broken English and the Han (at last!), while Curie was born in France and the Manchus reached age 6.

My elation over the departure of the Han was cut short when the Modern Chinese appeared in Manchu lands. The Arabs sent their mighty fleet out to sink the French and avenge their fallen English allies. The Hapsburgs were afflicted by religious strife. The broken Malinese and exhausted Vietnamese were discarded by me.

Having finally removed the Han, the Arabs were my next target. I started things off by starting the Persians, taking the valuable Mesopotamia from Arab hands. The Modern Chinese continued to mop up the Manchus, who could offer little resistance. The Incas, who had been quietly gaining glory for me in South America, saw their capital lost to a volcano. I tossed away the Manchus, who had been thoroughly trashed at this point.

I decided to ratchet up the pressure on the Hapsburgs, and started the Norwegians. The Arabs struck back against the Persians, destroying their army, and entering into a just rule. The Incas could not recover from the loss of their capital and were discarded.

The French army moved on Austria, hoping to snuff the Hapsburgs and their Christianity points, but without Napoleon's leadership, the French army was turned back in defeat. The Arabs adopted Democracy, hoping to deter further aggression, and finally entered the industrial revolution.

I brought out the Italians next, hoping to siphon off some of the Hapsburgs' Christianity points. The Arabs finished dealing with the Persians and sunk the French fleet yet again. Truly the center of civilization, the Arabs then invented railroads and the radio. The stagnant Mughals were discarded as the Arabs and Italians both entered age 7. The Wife's lead had grown to 84 points of glory.

The world at the end of age 6:

Age 7:

I continued my assault on the Arabs by starting the Ottomans. Norway pushed into Hapsburg territory, seizing Denmark. The Arab navy continued its adventures, sinking a Norwegian ship in the North Sea. An Arab attack on the new Ottoman capital failed, costing them valuable troops. Italy adopted Christianty, only to be immediately destroyed by a rebellion. The Hapsburgs felt the walls closing in and were discarded as the French reached age 7.

Hoping to take Arab possesions in Africa, I started the Bornu via a time ripple. The Arabs launched another assault on the Ottoman capital, this time taking it by treachery, destroying their state. The far-off Woods Americans adopted Democracy as they entered age 6.

With the bulk of the Arab army in Cappodocia, I broke them off as a free state. The Wife couldn't let my Bornu run free, so she started the Sudanese and their leader Mahdi. She also tried to bring out the Germans again via an empires galore card, but I countered the attempt with a shooting star. The Guptas, who had been sitting in India for centuries doing pretty much nothing, were discarded by The Wife and prompty replaced by Rama V's Siamese due to a phoenix card.

The Wife then started the Irish, hoping to threaten French control of Britain. The new Arab Free State took Assyria, only to be split in half by a civil war! The French ignited World War I, only to have the Woods Americans end it before a shot was fired by building the United Nations. This slick move netted The Wife much glory and caused much foul language to spill out of my lips. The Siamese saw the end of Rama V's reign as they entered age 7.

I turned my attention to the Americas, starting the United States in the Woods American's capital, led by Roosevelt. The Arab Free State's civil war resolved in favor of The Wife. The French deployed satellites as the Modern Chinese empire collapsed into disorder. The Arabs were hit with a revolution, and the Irish adopted Christianity.

The United States began their expansion through Woods American territory, but couldn't move quickly enough to deny them the bulk of their glory. The Modern Chinese located a silver mine, and used the money to repair some of their disorder. The Norweigan capital was lost to a volcano. The French established universal suffrage, retrieved the volcano card with a vizier, and used it against the Arab capital! This proved to be the last straw, as the Arabs and their Free State were both discarded by The Wife.

With the Norwegian empire faltering, The Wife started the Danes to capitalize. The French launched a mighty assault on Ireland, completely annihilating their empire. This was their first military success since the death of Napoleon! France was prompty ravaged by an earthquake, and the United States suffered from concentrated land ownership. The Siamese moved past age 7 due to some clever trading, ending the game.

Final result: The Wife wins by 119 points of glory.

The world at the end of age 7:

Empire of the Game:

We like to appoint an empire of the game at the end of our games, and we narrowed it down to these three:

1. Han (The Wife): The Han were never very advanced (they never moved beyond the first space of age 3, and actually ended in age 2!) but saw little to no opposition through their early existence. They scored a ridiculous number of points, and survived an impressive number of disasters. In the end, it took sustained pressure from both the Manchus and Vietnamese to take them down, and those empires were both lost in the process.

2. Arabs (The Wife): The game's largest empire, at their apex they had the entire black army set in play! The Arabs pushed everyone around for quite a long time, but never really hit their true scoring potential because The Wife couldn't get an Islam card until late in their lifespan, and I destroyed it at the first opportunity.

3. French (Me): My best empire, by far. Napoleon terrorized Europe, crushing the high-scoring English. They were the most likely to end the game by leaving age 7 until the surging Siamese overtook them. Like the Arabs, they never quite hit their maximum scoring potential, as I failed to establish a permanent colonial empire.

After much heated discussion, we awarded the coverted Empire of the Game award to The Wife's Han, who will continue to haunt my dreams for years to come.

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mike m
United States
palisades park
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great write-ups, very descriptive! some couples could not handle games that involve things like
Ryan Witmer wrote:
The Wife's brutal campaign against the Polynesians continued...

The Wife landed another underhanded blow...

Going into the endgame down 57 points to The Wife, aggressive action was in order....

This slick move netted The Wife much glory and caused much foul language to spill out of my lips....

After much heated discussion...

How long do your 2 player games go?
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