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Subject: Custom Hero: Exterminator rss

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Radical Jackal
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So when I first played Sentinels I thought “Toxic is a cool damage type. There should be a hero that focuses on toxic damage.” Following that there was some brainstorming with lots of dark anti-heros and backwoods trapper type characters which I felt did not really fit the style of the game. I decided that should go in the opposite direction and see if I could make a hero that could maintain a lighthearted feel while spewing poison gas. I am bad with making names so for now he is just the Exterminator.

The Exterminator is a middle aged, junk yard owning, exterminator who makes inventions and saves the earth from mutant cockroaches in his spare time. (I am considering making it 2 man team. One person to do the front line hero work and one to make the inventions behind the scene, maybe even a father son business.) Imagine his inventions appearance being reminiscent of an Inspector Gadget cartoon.


Base Power
Seek components
Discard the top 2 cards of your deck.

Incapacitated Powers
A hero draws a card now.
Destroy a target with 1 Hp
A hero plays a card now as long it is equipment.

Equipment (21)

3X Sqashinater – squish (looks like a tank but replace the gun with a ratchet arm holding a big shoe)
Power: Exterminator deals one target 2 melee damage or you may put a squish card from your trash on the bottom of your deck, if you do Exterminator deals one target 5 melee damage. If your deck has 15 or less cards in it shuffle your trash into your deck.

3X Spew-O-Matic - poison
Power: Exterminator deals all non-hero targets 1 toxic damage or you may put a poison card from your trash on the bottom of your deck, if you do Exterminator deals all non-hero targets 3 toxic damage. If your deck has 15 or less cards in it shuffle your trash into your deck.

1X The Extermisuit
Exterminator is immune to toxic damage. When you take damage put the top card of your deck into your trash.

3X BugBomb - poison
At the beginning of your turn destroy this and deal each non-hero target 1 toxic damage

2X Recycl-o-tron
Power: A hero shuffles their trash into their deck then draws a card for every 3 cards that were in their trash.

3X Trap 4Hp
When this card comes into play destroy a non-character villain card and put it under this card. When this card is destroyed put all cards under it into play.

3X Work boots - squish, limited
Increase all melee damage from the Exterminator by 1.

3X Gas Tank - poison, limited
Increase all toxic damage from the Exterminator by 1.

2X Spare Hands - limited
You may use an additional power each turn.

Ongoing (3)

2X Extra components - limited
Every time one of your equipment is destroyed discard the top 3 cards of your deck.

1X Scoot(this is a dog) 3Hp
Power: This deals one target 3 melee damage. Until your next turn all damage that would be dealt to Exterminator is redirected to Scoot.

One-Shot (16)

3X Stomp - squish
Deal 1 target 2 melee damage

3X Dismantle
Destroy any number of your equipment cards. Draw 2 cards for each equipment card destroyed this way. You may play another card.

2X Fumigate - poison
Destroy one environment. Environment cards can't be played until your next turn.

3X Buzzer Blast
Deal 1 target 4 sonic damage. Until your next turn reduce all damage from that target by 1.

2X Reassemble
Return any number of equipment cards from your trash to your hand then discard that many cards. You may play an additional card.

3X Suit Up!
If the extermisuit is in your trash you may put it into your hand. You may play 2 additional cards this turn as long as they are equipment. You may not use a power this turn.

Let me know what you guys think. I haven't had a chance to playtest at all.
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Chris Burton
United States
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Its a really nifty concept, but my initial impression of the cards are that he's pulling in a lot of directions at once.

He's got deck/damage control (with the dog, trap, buzzer and fumigate)

He's got immense damage output- with the potential for hitting targets for 3-5 points (2-4 points of damage and equipment that buffs his damage by a point)

He can use multiple powers, set up and recover really quickly by playing multiple equipment cards, and get his stuff out of the trash.

there are only 3 heroes (Ra, Legacy, and Haka) I can think of that can match him in terms of burst damage output- and each one can only play one card at a time (because they tend to be about escalating damage as they play more cards, or because their deck is all about choosing setup or burst damage). A good way to test to see if you need to adjust his damage is to put him in that team and see if he's blowing them away in terms of effectiveness.

In addition, I'm kind of puzzled over the Squish and Poison cards. They give immense bonuses when shuffled back in, but they are also some of his best cards TO theres no downside at all. It seems like if they are going to provide benefit by going back into the deck that it might be more interesting if there was some sort of negative effect that happened when they were revealed...kind of like Ambuscade's traps.

In fact, the first thing I thought when I looked at the "discard/shuffle back in" mechanic was that you could make an entire Hero based around the idea of tradeoffs between having to shuffle undesirable cards back into the deck (which would be bad if they were revealed/drawn/played) in order to have awesome things happen in the short term.

Best way to find out how he works is to test! I'm definitely interested in seeing how it goes.
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Radical Jackal
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Thanks for the feedback.

I want him to focus on damage dealing, especially with the first 2 cards so I am cutting down on things that could be damage reduction. I like the idea behind scoot and trap so I am keeping them but I am cutting their Hp down. I could make trap only hit targets if it is still too strong.

I am also cutting down on his ability to play a lot of cards in a turn. If he is still recovering to quickly I think then next thing that I would hit is recycl-o-tron so that he doesn't have much card draw without breaking the things that are out.

I don't know about making the Squish and Poison cards have a negative effect when being drawn but I am making the oneshots a lot weaker.

I wasn't really thinking about how much shuffling a card back in would increase the chance of drawing, really all I wanted was to use cards in the trash as a resource. I changed it to put the cards on the bottom so it doesn't increase the chance of drawing unless something else causes him to shuffle.
I realized that I had to up the small deck catch to 15 to really stop people from being able to control their deck. I was concerned about people having to count that high every turn but hopefully they can get good at estimating and keeping track when they get close.
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