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Subject: Beta tested new Super Hero Ideas rss

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Jack Ofalltrades
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Hi all, my group of complete geeks and I have played this game to the point where I wish I had sleeved it, but somehow that seems like it would take away from the value...

After some playthroughs (100 or so), we started looking up other DC Heroes and working out what we though would be fun and appropriate powers for them. Here is a list of the ones we've become comfortable with playing - this is NOT an official list and, as always, all rights to these heroes etc. belong to whoever actually owns them, this is just some fan-based fun to improve your game if you want to try it with a new set of heroes. No art is provided.

Variant Martian Manhunter - You may discard two cards to copy a hero or villain in the lineup, then replace it.

Oliver Queen - Each hero with a different title played during your turn gets +1 power

Nightwing - Draw a card if you play a card of cost 4 or higher during your turn

Spectre - Spectre cannot receive weakness cards. If he would, return them to the weakness stack.

Brainiac V - After you discard your hand on turn 5, draw 6 cards at the end of each of your turns, and you must discard a card at the beginning of your turn

Hawkman - You may discard a card of cost 0 to avoid an attack at any time.

Dr Fate - You may discard a card at the beginning of your turn to reveal the top card of the Main Deck. you may choose to place it on the bottom of the main deck, or leave it revealed as if it were in the lineup during your turn. (If it is not purchased it turns face down at the end of your turn)

Atom - After drawing a new hand of cards at the end of your turn, you may discard cards to defend against the next (X) attacks, where X is the amount of cards you discard in this way.

Shazam - You may discard two cards once per turn in order to destroy a card in your discard pile.

Plastic Man - If you defend against an attack from another player, the attack now affects that player as well.

Canary - You defeats super villains as if they cost 1 less.

Huntress - Once per turn, when acquiring a villain from the line-up, add it to your hand.

Robin - At he beginning of your turn, before playing cards, you may place one card from the lineup underneath the main deck and immediately refill the lineup.

Sandman - You may Discard a card to acquire a villain cost 3 or less.
(Not Neil Gaiman's version)

Metamorpho - Players cannot defend against the first attack that you play in a round.

Zatanna - One card you acquire each turn may be placed at the bottom of your deck.

Raven - Once per turn, you may discard a Villain from your hand that costs 5 or less to gain power equal to its cost.

Starfire - Once per turn, you may ask a foe if they wish to destroy a card in their discard pile. If they choose to do so, you gain +2 power.

Beast Boy - You may discard a card from hand to play a copy of a hero you have already played this turn. Limited to once per different named hero played each turn.

Red Tordnado - At beginning of your turn, you may discard your hand to draw 4 new cards.

Ultra Boy - Once per turn, discard a card to copy a superpower that you have played this turn.

Oracle - At the start of your turn you may reveal the top card of your deck. You may discard it.

Thats what we have for now. Enjoy!


Catwoman - You receive +1 Power for each enemy card of a different name you play. Catwoman cards count as enemies and heroes in your deck.

Lobo - You may discard a Villain in your hand to destroy a card in your hand or discard pile. You get +1 power for the first two weakness you play in your turn.

Bizarro - When you play a supervillain from your hand, you may use its first appearance attack instead of its regular ability. It does still affect you.
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David Harding
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Some of these seem so good - well done! And most are really thematic! Manhunter, Oracle and soon on all make so much sense.

I'd really like to try some of these, and I know my first choice would be Shazam.

I also want to see a hero who gets benefits out of villians when that makes sense (unlike WWoman), ie: Catwoman or similar who has a foot in both the good and bad sides.
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Jim Jackson

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Never been a comic fan, never been a deck building player. However, I love this game.

Any ideas to expand this game is a great idea. An excellent game!
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