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Subject: Barrow of the Damned House Rules rss

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P Myers
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Currently play testing this and posting the odd image. Fun asymmetric gameplay.

Vampire: 30 Hounds, 20 Bats & 80 CP setup within 3 hexes of any Barrow hex.
Necromancer: 9 Skeletons, 25 Wraiths, 20 Zombies & 150 CP. The Necromancer may enter any one, and only one board edge.

The Necromancer wins by either gaining 2 Jewels of Power or successfully searching 6 Barrow hexes, the Barrow at hex 1113 (The Infernal Rest) counts as 3 for this purpose, and then exiting the map edge entered from. The Vampire wins by killing the Necromancer.

Barrow Map Special Rules:
A) The Necromancer may attempt to raise units, which is a special form of conversion that may be attempted in or adjacent to the hex occupied by the Necromancer. The procedure is the same as for a normal conversion but the Necromancer may specify the units raised and a valid hex they will be placed in. The resistance number is equal to the listing for 100 minus the current number of units controlled. If the roll is successful the units are placed otherwise nothing is gained.
B) If the Vampire spends their entire Movement phase in hex 1113 (The Infernal Rest) add 6 to their CP total.

Special Rules:
(V)ampires are Necromancers with the following exceptions:
A) They have another form of conversion, Summoning, which also counts against their Conversion Number. Each Summoning attempted will place either Hounds or Bats (only one type per Summoning) at a cost of 9 or 3 CPs per unit respectively in a single hex either in or adjacent to that of the Vampire.
B) Vampires may not convert other Undead units but may convert Mercenaries who are in an adjacent hex to the Vampire and are considered to have a resistance of 7.
C) In any Direct Attack made by a Vampire their Combat Strength may be increased by expending CPs on a one for one basis. This does not affect their ability to attempt conversions.

(B)at units exert no ZOC (and can therefore not attack) and also ignore enemy ZOCs ONLY during the Movement phase , all hexes cost 1 MP to enter and they can cross Cliff hexsides as though they were not there. Bats may only be either attacked in direct combat by Wights or by indirect combat (where they always receive the -1 for being at a higher level). In either case they defend with a defence of 3. They are immune to boulder attacks.

(H)ound units have a fixed strength of 9, may only initiate direct attacks and may not initiate boulder attacks.

Both Bats and Hounds may not be converted.
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