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Subject: Earth #1011005 Game 9 (Spoilers listed at top) rss

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Richard Andersson
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Date: 2013-04-25
Location: Kvinnebyvägen 210
Length: 120 minutes
Spoilers: Pack 1-3, Pocket 1: 3 Missiles
Packs/pockets opened during game: -

Richard (Imperial Balkania in Peru)
Jon (Mutants in Central Africa) Eliminated
Linus(Saharan Republic in Eastern Australia) WON!
Mattias(Enclave of the Bear in Western Europe)
Andreas(Die Mechaniker in Eastern United States)

A short game, with many things exactly like the last game; Linus won, and Mattias crushed Jon in the first turn. Apart from that, there were many differences.

Mattias started the game exactly as the last game, he annihilated Jon. This time he targeted Jon in Central Africa from Western Europe. The next turn, he was lucky with the event cards, as he held the largest population. He got some large troop reinforcement together with a nice fortification in his city of Dovehil in Western Europe. He went for an winning attack against Linus in Sosaria, which, if sussessfully, would have given him a VP for the HQ, and one for the amphibious mission card, resulting in a victory. However, the missile stopped him, although this time it was after a very hard debate where Linus spent his only missile, Richard spent both his two, Andreas one of three and Jon kept both his missiles. It was a close call, and it seemed like we almost gave Mattias the victory rather than having to use our missiles (before the others had spent theirs). I think we should use a timer the next time this occurs, to speed up these decisions, and if we won't reach one in time, they won't be launched in the battle. Later, Mattias went for an attack against Jon, wanting to claim his resource cards, but got struck with some unlucky dice and didn't stop in time, leaving Europe open for the attacking forces of Linus.

Richard started in South America, extended slowly and carefully, getting the continent and spawning double mercs in Venezuela. Eventuelly he attacking Jon for resource cards in New New Caledonia as the opportunity arrived, got a 4 resource cards in Europe due to Homeland ability, leaving a good set of cards in his hands as the game ended, which he didn't have time to use.

Andreas started in his hometown of North America, moving up to Greenland, in into Europe in an effort to win resource cards and stop Mattias. Made a pact in his 3rd turn with Richard between American border, but the pact had no impact on the game (it was not in their intrest to attack each others).

Jon got removed from New New Caledonia before he got a chance to move. Again. When will he ever learn. However, he was lucky with the last Fallout card which removed all forces (except one Balkanian in Western Africa), letting Jon restart again in his home HQ. Later, he was hit on by first Mattias, and then Richard for his resource cards, leaving him out of the game at the time of the end, thus being eliminated.

Linus got Sosaria in his first turn, then went by stealth attackin his way into resource cards, finishing a mission, then attacking first the fortification in Western Europe with a single defender. The others spent their last missiles here, and it was a tough attack, however Linus had to large a force to be able to withstand the attack. After the fortification fell, the road to the HQ in Central Africa was open. Too open, with only single defenders, Linus claimed his second victory.

I guess the lesson to learn is, as Andreas always use to declare during our games; "Don't ever leave our HQ's without defence!" Guess he was right yet another time, still, with no mistakes, we would go on playin forever, wouldn't we?

Tore 1 fallout card
Tore 1 Fortification card
Fortification Dovehill
Dovehill attacked for 7(?)

Named continent: Nordkorea (North America)
Resources: Argentina +1 (2), Southern Europe(?) +1 (2), Scandinavia +1 (3)


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