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Subject: Trying to Save the World...One Day at a Time (Part 1) rss

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Solitary Man
Here is my first session of this excellent solitaire adventure...

Trying to Save the World...One Day at a Time

Part I

Day 1

Isodoros heads to the The Great Wilds in search of the first construct. Upon reaching the vast wilderness, he quickly finds some quartz, which will be needed to complete the construction of the Utopia Engine, the ancient device that will save the world from Doomsday which is fast approaching.

Heading further into the forest, keeping one eye out for Grassyback Troll and the other on the prize, he eventually does find what he is searching for, The Hermetic Mirror, hidden amongst a tight cluster of trees that seemingly reach to the sky.

Quickly, he heads to the next location, picking up a second stash of quartz for his supply...just in case.

Event Cycle
Halebeard Peak: Active Monsters, Fleeting Visions, Good Fortune
Glassrock Canyon: Foul Weather

Day 2

The next construct is to be found somewhere on Halebeard Peak. While searching for this artifact, Isodoros attracts the attention of a Horse Eater Hawk. It is a mighty, winged beast that initially swoops nearby but causes no harm. Unfortunately, he returns twice more to inflict wounds upon our Artificer. However, this second attack is also met with a triumphant blow by Isodoros who uses his Paralysis Wand to subdue the Hawk permanently. As the creature hits the ground, a lump of silver falls to its side which Isodoros quickly snatches up and puts in his pouch.

Day 3
Still on Halebeard Peak, Isodoros continues his search. He reaches what appears to be an old base camp. Hidden in a nearby crevasse, our hero finds another piece of the great machine, The Seal of Balance. Despite his two wounds from the day prior, Isodoros is ready to push forward with his search. While heading down the mountain path, he comes across one more supply of silver for his future attempt to assemble the Utopia Engine.

Day 4

The Root Strangled Marshes are a difficult terrain to overcome. Isodoros is still trying to heal from his battle the other day, and he is concerned about a possible run-in with the Abysmal Leech. Perhaps this is too much for him. He is only able to find two supplies worth of gum before deciding to head back to the workshop to drop off his current treasures and heal up for a day.

Event Cycle
Great Wilds: Active Monsters
Root Strangled Marshes: Fleeting Visions, Foul Weather
Glassrock Canyon: Good Fortune

Day 5
Isodoros puts his supplies into storage and the Engine pieces in his shop. Then he lays down for some well deserved rest...but only for one day, as he cannot afford to wait too long to begin his work anew.

Day 6

Isodoros hears good news regarding Glassrock Canyon and decides to make that his next search. The sky is a clear blue and there is a gentle breeze blowing. No creatures are in sight. In fact, it turns out to be an excellent day as Isodoros not only finds The Golden Chasis, but it is already activated and ready to take its place in the Engine! Rather than risk harm to the working machine part, Isodoros decides to head back to the workshop to store it away. As he heads back home, he finds some silica, another component necessary for assembly of the machine.

Quickly arriving back at the workshop, Isodoros places the working Golden Chasis in its place in the Engine waiting for the remaining parts. Hoping his good fortune will continue, Isodoros charges up the current failsafe device, God's Hand. It is a smaller, less powerful version of the Utopia Engine. It can hold off Doomsday for a short time but it is running low on power. Isodoros gives it a go, and it appears that Doomsday will be delayed by an extra day. Wonderful news!

Looking around, and still feeling good about his day, Isodoros tries his luck one more time. He grabs the Hermetic Mirror and attempts to activate it. Unfortunately, it is a weak attempt and its energy meter only moves one tick higher. Exhausted, Isodoros finally gives in for the day.

Day 7
A few hours later, Isodoros is back at it. He continues his attempts at firing up the Hermetic Mirror. After some effort, he produces just enough energy to active this part of the machine. It is ready to go, and so is Isodoros. He gathers up supplies for the next part of his journey. He may not return for several days as time is running short. Doomsday is looming on the horizon, and there is still much to accomplish.

Event Cycle
Glassrock Canyon: Active Monsters
Root Strangled Marshes: Foul Weather
Ruined City of the Ancients: Good Fortune
Fiery Maw: Fleeting Visions

Day 8

The Fiery Maw is an unpleasantly hot and dangerous landscape, but it is also the resting place of the Crystal Battery, yet another piece of the Utopia Engine. Isodoros must search the entire day before finding what he needs, but it was well worth the effort. Perhaps starting up the Heremtic Mirror the day prior was a good sign of things to come. Not only is the Crystal Battery in good condition, it is already activated! Unfortunately, it is too late in the night to risk traveling. Isodoros must wait until morning before leaving this place.

Day 9
It is slow going as it takes another day for Isodoros to travel out of the Maw. Stories of the Renegade Warlock living in this area keep Isodoros on his toes, but there is no sign of the evil wizard. Perhaps the tales are just myth to keep people away from the molten terrain. As our hero reaches the outskirts of the Fiery Maw, he gathers up twice the supply of lead needed for the Engine. He wants to be sure he does not need to return here again.

Day 10

Isodoros must still find two more pieces of the Utopia Engine before he can begin to assemble the great machine. The next construct is to be found in the Ruined City of the Ancients. There are many rundown structures and abandoned buildings to explore. He quickly finds two supplies worth of wax needed for assembly, but he struggles to find the construct.

It is close to evening and Isodoros becomes desperate. From his tool belt, he removes the Dowsing Rod and uses it to expedite his search. Lo and behold, he comes upon the Skrying Lens among the rubble of what appears to be an old university. Excited by his finds over the past three days, he rushes back to his workshop yet again.

Hoping to have everything at the ready after his upcoming return visit to the Root Strangled Marshes, Isodoros first attempts to activate the just found Skrying Lens. Without much effort, Isodoros produces not only enough energy to get the Skrying Lens up and running, but there is enough to fire up the God's Hand one more time. Yes! Doomsday will be delayed yet another day.

With excitement racing through his blood, Isodoros grabs the Seal of Balance, the only construct in his possession that is not in working order at the moment. With a strong push of faith, he almost completes his task. He is one energy level shy. Unfortunately, he must allow his equipment to recharge before trying again, and so he waits...

To be continued.
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